Iranians Kidnapped in Syria

Five engineers have "disappeared" in troubled Homs province

Reuters - Iran said on Wednesday five of its technicians had been kidnapped in the Syrian city of Homs, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported. "The five were kidnapped on Wednesday at 0630 a.m. while heading to their work place ... We demand their immediate release," Mehr quoted a statement issued by the Iranian embassy in Damascus as saying. Syria's state news agency SANA reported that eight engineers "of different nationalities" had disappeared after heading by bus to their work at a power plant in Homs province >>>


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"Mohandes" my eyes !

by Shemirani on

More like snipers on the top of rooves, shooting on innocent people like they did in Jaleh Square Tehran !!

its an old technic teached in Arafat-khomeini university of crime !



5 IRGC Engineers worked at non-existant Syrian Power Plant

by IranFirst on

Bahram G

Mohandes, my foot!

by Bahram G on

Inhaa mohandes barghand yaa mohades adam koshi? The criminal aakhoonds are sending their mercenaries to prop up Assad's murdering regime. They know full well that they are next. Assad's fall hastens their own demise.


Speaking of Mohandeses

by Faramarz on

Here is a quote from Mohandes Gandhi.

"It is better to be violent, if there is violence in our hearts, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence."

Shifteh Ansari

ربوده شدن 5 سپاهی به وسیلۀ شورای ملی سوریه در شهر حمص

Shifteh Ansari

مثل اینکه همچین مهندسِ مهندس هم نبودند! از رادیو فرانسه:

"منابع خبری از ربوده شدن پنج ایرانی به وسیلۀ مخالفان بشار اسد در سوریه خبر می دهند. در حالی که روزنامۀ دولتی الوطن در دمشق هویت ربوده شدگان را پنج مهندس ایرانی اعلام کرده که برای آماده سازی نیروگاه برق شهر حمص به آن جا رفته بوده اند، سایت خبری میهن در پاریس به نقل از شورای ملی سوریه از سپاهی بودن این پنج ایرانی خبر می دهد."