Isfahani dance

Men dancing at a party




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Nice, at least it looks masculine in contrast to today's Iranian dance that is way too much feminine.  Nothing wrong with that, but don't forget your pepper spray leaving the party! 



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The 2 little kids looked cute......adults looked stiff! stiff dance? Robot dance?  Glad they enjoyed themselves! They looked like a big family! Wow! a lot of kisses!

Sheila K

@2:49- was that a kiss on the lips?

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First kiss on the cheek then kissing on the lips. may be i've been away from Iran for too long, but those 2 men behaved very gayish!


Sheeesh half the video is

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Sheeesh half the video is just taarof. Agha mikhay gher bedi bia bergaghs dige. It's funny how the guy just walks through the dance floor and looks surprised when he's asked to come and dance, "who? moi? nananana man aslan balad nistam, be khoda na jooneh madaret nemishe..." And of course, all he wants to do is move that bootey. Another thing Iranians are great at, pushing each other on the dance floor, literally PUSHING.

Looks like they had fun. Dameshoon garm.

Red Wine


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این رقص ربط چندانی به اصفهان زیبا ندارد و احتمالا اینجا یکی‌ از قصبات نزدیک به اصفهان است.

این رقص مجموعه حرکاتی است که بیشتر در مراسه روحوضی،پا تختی انجام میشده است و بدان زر رقصی و یا سکته رقصی نیز گفته میشده است.حال این مردمان خوب آنرا هنوز انجام میدهند.

اگر دقت کرده باشید..شخصی‌ که این رقص را انجام میدهد برحسب هر ضربه تکان میخورد و سکته انجام میدهد،این بدان عمل است که غنا نشود و اگر حرکات مرتب و پیوسته باشد از لحاظ اسلام حرام است و این مردمان این رسم را از قدیم محترم دانسته اند و هنوز به این شکل زیبا این رقص را انجام میدهند.

اگر اشتباه نکنم،این رقص بیشتر ذات لرستانی دارد و تا به سرحدات کویر گسترش داشته است و در پایتخت زمانی‌ رسیده است که بیشتر مطربین از حواشان کویر بوده اند و رقص بیشتر بست داده شده است.

این ۶ و ۸ در خون هر ایرانی است پیوسته و یا گسسته...  ببین چه غوغا می‌کند.



it's lack of exercise

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They are not actually skinny, they just don't have those buff bodies we see here.

And I wonder why all the iranian men have sibil.


I wonder why?

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I wonder why most Iranian men in Iran are extremely skinny! Lack of food, exercise, or being on something?!!


This is what happens...

by Daadaash on

This is what happens when they separate the men from the women. Guys turm gay or become transexuals!!!!  So sad!


Well done Islamic Republic.  And then Ahmadinejad says we have no gays in Iran!!!!

mitra northcal

Alaf, people seem to like this video

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I shared this video on my facebook and several my fb friends seem to like it. There is nothing wrong with it. It is just dance. They are not bad dancers either, which is good since sometimes videos of men dancing features men who are not good dancers. These guys are good.


I'm honestly starting to

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I'm honestly starting to think is mocking us with these videos. Anyway, good thing I don't live amongst these people anymore. No basiji men party for me thank you. 


Sorta like

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 iranian breakdance. The last guy dances like a woman.  The little kids dance was much better and more appropriate for their gender. Someone who is not familiar with Iranian culture, thinks its a gay party.

Dirty Angel

میدونم، خیلی‌ ترس ناکه

Dirty Angel

خودم بعضی‌ وقتاه اصلا از وحشت مغزم شوکه میشم

ترقه جنی‌ جنیوس در میره از در اندر خنگستانم

خودم میترسم


مرا رها کنید!





Dirty Angel

jahanshah. genius on board

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 I know why. Not just the rhythm of the music etc mecetera, but because of the use of poshteh kafe pa. (the rest of the body is "carried as a consequence"....)

"If they chew you up, they still have to spit you out "

Jahanshah Javid

Looks familiar

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This is so funny! Somehow it reminds of Norooz and the way Haji Firooz characters dance.