"Death to Hashemi"

Khamenei thugs outside Rafsanjani's house in Jamaran


G. Rahmanian

Regime's Ruse!

by G. Rahmanian on

These bastards want to pretend only a few are behind people's uprisings. Mousavi, Karoubi, et al. are products of people's protests and not vice versa. The murderous regime will have to kill tens of millions to stop people.


ای دیوصفتان وطن فروش بترسید از خشم مردم


این خشم ملتی است که بیش از 30 سال تحقیر شده است


روز یکشنبه ساعت 3 دوباره خیابانها را سبز خواهیم کرد


no worries mate - money talks

by MM on


"While it is true that Rafsanjani was born into a wealthy family, he and his sons have amassed vast fortune that cannot have been generated by hard work alone. One son, Yaser, has grown fabulously rich through real estate deals in some of Tehran's most exclusive neighborhoods. Another son, Mohsen, who runs the construction of the Tehran subway system is also believed to be very rich. Mehdi Hashemi, the third son, and a nephew, Ali Hashemi, have both been involved in oil deals. In 2003, Forbes estimated Rafsanjani's own wealth at over $1 billion, an astronomical sum in Iran."


Not so fast

by samak on

Friends, Do not judge so fast.We are just witnessing the change of guards within the system. So out are Karubi, Khatami, Rafsanjani, and yes Khamenei as old guards and in are new guards with mostly post revolution credentials, much less attached to clergy, much more educated, way more against pluralism, and in favor of  harsh ruling with iron fist within the country to pursue their expansionist goals globally.



by yolanda on

"Marg Bar Dictator' crowd is bigger than this crowd!

Marg Bar dictator's crowds are all over Middle East!

Rafsi is not a fool!



by MRX1 on

what a sweet sound. don't stop now, nothing better than seeing and hearing islamic roaches fighting one another.


Ahhhhhh, what a sweet sound

by mahmoudg on

not the dreadful "marg bar een va oon", or the even worst, worthless phrase "Allah-o-akbar".  But rather that we are witness to the dismantling of this despotic regime from within.  How sweet that the same man who was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, himself is being questioned from within the hierarchy.  We already know he and his family will be tried for crimes against humanity when Iran is liberated.  "The Shark", is shitting his pants (or rather his aba) right now His thought is, "would I survive long enough from this mob, to be able to have in the least a sliver of a chance to get life imprisonement in a Western style court of jurisprudence?"


I sense Rafsanjani and

by norooz on

I sense Rafsanjani and family are packing to escape from Iran.


The fact that Rafsanjani the opportunist has not joined ranks..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

with the rest of the regime leadership on Karoubi/Mousavi is extremely telling.

Also regime by declaring open war against Mousavi/Karoubi, is breaking it's last links to a very sizeable and influential section of the Iranian society who were instrumental in bringing to power and forming the islamist regime. Big, big mistake  in my opinion! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Things Falling Apart

by ghalam-doon on

And this is just the start.

Apparently they got all the top people in the regime together and as Don Corleone used to say: "made them an offer that they could not refuse."

So they all got behind the regime and condemned the "Fetneh."

But what else can one expect from a Mafia regime?


what goes round comes round

by Khebedin on

 Once Mr Hashemi was doing these to others, now exactly the same  is being done to him. It is just like Terorisem, I recall when the West was promoting Terorisems in Iran in the late 70 and early 80s. Now their creation is haunting them.

As you sow so shall you reap

When do they learn to do good?

tehran e Azad

oppposition protest

by tehran e Azad on

شورای هماهنگی راه سبز امید باصدور بیانیه ای از مردم ایران دعوت کرد روز یکشنبه، اول اسفندماه، به منظور هفتمین روز شهادت دو شهید تظاهرات ۲۵ بهمن و همچنین بزرگداشت یاد و خاطره سایر شهدای جنبش سبز،در تجمع های تهران و شهرستان شرکت کنند.


Tazad Darooni

by aziz on

Have many faces!