Nothing wrong with war!

Why it is good for us


Nothing wrong with war!
by Siamack Baniameri

It is a known fact that our country Iran has a large surplus of retards. Unlike real retards, these people do not suffer from impairment of cognitive functions. In fact, these cousin-fuckin’, rosewater splashing, Sandis drinking, hygienic challenged individuals seem to get around effortlessly. The problem with these retards is not medical … it’s ethical. These retards suffer from impairment of humility for a small amount of cash and a chance to leave the village. These retards have certain characteristics that include: religious zealousness, hatred of music, arts and anything that is attractive, uncontrollable sex drive that is triggered by women’s hair, ability to climb embassy walls, love of facial hair and obsession with defending the honor of other people’s wife and daughters!

Now, you might think that I’m making fun of the unfortunate or the uneducated in our country. That is far from the truth as understanding the difference between right and wrong does not require money or a degree. Actually, I personally know rich, educated individuals who have no shred of kindness in their DNA. Kindness cannot be bought or taught.

Throughout our long history, these retards have always had a special place in our religion and politics. As people, we tend to somehow, always end up with these individuals as our leaders. Sometimes by force, and sometimes by choice. But they seem to always manage to ruin it for the rest of us.

But today, thanks to a miracle called the Islamic Republic government, we seem to have a shot at curing this illness once and for all. At no time in our history have we managed to get all these retards in one place at the same time. IRI has managed to somehow recruit just about every one of them to serve as members of revolutionary guards and Basij. Opportunity is knocking.

The Iranian people surely do not have the willpower or the stamina to stand against this massive power of retards. These people are armed, well financed, dangerous and will travel anywhere to rape and pillage. Iranian people are no match for the savagery of the army of Orcs. However, western powers are quite capable of annihilating the bastards and rid Iranians, once and for all, from these brainless degenerates. There is no need to occupy or bomb ordinary people. There is no need to land troops or build nation. Just send a few thousand of these retards to heaven and Iranians will take care of the rest. Yes, we are willing to stay behind and build the country while them retards have fun with their 70 virgins. Imagine a country lighter on stupidity. A nation rejuvenated. A motherland reborn. And I for one, am willing to sacrifice a cousin or two for the greatness of my country.


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Re "sacrificing cousins"

by Arj on

While most of what is said above with regards to retardednes of the IRI goons is true, this blog itslef is not exactly brimming intelligence either! As a matter of fact, it seems equally as retarded as the Hezbollhi nonesense!

Here is a gross, yet funny contradictory stattement in the above rant: "The Iranian people surely do not have the willpower or the stamina to stand against this massive power of retards." and "Iranian people are no match for the savagery of the army of Orcs." Yet, further in the same paragraph: "Just send a few thousand of these retards to heaven and Iranians will take care of the rest." Indeed, all pro-war rhetorics are reterded in nature, even ones with a hint of sattire! But, whether the author intended or not, it is funny since it assumes that by sending a few thousand Basijis and Pasdars to heaven, Iranian people "who do not have the willpower to fight them," will suddenly find the willpower "to take care of the rest!"


Bache Shirazi

by Simorgh5555 on

You have little faith in the Iranian people. Cast your mind back to the people power in 2009. Despite the overwhelming odds against the people they didn't too badly to shake the terrorists in power.

All you need is one or two strategic strikes against Basij and Sepah outposts. Then gradually increase the number until the moral is destroyed and the rank and file will desert.

The rest will be in the hands of the people. Also do not under-estimate the effectiveness of target assassinations. If, as you say, troops are needed on the ground- it should be by an Iranian liberation army properly trained and equipped with support from the Americans. 

I hope it will not come to British and American ground forces to occupy Iran but if push comes to shove I prefer being controlled by Attila the Hun than Islamo Fascists.


And also

by BacheShirazi on

To remove the Islamic republic would require troops on the ground. Iran is not libya. And there is no way the U.S is going to have troops in Iran. So i suggest you guys stop pleasuring your selves to dreams of the U.S coming and getting rid of the I.R then leaving Iran to it's own affairs.


If only

by BacheShirazi on

If only it was that simple.



by AMIR1973 on

I agree with much of what you say. Without significant outside assistance, any domestic uprising will be easily defeated by the IRI for the foreseeable future.


Amir 1973

by Simorgh5555 on



As Faramarz said in his blog I don't see any NATO or American boots on the ground in Libya. I haven't seen yet any Americans dominating Libya.

The USA has spent trillions of dollars on Iraq and any control of its oilfield and business in helping to rebuild the country barely makes the war worth the cost.

The war in Iraq was stupid for empowering the Islamic Republic but the territorial integrity of the country has not been threatened. The Kurds have not split up. Even the state of civil war has not led to a partition of Iraq into separate Sunni and Shia countries.

All the Iranian people are looking for is that one spark. They need that catalyst to galvanize them to mass mobilise as they did in the summer of 2009 and take control of their destiny. People are scared but that fear will melt when the bullet riddled remains of Sepahi, Basij and Revolutionary Guard scum bags are paraded on TV for all Iranians to see. Iranians will overcome the fear, destroy the power of the ruling theocracy and establish a government which truly separates state from religion.

The Mullahs must go. Dead or Alive.

I urge Obama and Netanyahu not to strike at the nuclear facilities because this would not resolve the threat of the occupying terror regime and will lead to an unprecedented human disaster. The regime is the problem.

The greatest insult to injury would be for an Basij to know it was a JEW who launched a rocket straight into their base. The satisfaction will be unthinkable.  

It will be an honour to see Jewish hands work alongside freedom seeking Iranians in destroying the Islamic Republic and its supporters forever. 




Read Rastgoo's +1

by Bavafa on

Amen to that.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



History proves otherwise

by AMIR1973 on

Any intelligent person knows that you cannot impose Democracy by bombs.

France, Japan, Italy, West Germany, and South Korea (among others) are all countries that were liberated by military force. If they had not been liberated by military force, they would not be democracies today. 


Read Rastgoo's

by پندارنیک on



Spoiled rotten chicken hawk

by Rastgoo on

Your cavalier attitude about a war with Iran is both astonishing and offesnive.  To sit in the comfort of USA and suggest that we should bomb Iran is the ultimate definition of a chicken hawk.  I suggest you post your neo-con pro-Israel trash infested comments on AIPAC's web site.  Any intelligent person knows that you cannot impose Democracy by bombs.  It would only lead to the total ruin of Iran.  Just look at Iraq.  That means read and educate your self.  But then again I doubt that you have neither the patience nor the faculty to read anything of substance.


I agree

by zamyad on

You are on the money.



by Simorgh5555 on

Excellent blog. I am glad that there are sane Iranians among us who have faced reality and accepted the truth that there will NEVER be freedom until the akhunds stare down a barrel of a shut gun.
Iran's capacity to build a nuclear bomb is not the issue. Even without nukes this regime has shown that it is capable of waging a campaign of terror abroad. They don't need a nuclear warhead to execute 500 people per year, all they need is a rope and a crane. God help us if they get armed with a nuke. The possibilities to terroroise its own people and the world will be endless.
Regime change MUST happen.
DEATH TO THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC. Violence is the ONLY solution. Please support military action.


I'm with You!

by ariane on

True, true, and true...

Maryam Hojjat

SB, Great blog with lots of thruth in it

by Maryam Hojjat on

I think you are certainly RIGHT about these Retards in IRAN.  I Hope it happens and Iran being cleanse from them.