Ahmadinejad: protests "going nowhere"

First interview after 25 Bahman

BBC: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said the opposition protests seen in Iranian cities on Monday are "going nowhere" and vowed to punish their organisers. Mr Ahmadinejad told state television that "enemies" were trying to "tarnish the Iranian nation's brilliance". Not long afterwards, Iran's president dismissed the protests in Tehran and other major cities, saying they had wanted to undermine a rally held last Friday to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. "It is clear the Iranian nation has enemies because it is a nation that wants to shine, conquer peaks and change [its international] relations," he said. He added: "Of course, there is a lot of hostility against the government. But they knew that they would get nowhere." >>>

Comments on 25 Bahman begin at 54th minute:


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Dirty Angel

Immortal Guard, mein süßes Mäuschen

by Dirty Angel on

 welcome to IC basiji heaven! Tom's Jerry will never get you!

Es knallt echt bei denen mit 'nem Knall! 

"If they chew you up, they still have to spit you out "

Immortal Guard

Me a supporter? I just find it funny!

by Immortal Guard on

Me a supporter? I just find it funny!


Immortal guard

by mullah-kosh on

Are you serious man? You call his hallucinations, and ranting as pushing the button? Dude, I know you are a supporter, and that is fine, but come on, even have to recognize that sky is blue, or are you that brainwashed? Do you seriously think that his nonsensical diatribes pushes any of our buttons? This guy belongs to a mental hospital, but guess what, he is a leader of a nation! That is shameful, not provocative..

Immortal Guard

Based on most comments here...

by Immortal Guard on

Based on most comments here he is also a great button-pusher. He seems to be pushing the right buttons of the right kind of people.

By the way here is something that just came to my mind: "Takbir bar alayheh estekbaar"

Mash Ghasem

no one said it was going to be easy

by Mash Ghasem on

minimizing the violence, and developing a shared, civilized discourse: these are always  good starting points, cheers

p.s. a progressive government with a mandate for  enlightening and education of the population: a promotion of free thought in Iran, such simple tasks will make wonders. Trust me.


you are right mash ghasem

by pas-e-pardeh on

the kind of democracy I advocated would have blood on it and it would probably be run by those who did the killing/cleansing.  i'm just frustrated that we have such bad people in our country.

What would you suggest we do?  How can we re-build our country?  These people will live among us- with their lies, their ignorance and their violence. And soon will re-assert themselves and take over our country again.  It's their culture.  Can we integrate them into society? 


Sheila K

what do you expect? he talks, he gets whacked!

by Sheila K on

do you really think he believes everything he says? I'm sure he can feel the dagger aimed at his back should he say anything. AN is not Khamenie material. He's a simple brainwashed IRI devoutee...he's not rich and he's not out for finanicial motivation. he's enslaved to do what Rahbar wants him to do. And if not, he'll be punished in ways that no one will ever know. I don't mean to defend AN, but this is a brutal regime and everyone in it is freighten of it.


endless lies

by afshinazad on

what is the plan now, feb-14 is over now and many got arrested and two killed and now what? Karobi and Mousavi are seems happy and yet even they have been threatend that they will be executed, but still lecturing Khomenie freedom era is coming out of their mouth, what is wrong with us and what is wrong with this picture? we Iranian need better people to lead us and Iranian need someone out of country.


Just look at these

by vildemose on

Just look at these pictures. It's tear your heart into pieces.



Mash Ghasem

Isn't killing children

by Mash Ghasem on

crimes against humanity?

Not to mention old folks: that's just bad taste.

All this violence and mayhem and one keyboard warrior, and I thought jojeh morgh was bad.

Your "democracy" has so much blood on it already, it reminds me of monarchy.Are you people addicted to killing and blood?


Before we can have democracy

by pas-e-pardeh on

a strongman must come to rule Iran and kill every basiji (and his parents and children), kill every pasdar (and his parents and children) and kill every talabeh and mullah (and their parents and children).

These people are the human embodiment of violencve, lie and thievery in Iran.  It's their culture which has been passed down from generation to generation. They must be eliminated by the roots from society once and for all before looking for a democratic system. 


You have not seen a guy like this

by mullah-kosh on

Because people like him are very very rare. Please refer to the Psychotherapy bible DSM-IV-TR. This guy displays so many of the traits of a being a psychopath, and delusional, far away from reality. This guy is not lying, he believes everything he says, he is just removed from reality, far removed.
He is totally narcisstic! He denies everything that his government is been responsible for, and projects that to others like the US, or Israel, taking no responsibility.
What other government in the world kills somebody, claim the person as one of their own, would not give the body back to the family for a proper burial? Which government? There is none. IR is unique, not just in its brutality, but also in its insanity.
What we are dealing with is man whose parallel and contemporary can only be found in the fantasy world of comic books and hollywood films. He is a mixture of Joker, and Hannibal lecter the cannibal. At least those two however, rooted their deep personality troubles in reality. For Ahmaghi the monkey, his whole personna is one of fantasy, he sees himself as the man who is going to prepare the world for the coming of that degenerate, 9 year old arab boy.

This government can't be allowed to possesss any type of nuclear technology. It would be a grave mistake for United States to allow that. That is why, I hope that United States armed forces do humanity a favor and take out these guys.

Anahid Hojjati

Good one DM, Roger that

by Anahid Hojjati on

Arse Simorgh? Haha, Roger that.


Arse simorgh?

by Doctor mohandes on

 This means the prices on Morgh and chicken are going to come down.

Ogyanose bikaran ham was a hint that soon no one will have to pay for water.



یک مشت حرف مفت

sam jade

شما که لالائی بلدی چرا خوابت نمیبره ،،

آزادی دمکراسی ، عدالت ، عشق محبت ، همه خوب است ، اما نه برای مردم ایران

همه اینها را میدونند فقط برای گفتن و پز الکی دادن در عمل مردم را به صلابه کشیده اید ..

خودت دیکتاتوری را تعریف میکنی‌ ، کور هستی‌ خودت و این رژیم را ببینی‌ ،،،

مرتیکه بی‌ پدر مادر خجالت بکش،،


Several right points, only said by the wrong man

by Maast o Deevaane on

Wow, up until 9th minute, he sounded like the leader of opposition party (Non existence!) wanting people to topple IRI regime! and conform to the international (Real international, not just USofA) struggle for justice, freedom and democracy!

Never the less, he is also entitled to his opinion:(


Was it really worth it MahmoodOFF jaan ?

by Marathon-Man on

You were in power for 4 years and had your filthy time and did whatever you liked to do and you know it was the biggest shock of your life when you heard that you you've becom a President.

You know and the whole country know that you won it because the people just wanted to show Rafsanjani a big finger.

Look at yourself now MahmoodOFF jaan . You do not have a single friend indeed and anyone who pretends to be your friend even your own wife somehow is lying to you.

You know that you lost it very badly this time and has caused a lot of problem in the country as the result .

 Was it really worth it Mr Presidend ?

You will be remembered as the most hated President of all time. 

Mash Ghasem

یه قرون بخر آش

Mash Ghasem

تو همین خیال باش

G. Rahmanian

Down with IR!

by G. Rahmanian on

The murderous regime will have to go! United we shall overcome!

Shifteh Ansari

جرس: بیانیه دفتر احمدی نژاد در باره تظاهرات 25 بهمن

Shifteh Ansari

جرس: بدنبال عدم پاسخگویی احمدی نژاد در برنامه تلویزیونی به سوالی در مورد تظاهرات مردم در 25 بهمن ماه، صبح امروز دفتر وی بیانیه ای صادر کرد و ضمن محكوم كردن اتفاقات روز دوشنبه تاکید کرد : دشمنان ایران اسلامی در برابر اقیانوس بیکران ملت قطره‌ای بیش نیستند و بدانند که ایران عرصه سیمرغ است.



going nowhere

by asadabad on

He's right, the protestors are going nowhere.  They have stayed put.  Their voices will only grow louder and stronger as time goes on.  If anyone is going anywhere it'll be khamenei on a private plane to syria.

"Of course, there is a lot of hostility against the government."

It seems that he made a slip there!


دروغ و ک... شعر که کنتور نداره


همین جوری واسه خودتون به هم دروغ و یاوه ببافین تا تاریخ مصرفتون مثل مبارک و خانواده اش که تموم شد، اونوقت ببینیم شما ها از کجا سر در میارین 


I have never seen anyone like this guy

by Amir19 on

I have never seen anyone like this guy that can tell such big lies with such a straight face. Due to the fact that this regime in Iran is much more brutal than the other dictators in the that region, we Iranians have a longer and tougher way to go but we will not rest until democracy is the norm in Iran.  It is obvious that this regime will not give in to the will of people soon so we have to focous on the end game and don't get disappointed in our struggle agianst the evil we have in Iran. The regime is loosing it's support base everyday and that is exactly what we want.