Obama signs new Iran sanctions into law

Iran to file motion in U.S. court to unfreeze funds

AFP: US President Barack Obama Saturday signed into law tough new sanctions targeting Iran's central bank and financial sector, in a move that could intensify a brewing Gulf showdown. The sanctions are meant to hit Iran's crucial oil sector and require foreign firms to make a choice between doing business with Tehran's financial sector and central bank or the mighty US economy and financial sector. Foreign central banks which deal with the Iranian central bank on oil transactions could also face restrictions, sparking fears of damage to US ties with key nations such as Russia and China which trade with Iran >>>

Meanwhile Iran’s central bank is preparing to file a motion in a New York federal court to release nearly $2 billion of its frozen funds at Citibank, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday:



OBAMA 1 AIPAC 1 Liberation

by Simorgh5555 on

OBAMA 1 AIPAC 1 Liberation of Iran 1 NIAC 0000000000000000000000000000

Bunch of political amaturs trying to play hardball!

Have you seen their website where they are standing outside Capital Hill all suited and booted. LOL.  

Maryam Hojjat

ahosseini, Great Sensible solution

by Maryam Hojjat on

that is the only way without bloodshed can help democracy in IRAN after IRR/iri.  I hope oppositions with all differnces hear your solution and act on it.


جنگ تمام عیار اقتصادی شروع شد

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

افزایش نرخ سکه طلا و ارزهای خارجی در بازارهای ایران، تا سقف ارقام
باورنکردنی و رکوردشکنی های پی‌درپی در این عرصه ها؛ یک شاهد بزرگ از اوضاع
اقتصادی رو به وخامت در ایران است.

درحالی که بازار ایران به نرخ دلار حدود 1500 تومان و یوروی بیش از 1900
تومان خو گرفته، تبادل کالا و انجام معاملات اقتصادی با دلار بجای ریال در
ایران رواج یافته است.

ریال، واحد رسمی پول کشور هر روز بی‌ارزش‌تر از روز پیش می شود و دسترسی
به ارزهای خارجی محدودتر و سخت تر. تاثیر روند صعودی دلار در افزایش قیمت
ها در کنار رشد 30 درصدی قیمتها در پنج ماهه دوم سال جاری و رسیدن نرخ تورم
به مرز 20 درصد (طبق آمار بانک مرکزی) موجب شده که دلار در بخش هایی از
بازار مبادلاتی ایران جایگزین ریال شود.

این روند افزایش قیمت ها و کاهش ارزش برابری ریال در برابر دلار و یورو،
بی شک اقشار حقوق بگیر (کارگران و کارمندان) و لایه های محروم و حیران از
تورم افسارگسیخته را هدف قرار داده است. وضعی که وقتی در کنار بی کفایتی ها
و ناکارآمدی های مدیریت کلان نظام سیاسی، و اختلاس ها و حیف و میل بیت
المال و سوء استفاده های مالی، مورد ارزیابی قرار گیرد، مشخص می کند که چه
وضع وخیم و نگران کننده ای گریبان زندگی و رفاه و امنیت و آرامش ایرانیان
را گرفته است.



Rick Santorum: I Would

by vildemose on

Rick Santorum: I Would Bomb Iran Nuclear Sites


 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Probably the biggest nail in the IRI's coffin

by divaneh on

Sanctions against Iranian oil imports by Europeans are now inevitable. If you have a lot of cash in Iran then I suggest you buy as much dollar as you can find and hold on to it. I don't know if this move would help the Iranian people struggle but it will definitely weaken the regime. An action which was long overdue.


awesome job....

by shushtari on

the US has EVERY RIGHT  to do this......to tell other countries to choose to do business either with the US or with the thieves in iran!!!

now, I bet NIAC is crying their eyes out today, because this is going to really burn their mullahs :) 


Support sanctions oppose military actions

by ahosseini on

 I think Denver Tinbender is quite right. Mr Nouri Ala is quite wrong in making such a statement. We have a long battle ahead of us.

In this situation it is crucial that we set up a popular campaign in:

1) Fighting the suppressive policies of IRI

2) Calling for a free election

In order to form a united front, people must have the same objectives or common dinaminators. The only thing that unite the entire opposition are these two points. All political groups regardless of their political dominations (from far right to far left) are severely suppressed by IRI and they all want to win political power (part or all). Hence the entire political spectrum fighting the IRI can unite around these two issues. Just like in the US and Europe, in a free election each political group will present its manifesto and appeal to the public for the people's vote. I think this is a sensible solution.

I believe we should set up a committee in each country. The members of the committe should include delegates representing for example every 30 Iranians. A process that is democratic and fair. This process does not exclude groups. A group must have for example 30 members to have one representative in this committee. So, a group with for example 150 member will have 5 representatives in the committee.

We just need to find a way of varifying individual's ID so we can execute this operation. In order to verify a member's ID we can set up a database and issue an ID with unique id number so the individual can use the ID card to vote in a public meeting. Members must register to attend any meeting. Members do not need to give their real name but must carry their ID when voting takes place.

We need to find trustees to supervise this operation. How do we select the trustees? I think that can be achieved in a public meeting. For example five in each country.

In this way we can all unite and fight this dreadful regime. After the downfall of the regime, the delegates and political prisoners together with a recognised international organisations will supervise the election.

I am sure those who are against the real democracy will play a very subversive role. We need to be aware of that too.

Please comment.

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.

Denver Tinbender

Once Dr. Esmail nooriala

by Denver Tinbender on

Once Dr. Esmail nooriala stated, impose sanction on Iran oil and regime will collapse within 48 hours. It would be interesting to see with Obama tough new sanction on Iran central bank and Oil either professor is right or wrong. I have my doubt; to isolate Iran economy is difficult. Iran has massive boarder with Russia, trade partner with china, India, Azerbaijan, turkey, Venezuela and Brasilia not to mention rest of Middle Eastern country and central Asian, Iran is not small island of Cuba.


Don't use the waivers!

by Fred on

Due to his nonsensical policies, the Islamist Rapists are on track to become nuclear on Obama’s watch.

He must NOT use any of the waivers in the law and instead facilitate the imposition of airtight sanctions.

He must help Iranians with material support to overthrow the weaponized nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists bent on “managing the world.”