"Chador, Condom, Coffeeshop"

Talking to ordinary Iranians

An interesting documentary by abstract filmmaker, Jürg Da Vaz, from Switzerland. His crew went to Iran and talked to ordinary people. People responded, and some of the dialogue is amazing. English subtitles. His website: www.davaz.com


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So this is allowed in todays Islamic Republic?

by keyvanj on


I didn't actually watch this video (frankly I don't think I can stomach it..) But judging by the coments I get the jist of what this is about. I haven't been to Iran since I left many years ago but am planning to go hopefully this year, so I don't have recent experience.

So a Western "journalist" can apply for an Iranian press visa or whatever it's called through the Islamic Republic of Iran embassy in their country, go to Iran and ask these sorts of questions (again can't bring myself to watch this trash but can guess what he asked) with Iranian government translator present, then with tape and everything else in hand return home, broadcast it, etc. and the Iranian government doesn't care? Where is morality police, basij, regular police, anyone?? The IRI embassy will no doubt grant this man and others like him another Visa so he can do it all again? Why isn't the Swiss Iranian embassy blacklisting this individual?

What about the girls/boys etc that were interviewed? They can happily talk about these things infront of a foreign journalist with no fear of repercussions? Their parents allow this? I understand some of this may be rural Iran but still..

I know many Westerners (guys and girls) who have gone to Iran many times (many more times and more frequently then Iranian born! LOL.. I joke that they should become citizen) and have often wondered why they enjoy going there so much.. sure the hospitality, friendliness, etc. But Is Iran turning into another sex tourism joint? Dubai, Thailiand, etc.? Yes I am aware of trade that goes in with Arabs, but I am wondering whether nice "clean" Iranian girls are enjoying the Western meat aswell (sorry didnt know how else to put it). To be honest, the way Iran has opened up to Western tourism frankly worries me, I know I'm gonna get a lot of flak for that, oh well. As another poster mentioned.. more third world girls for the Western pervs to prey on. I am wondering how old the girls in this video are on average? The one in the preview still seems very young. This worries me greatly.

Thanks for reading.


Old trick

by MRX1 on

Camera in hand, traveling to thirld world countries hoping to impress girls and  getting laid that's all. After that going home  sending the video to some film festivals and have fellow Euro trashe give him an acheivement award or some thing. 



by fussygorilla on

You said it all.  This "moron" was so stupid that s/he did not even realize that those school girls were making fun of her by claiming many boyfriends and answering her/his (wasn't the reporter a woman?) stupid questions with fabricated lies to say what they thought she wanted to hear.  Typical Western ignorant folk who should be made fun of. 


What a Moron!

by HHH on

He sounds more like an old pervert than a traveler making a documentary. He's too concerned about girl's sex-life, whether or not they use condom, where they meet to have sex, I bet he goes home & .... off while his wife sleeps in the other room!

He asks the poor, hardworking laborers if they sleep with prostitutes in the middle of their workplace!!
There are lot more in Iran that Iranian girls' and boys' sex-life.
Also it's rude to keep asking people how much they make, how they find a girl to marry and even more rude to ask them how much they pay for their wife!! What a moron & a pervert he is.


خیلی‌ آبستره


خیلی‌ آبستره بود! نفهمیدم بالاخره کی‌ دوست پسر یا دوست دختر داشت یا نه!



Makes Iranian girls look like whores

by Shutruk on


Ok, some Iranian girls really are whores, at least "attention whores", but most are not. They are no more interested in sex than other humans.

It does show how being mohajeb doesn't make you chaste and virtuous.


Listen at 15:31

by onlyinamrica on

Iranian worker doesn't like the guy. just listen "kiseh khali kon bra in KK.


Aimless, Wasted opportunity...

by faryarm on

Probably the most annoying "doc"on Iran. 

Speaks volumes about its makers.



I think the guy is more like a sex addict than anything else!!!

by Benyamin on

very poor documentary.


A Terrible documentary

by statira on

which also shows how terrible Iranian orthodontists are. Two of the girls who apparantly had orthodontic work are looking like Willy Wonka.


another European's obsession with poverty and sex


Nothing abstract about this film. He shows us the face of poverty in Iran. The face of Poverty is the same all over the world.

Culture has been stamped out of these people. People are poor, dirty, unkempt, and sickly. 

It is a sad case ... all this man asks about is sex. Are you having sex? do you have girl friend or a boy friend... what a travesty....he doesn't speak the language.


This tourist should have been

by norooz on

This tourist should have been taken to Evin for a visit and that stupid translator deserves a pas gardani.

Nader Vanaki

مرتیکه منحرف

Nader Vanaki

ناموس ما رو به بازی گرفته. این هم شد برنامه مستند؟ کدوم آدمی پا میشه بره مملکتی مثل ایران از بچه های مردم سوال کنه کاندوم استفاده می کنین؟ موزیک دقیقه 36 قشنگه کسی میدونه نوازنده کیه؟


a pervert's journey through Iran

by alaaf on

He was really obsessed with second wives and sexual partners, wasn't he?


And where did he find that translator? "in the World War II he went to the India"  ROFL 


Not very profound.

by smr00 on

The only thing this man can ask the youth is questions surrounding whether or not they have boyfriends, how they sneak around, and what the "nature" of their relationships are. Not very profound or thoughtful if you ask me. There are many more interesting things and aspects of life that one can delve into when interviewing people from a foreign country. 


به نظر خیلی‌ جالب میاد


تا شب طی‌ مراسمی تماشایش کنم. مرسی‌!



Dirty Angel

Almost interesting

by Dirty Angel on

I've only flicked through the video so I can't really judge completely, but from what I've seen, there is nothing "abstract" about it, but another one of those of "Iranians are humans too" "genre".

Na, joone man? 

Jedi jedi, adamaye dige ham adamand?

Taarof nakonid. Jedi migid?




However, thank you for filming, truly, as obviously, there are a lot of completely crazy idiots in this world....intent on murdering their own species....so much easier to click a button, than to look people in the eye....

"If they chew you up, they still have to spit you out "