Iran Navy Wargames Start

Forces deployed east of Strait of Hormuz

AFP: Iran began 10 days of wargames around the Strait of Hormuz, a vital route in the Gulf through which more than a third of the world's ship-borne oil passes. The Velayat-90 military exercises, announced Thursday by navy chief Admiral Habibollah Sayari, kicked off on Saturday as planned, Iran's Arabic-language broadcaster Al-Alam reported. Iranian navy forces were being deployed throughout the wargame area to the east of the Strait of Hormuz, comprising the Gulf of Oman around to the Gulf of Aden, in the first phase of the exercises, Al-Alam said, citing navy command >>>



Bahram, Yolanda,

by Fair on

Thank you for your comments.  As Iranians we know too well the centuries old pattern of mullahs- throw people into jahad, assuring them that Hossein or Mehdi or some other dude will show up and protect them from the infidels technological advantage.  Of course, after this turns out not to be the case, they are not the ones who paid the price, they just roam the remains and leech the dead and remains, being the vultures they are.  They even have the gall to claim victory after the country has been devastated in the war zone (Khorramshahr is not rebuilt yet, after 30 YEARS, but top mullahs are stealing billions from the oil money).

Mullahs are parasites infesting our land, and today are taking us down another path of waste and destruction of our beautiful country.  We as a nation need to turn our backs on them once and for all, and need to separate not just mosque from state, but mullahs from Iran. Permanently.


Khebi if you're so devoted to IR, you ought to join their Navy

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

and follow Hossain's path!

That way we'll all be spared from your shamless, immoral peddeling of thugs and murderers.

And you'll be where you really belong.

Do you undrstand that, or you need more explanation?

P.S. Apparently you're confusing IC with IR's prisons. No one here need permit from anyone, let alone you; the shameless, pathetic, coward apologist for thugs and murdeerers of Islamic Republic of Hell. Shame on you and all your types if you have any. 



by jmyt17 on

They never let you finish your Arabic reading JERK.

If you are Iranian talk Persian, JERK.




by yolanda on

Thank you, Fair, for your brilliant post!

Mullahs are trying to invoke jihad (the holy defence)! What a timing! Calling Ya Hussein on Christmas day!

IRI is more and more like N. Korea which has "Military First" policy and "Juche" (self-reliance) idea.


ز ران ملخ خوردن


ز ران ملخ خوردن و سوسمارعرب را به جایی رسیدست کارکه تاج کیانی کند آرزوتفو بر تو ای چرخ گردون تفو هزاران تفو صد هزاران

Dear Bahram,

1- I am aware of your capability, I never gave you the credit for this verse/quote.

2- You have not understood my argument, nor has the other chap ( hooshang) who thinks I am mistaken for relating this quote to Ferdousi.

3- My reference to Shahname being holy was metaphorical, which you and the other chap have failed to see through.

4- Sadly you ( and the other chap) have also failed to see my lack of support for any political power. Visceral hatred ( for anything) turns one blind. Get rid of hate, both of you












Bahram G


by Bahram G on

Excellent! I need say no more.

Bahram G


by Bahram G on

TOFOO BAR TU AY CHRKHE GARDAAN TOFOO is attributed to Ferdosi and I did not claim it is from shahnameh. I'm not, in the least, proud of the creatures presently ruling Iran and their sycophants. What you call achievement, particularly in the realm of human rights, ranks at the button of humanity. Islam has nothing to do with anything they do? And you pride yourself in their achievements? Islam has everything to do with it. Haven't you been keeping up with what is happening in Iran and what these lout Islamists in power do to diminish and destroy Iran while exulting the "gift" the Arab savages imposed upon us?

I'm afraid you either suffer from the disease of denial or you feel it your duty to distort the facts in service of the Islamist hooligans in power.


The only "enemies" these guys have a chance with...

by Fair on

...are the enemies they keep talking about in their announcements- the DOSHMANE FARZI, i.e. hypothetical enemy. Because no actual real possible enemy takes this junk seriously.

As correctly pointed out here, the US or any other western navy will be able to sink these museum pieces in minutes, before the poor reesho "maktabi" officers even have a chance to ask "where did it come from?".  That is what happened in April 1988, when the countryless moron Khomeini was still insisting "war war until victory", and a US captain issued a radio warning to the Islamic Republic's lead warship, saying that ""stop your engines, abandon ship, I intend to sink you", and then pretty much pummeled the ship into a wreck.  Where was Imam Hussein then?  And that was 23 years ago, how much easier do you think it will be today. 

Then some may say that GCC militaries are more the intended audience.  Well, again, in 1984, an Iranian F-4 crossed the "Fahd line" in the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia shot it down, then both sides sent up over a dozen fighters and Iran was forced to back down, leaving Saudi Arabia untouched.  And this was almost 28 years ago.  Again, where was that dude Imam Hussein back then?  And how much easier is it going to be today?  

See how BADBAKHT the mullahs have made us that we cannot even challenge militarily a bunch of barefoot sheikhs with money to our south.  During the Shah's time, none of these people dared to look at us funny, today Iranians line up to get visas to their country and get pushed around.


But not to worry, that joke of a captain Habibollah Sayyari stands on a deck of a piece of junk saying "we will go the route of Hossein", which is mullah-speak for "we like getting our a**es kicked, it makes us feel victorious".


Which country are these people from?  NOT IRAN that is for sure.




 Hooshang Tarreh-Gol Did

by Khebedin on

 Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

Did you ask if you could talk?. I know you have difficulties remaining stable, but you need to try.


Khebi as usual you have no shame, because you're a sell out

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

to dirty little mullahs of Tehran.

Tofo Bar To Ay Charkh Gardon Tofo, is not a quote from Shahnameh but a popular saying.

Shahnameh is not holy, and holy is not spelled Holey.

The banner on IR's flag is an Indian based logo, nothing to do with Islam but a reminder of Khomeini's origins from India.

Tofo Beh Jad o Abad Tamam Nokaran Akhondy.

Khebi, can you translate the last line?


Some comments surprise me,

by Khebedin on

Some comments surprise me, astonish me, make me wonder why these guys are totally overpowered by the West, why don’t they want to believe in themselves, why they discount themselves so much. Have you forgotten the Vietnam?, Have you forgotten the Iran Iraq war where the entire west and the entire Arab money  failed to achieve their evil goals?. And for my dear Bahram who has quoted from our holey book of Shahname “  TOFOO BAR TU, AY CHARKHE GARDAAN TOFOO” can I say that the current situation has noting to do with Islam or Arabs, they are individual Iranians and children of Ferdousi who are performing such bravery and creating historical heroes in Iran, though it may be under a banner which also has an Islamic badge.  

Bahram G

Oon Yaroo jaan

by Bahram G on

Is "Mehdi Farrari" aka MEHDI CHAAHI?

Thank you in advance, for explaining.

Your devoted friend.

Oon Yaroo

Bahram G. jaan! May you be sprayed with $1500 Bijan cologne!

by Oon Yaroo on

But, every time I hear the phrases Ya Hossein or Ya Ali, I get a bad case of massive gasiarrhea (gas + diarrhea)!  

May Iran rid herself from these barbaric animals and their Ali, Hossein, Hassan, ..., Mehdi Farrari and the rest of the murderer camel lovers!


Bahram G

Informal survey

by Bahram G on

How many of you puked when you heard the RISH O PASHM launch the naval exercise by invoking YAA HUSSEIN! I know I did. It brought up my christmas dinner. My Iran of Rustam and Kaveh Aahangar has become the land of Ali and Hussein.
TOFOO BAR TU, AY CHARKHE GARDAAN TOFOO, as the immortal Ferdosi so magnificently bemoaned the plight of our homeland under the boots of savages from the Arabian Peninsula.


Looooool @ MF

by masoudA on

For helping IR pretend it has a Navy!!



by yolanda on

Thank you, Bahram G, for the funny post! LOL! Great story (or rumor)!

maziar 58

come again

by maziar 58 on

Hussayn bi hussayn

village peoples gonna be your savior ;Maybe!


Bahram G

Rumors aplenty

by Bahram G on

About the failed excursion to the eastern US shores. Of course there is that flat tire thing that sounds absurd. But, come to think of it really isn't. Didn't hussein's grandpa split the moon in half with his sword, we are told? Don't even IMAMZADEHA, many generations down the line from the man, still perform all kinds of incredible miraclel by the droves every day?
Now, listen to this. I am told that no sooner the IRI's frigate huffed and puffed it's way out of the suez canal and into the Mediterranean Sea than it ran out of fuel. Since the IRI navy either had no serviceable fuel tanker or it simply neglected to send one along, the tub and it's crew had no recourse but to, in unison and by the order of the captain, yell at the top of their voices for imam Hussein for help. After several hours of supplication and prayers, help arrived. No, it wasn't the imam riding on a camel. You say, yeah we all know that camels are not good swimmers and the imam, if he came, he wouldn't be arriving on the back of a camel.
Well, tell you what. It was an Israeli PT boat. It's commander, bullhorn in hand warns the IRI captain. He says. You boys are making a big racket yelling things for several hours. You're not letting people sleep in our towns near the shore. You either beat it way from our shores or we have no choice but to send you under. Got it beardo, he says to the commander. The commander, who had already wetted himself just seeing the menacing PT with it's star od David flag dancing in the wind, swallows his pride and tells the Israeli they are out fuel and of the Israelis would be kind enough to refeul the tub, they will like good boys tug their tails between their legs and head back home. He further confided in his Israeli counterpart that on his beard's honor he will never again call on imam Hussein for help.
Thus ends the misadventure saga of the I'll-fated Islamist adventurism, according unconfirmed reports.


Don’t Americans have blue prints to all that

by عموجان on

American made military hardwares? It only takes half day to execute IRNay’s war strategy plan, Sink bunch of ships middle of Hormuz and head back for seashore. 

10 days? It must be good fishing season middle of Gulf. 

Yaa Ali… what happen to that, when do you say, Yaa Ali.


Not good

by MRX1 on

The guy said 'rah ma rahe hoessin hast'. well hossein was a looser and lost badly so I guess in a real war this Navy will have no better fate than hossein..

Oon Yaroo

Bahram Jan,That was funny IRR ship got a flat tire!:-)))))))))))

by Oon Yaroo on

You made my day! Thanks!

Bahram G

Oon Yaroo jaan

by Bahram G on

Yeah, that was going to take place. But, the lead ship got a flat tire. Flat tire for a ship on water, you ask? Well, that what happens when you get imam Hussein as your commander. He is the imam, isn't he? So, he does the impossibles. Also he likes to fight on land. Preferably in deserts.


کون خودش رو با شاخ گاو دادن جر


If they [IRI] would put the same amount of effort in their diplomacy as they do in their war games, they stand a much greater chance of survival, survival of Iran that is.

 Unfortunately, they don’t understand such thing and hell bent in destroying whatever little left from Iran, solely for their own survival and greed.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



In the Navy

by Faramarz on

The only Navy that the Regime can threaten is by the Village People!


Oon Yaroo

IRR Navy Heech Ghalati Neme Tavanad Konad, Imam Khomeini!

by Oon Yaroo on

These Reesh-O-Pashm IRR Navy Ociffers can hardly stay afloat and not seasick let alone challenging the mighty US Navy!

Those who remember the 80's incident when under the order of Rafsanjani IRR Navy engaged the US Navy resulting in half of the former getting annihilated should think twice before getting the 2nd half annihilated in an instance!

Just out of curiosity, wasn't IRR Navy supposed to sail across the Atlantic Ocean and perform maneuvers along the US eastern shores!? 


Bahram G

Yaa Hussein?

by Bahram G on

The commander invokes Hussein at launching the exercise. When and if the real war starts, his American counterpart will speak calmly in his command phone, "all guns fire" with every one of his guns already locked into one of the sitting ducks IRI target. Before the victims even get a chance to yell yaa Hussein, they get to meet the man himself.
Now, how could someone who, 1400 years ago could not save his own neck from shimr's sword come to the rescue of these deluded joojehaye hussein? I feel for all those members of the armed forces who are either through blind faith or out of NOON RO BE NERKH ROOZ KHORDAN are part of the dastardly aakhoonds murderous game plan. All these yaa Hussein screamers need to do is to recall what happened to Saddam's mighty armor. It was transformed to the biggest smoldering pile of metal with thousands of poor iraquis cooked inside them.
Now, you worse than anything mullahs. Hear this. You and your goons are only good at killing peaceful unarmed children of Iran. You also do a fair job of supplying funds and arms to kill by proxy. Don't let these successes get to your rotten heads. Don't start something that would cost the precious life of Iranian. You are way overmatched for this contest and Hussein has been dead and he is not likelynto rise and defeat your adversary. Shut up, behave, go back to the hovels of your HOZEH and don't inflict any more harm on my long-suffering people. Iran deserves better, and you Islamists are the worse of the worst.


'Simorghian' democracy

by Simorgh5555 on

When wil you learn that the menu of options are running out.

Diplomacy and dialogue - FAILED

MEK/MKO- You don't like Maryam Rajavi and thry are traitors Etc

Reza Pahlavi- You don't like monarchists and he isn't doing much to change Iran

US/Israel- You don't like Jews or Zionists

Dialogue- You must be friggin joking. Have a dialogue with a regime that hangs 500 per year and gives prison vuards to rape women and MEN prisoners????

You can sit down and ennoy the prospect of Iran's slow demise while the economy, environment and its people are being killed but I won't.

Doing nithing has been the Iranian speciality for 33 years and now its time to give violence a chance. Kill its leaders, politicians through TARGET ASSASSINATIONS and destroy the Sepah and Basij with extreme prejudice.



A Serious Salute.....

by Tavana on

"How can you salute a senior officer that looks deshevled and doesn't even wear a tie?" 

Who said we have to? Let's instead salute those shaved officers of wearing ties who have been occupying Afghanistan & Iraq for the past 10 years in order to bring them 'simorghian' democracy!!!!!!



Rastgo: less than half a day,

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

That's how long the "Islamic Navy" will last in a real battle. 

The same time line also applies to the regime itself: if Basiji thugs and security forces are taken away from the streets of cities in Iran, the entire edifice of IR shall collapse in less than half a day. 


Dear Simorgh, it is not the lack of ties or personal hygiene....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

which bothers me about this crowd. It is the apparently absolute ignorance of the fact  on their behalf that this joke of a Navy, would be at the appropriate time, chosen by chief strategists in Washington DC,  blown to smithereens before the fat bearded islamo fascist boy in charge could say "block that f**ing Hormoz"...

To that end, my concern is not with the fat islamo fascist in charge, but with tens of thousands of Iranian Navy, Army and Airforce personnel who do the job they do for Iran and not the Islamist fascists... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."