Egyptian: "Iran is next"

Protester predicts next revolution will be in Iran


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by statira on



An Egyptian is not from Egypt ?!

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I really look forward to witness that Egyptians become a role model in the area.  So far, so good.  It was a very smart move that they are still obligated to all their international commitments. 

They will easily spit on their graves by making one of these two mistakes:  first mistake is to punish Mobarak.  Why?  They don’t want to roar in the world that all Egyptians are losers and distrustful including Mobarak and consistently fail.  Oh, ya.  Who is going to believe that an Egyptian is not from Egypt?  We live in a world that image and reputation is the only power.  What are we constantly hearing about ex-leaders in advanced countries?  Were they all right?  Right!  Let's back to the time that female students had no place to eat and they were not allowed to eat with male students in the same dinning room.  Don't they call that place Cambridge Unviersity? 

Second mistake is to expect something good happens easily and immediately tomorrow.  This eases the opportunistic involvements. 



Are we all losers?

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I wish to see a new progressing trend in the area.  I don’t like to see that they destroy the public property, change the street names and rebuilt the statues and buildings.  They should know that their actions advertize their strengths and weaknesses.  If weakness is observed, the world insults that nation continuously. 

They should know that there are so many ways other than public prayers to hold the nation together.  One has to be responsible for the well-being of his country.  Ignorance suggests a much easier path: expecting a superpower to blunder their life and country!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You want to think we are all Muslims. But you are wrong. If Islam is so secure then why not let people chose? In America where people are free to choose a full 50% of Iranian Muslims leave Islam. Good for them!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AO Khan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


This is not self examination; it is self trashing and self hatred. I have seen it all my life and won't be a part of it. AO: your heart is in the right place; there is no reason to trash our own people and many reasons not to.

PS: I let my doctor do the "examination" while wearing a glove. Maybe he finds the source of the smoke :-) I suggest you do the same thing!!


vildemose, vpk, ao

by Kooshan on

You guys are pure examples of an ignorant enemies who IRI loves to have. I tried to educate likes of you by directing you to a historical source. you shut me down but that does not change history.


#1 mistake you make is denying the fact that iranians are muslims. you think you can ax them away from their belief by insulting them. well, continue, ma boys! see where you will end up...legitimizing iri!


hahaha...the next is perhaps you will come up with a copy of paystub i receive from iri! pathetic! 

how dirty politics is........ 



by Doctor mohandes on


Thanks for that interesting review of Mokhtar name! The only thing that is missing here i think is a "mokh". Was he singing Ya habibi ,,, ya Habibi during the dance?:)

Immortal Guardz

Who is gonna do the sweeping? Are you gonna be playing the role of  Garbage man In chief and hold the Master broom and do the honors? I mean how are you planning on Implement your cleverly engineered design!

Hile  To the JAroo Chief! Operation Rofte garri Rescue!

Anonymous Observer

VPK - Quit your hysterics and hyperbole

by Anonymous Observer on

You obviously don't have the requisite level of maturity to differentiate between "Iran hating" and self-examination.  Therefore, I will not carry on a discussion with you.  I will, however, on occasion, blow smoke up your a** and tell you how great you and every other Iranian are.  I'm sure that will make you happy. :-)) 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AO: I am

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

glad to hear you do not like Mokhtar. But why do you take the same line as IRR against Iranian people? Why condemnen the IRR than use the same tactics of trahing Iran?

G. Rahmanian

The Good News Is

by G. Rahmanian on

Egyptian opposition forces hate the regime in Iran. So, there's no chance for the establishment of a government in the style of the Islamic Republic.

Sheila K


by Sheila K on

Dear K,

that's a good point except that Mubarak chose the date and timing to step down. May be he was planning this on purpose to resign on the anniversary of the IRI. However, it would have fallen into similar time frame. I wonder if people tend to revolt more in winter time frame than say...summer time. summery happy time; winter sad time


dameh shoma garm

by pedramx on

hala yki ham ke yk chizeh khob migeh ma jav zadeh mishim va mikhaim irad begirim, mesleh in aghaee ke sherey Ya akhi ro az khodeshoon dar kardan....

baz vaghta vaghti yk chizeh khobi mishnavi bayad begi mamnooon va dameh shoma garm...  





by P_J on

Hopefully this great change WOULD NOT end up becoming "ONLY" a COSMETIC change, by Mubarak's cronies presently in power, and by respecting people’s aspirations and desire, it become a TRUE and REAL revolution!  

And let’s hope that Iran is next, freeing itself from this DEMONIC VICIOUS REGIME!  


Strange Bedfellows!

by Faramarz on

Congratulations to the Egyptian People!

There are 3 entities that are not happy about what is taking place in Egypt today.

First, Saudi Arabia for all the obvious reasons that a dictatorship fears when one of its own falls. Secondly, the Israeli right wing and Netanyahu who had a reliable servant in Hosni. And finally, the IR Regime that wanted to couch this as an Islamic thing but now is running scared because this is proving to be a popular movement like the one in Iran back in 2009.


Thank you AO.   Wael

by vildemose on

Thank you AO.


Wael Ghonim's Message of Solidarity for Iran's Green Movement




Don't wish it for others, unless...

by comrade on

Is Mubarakism gone too? Only time can tell.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Anonymous Observer

Vildemose Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

It's a BS TV series put together by the IR trying to show Arab supramecy over Iranians.  It shows how Arabs brought us culture and stopped us from eating pork, know, the usual anti-Iranian propaganda that we have seen the IR spew for the past 31 years...  


AO jan: Who is this

by vildemose on

AO jan: Who is this Mokhtar? What is Mokhtar Nameh? I'm so out of touch. I have no idea who he is. Can you shed some light on this character.

I know Kooshan works for the IRI and I often see him defending IRI on The Leverettes blog.

Anonymous Observer

Kooshan - I heard that this "Mokthar" character in

by Anonymous Observer on

I read somewhere that this "Mokthar" character in "Mokhtar Nameh" was gay in real life.  In fact, I read that his "husband" was a Lor Iranian and that Mokhtar used to put on a dress for him every night and do a little belly dance for him before the Iranian Lor ravaged him savagely.  Is that shown in the TV series?  If so, I would watch it.  

Mola Nasredeen

Ya Akhi!

by Mola Nasredeen on

You've just arrived 

where have you been

all these years

We've been waiting for your nation

to catch up with us.

Ya Akhi,

Your excitement is understandable

but where were you

when we threw out our dicatator

along with his army

while your army is still ruling over you

Watch Out! 

Ya Akhi

Where were you when we fought

and defeated

our enemy in an eight year long war

propped up by your dictator.

Ya Akhi,

We are happy for you

though Be patient!

The night is long.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


IRR is going to hell and taking the Mollahs and Islam with it.

David ET

Egyptian protesters call on Iranians to revolt against IR

by David ET on


it could be

by MRX1 on

if the guy in this video can bring  thousends of people in that square  to help overthrough IRI................

Good thing about egypts are, they are primarily sunni and they don't have  akhond va akhond bazi culture. They also don't have oil so they are sheltered from politcs of oil. Having said that I beleive  the power will evantualy fall in the hand of muslim brotherhood. it's only matter of time.


KOoshan: Can you tell us

by vildemose on

KOoshan: Can you tell us where IRI is going? What is Mokhta Nameh?? It's too long to watch all the episodes. Can you give us a summary??

Where is IRI going?


I can't believe how some

by Kooshan on

I can't believe how some people shot their eyes to realities.


If you want to know where IRI is going, watch Mokhtar name. You will see how dirty and complex politics is.




Watch all episodes;



by k on

On Feb 11, 1979 Iranian ghanged regime..On Feb 11,2011 Ejyaption changed government!!!!

Immortal Guard

Yaa Dream On!

by Immortal Guard on

You will be swept aside like the liberals and seculars were swept aside by the islamists! Enjoy the current euphoria!

It has just started! We are at the beginning of the process!

hamsade ghadimi

i am happy for the

by hamsade ghadimi on

i am happy for the egyptians and cautiously optimistic for their future.  i hope they have learned a lesson from our tragic mistake 30 years ago.  and i hope that their valiant effort will inspire and re-ingite our people to overthrow the demonic republic.


Happy for you guys stay

by Shemirani on

Happy for you guys stay away from islamist for ever and enjoy your Freedom !!

Khameneyi Dégage !

Anonymous Observer

Obviously a Zionist / imperialist / colonialist tool!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Because we know that everyone else in the world, especailly in the Middle East, LOVES the Islamic Republic.  :-))