Mohammad Hasan Ghadiri Abyaneh: Waging War With Britain

Former ambassador to Mexico and Australia


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How did this guy become Iranian of the Day?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

He started with a few truths and then loads of madness.  Those who are the greatest purpetrators against human rights in the world, make it their policy to pretend they uphold human rights. Yes genius, first they start with fooling their own people and then when they test out effective ways of fooling people they use their ways to fool others.  Well done for noticing the lies of the Brits and Americans, now lets go back to the subject that concerns us here. Your regimes tyranny and lies against the people of Iran.  You weren't expecting us to let you deny your crimes against innocent people were you?

afshin jam

Simply retarded

by afshin jam on

What an amazing, unbelievable bunch of stupid and idiots running our country. How can some one like this backward, moron call himself a human being. This is a type of person whom I love to see in people’s court after the fall of the barbaric, rapist, totalitarian regime " so called Islamic Republic of Iran.


I dare say.....

by پندارنیک on

I detect no sign of nervousness in Haji during the interview.........I wonder if we can see the same kind of composure in our businessmen, the Haji bazaris..........


May I shine your boots, Mr. Boss?

by maghshoosh on

How stifling, mind numbing and demeaning it must feel to be constantly subjected to such crass official party line in the state media with no alternative viewpoints presented.  And more grotesque than the officials featured are the "journalists" or "media professionals" who, apparently with no sense of self-respect, have rented themselves as boot lickers of the thugs.

Dr. Mohandes

Can he say Somberrrrrooo??

by Dr. Mohandes on

Having a hard time imagining him wearing that Somberrero on.

Am i spelling that right Amigo??  

Oon Yaroo

MHGA is a thug!

by Oon Yaroo on

He looks like the guys who lift Ashura Alamm!