Hojatoleslam Mirdamadi: "Minor operation" on disobedient women

Explains necessity of hitting women as a last resort



ok Khebedin tell us why you

by Bunyip on

ok Khebedin tell us why you find what this guy says interesting and  vitally important? Are you saying you don't have any problem with these kinds of bs?

ps- thanks to the thought police for censoring my previous post re this guy. well done. 


I find this very interesting

by Khebedin on

I find this very interesting and vitaly important. I can't see what your problem is in what he says. What is wrong with you ?, you all seem to just hate these guys and be blinded by your hate

Oon Yaroo

Now NIAC wants US to open up dialogue with animals like this!

by Oon Yaroo on

Go figure!


It's not enough for the mullahs to think this way

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the mullahs also want to teach their views as if they are laws to be obeyed, then the mullahs forbid us from questioning them regarding the laws we must obey and finally want to run the government. The fact that they murder, lie and steal goes to show that they are corrupt islamic authorities, rotten to the core. Reformable my a#$.  Does anyone else see the problem with this?  That we allowed the mullahs to come to power, instead of defending the culture of Iran and its #1 Representative, the Shahhanshah, gives one true insight into how gutless based on our own values Iranians infact were.  My question is has anything significantly changed related to being gutless?  I know such things take generations to resolve.