Khomeini returns to Tehran

February 1,1979


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cheshmetroshan you stated the truth very well

by AlexInFlorida on

Shashidam be Amrika va human rights esh jooneh amash.


Queen of England sends her regards annually to IRI


did you know that the Queen of England sent her congratulations to the IRI on their 30th anniversary? Did you know that Islamic Republic was established on April 1, April Fools Day? Did you know that The Queen of England stands prays five times a day? Why? Because Iran's oil is funding her lavish luxurious lifestlye in her 500 bedroom Buckingham Palace, its funding the welfare economy of England, paying for tuition of British students, paying their pension funds, keeping all their servants in order, and helping them live life to the ripe old age beyond 90s. Average life span in England is 80s, with over 50% living to be over 100.

What is the lifespan of an Iranian in Iran today in polluted country? 50. Iranians are lucky to reach 50. They are dropping dead at the age of 20s, 30s and 40s. Women are coming down with unexplained cancers, high rates of leukemias, mental retardation, all kinds of genetic/mutations, both women and men's heights are stunted, living in poverty on rations of food and commodities.

Mash Ghasem

" یا الله از در اومد آن مهمون" ( ثانیه :۴۰ - اشاره به امام راحل

Mash Ghasem

با پوزش  از اشاره به عضو جنسی امام راحل ، [ با کمال احترامات فائقه  از
مسولین امور در ای.سی.  خواهشمند است که این تحفه ناچیز دیلیت نشود ، با
تشکر بسیار ]  
این ویدئو تقدیم میشود به تمامی برادران و خواهران " خط امام " (کنونی و سابق). ____________________________________________________________________ k.. emam az plastik bod !!



Sadly, the U.S. has learned nothing.

by cheshmetroshan on

It's interesting that the anniversary of the Ayatollah's return (accompanied by the CIA) falls on the very day that the current U.S. President all but dismisses Hosni Mubarak from his western-backed perch in Cairo. Today's Frank G. Wisner (fmr. diplomat dispatched by Washington to show Mubarak the door) is yesterday's General Huyser.

Is it any wonder then why the clerical regime in Iran has such staying power.  



For 30 years every year they


For 30 years every year they reminded us of "enghelab" with "daheh zajr" on TV, for God sake dont do it in here! 


چون بسی ابليس آدم‌روی هست \\ پس بهر دستی نشايد داد دست


این خلبان احمق فرانسوی دست که هیچی، شونش رو هم داده به ابلیس-ابلیسان !! خوبه بدونیم عاقب بد بختش چی شد ؟


someone should have taken this devil out

by shushtari on

as he was heading down the plane.....with a .50 caliber sniper rifle...

simple as that, that would have thrown a big wrench in the mullahs' plans to destroy iran...

too bad, too bad 


Be Gabreh Khomeini Sag Berineh

by AlexInFlorida on

You know which governments get a kick out of khomeini's return. Western Powers were unhappy with Rate of development of Iran and how powerful iran had become.  They just think khomeini's return was the funniest thing.