Attack on UK embassy 'had IRI support'

"That sort of activity is only done with the acquiescence and the support of the state"

BBC: The ruling regime in Iran are likely to have supported an attack on the UK's embassy in Tehran, the British ambassador to the country has said. Dominick Chilcott told the BBC Iran was a country in which such action was taken only "with the acquiescence and the support of the state". Hundreds of protesters attacked the UK embassy in Tehran on Tuesday. Iran said it regretted the incident, which it described as "unacceptable behaviour by a small number of protesters". But Mr Chilcott said: "Iran is not the sort of country where spontaneously a demonstration congregates and then attacks a foreign embassy. That sort of activity is only done with the acquiescence and the support of the state.">>>



Daei jan napelon mentality everywhere

by choghok on

Hezbollahis in Iran saying Brits are in bed with opposition, Non hezbollahis say that Brits are in bed with Hezbollahis. This really show Iranian mentality more than anything about Brits.

I think it is a good idea to read Trita Parsis post on Huffington Post after looking at this clip, he has a very interesting theory about why this scenario has happened. 


Repect those who respect you

by Khebedin on

While I strongly oppose such behaviour, I specifically condemn it in this instance, and while I agree with the honourable British Ambassador to Tehran in what he says and how distressed and frustrated one feels when attacked in his house, I would like to know if the respected Ambassador can see how difficult it is for the Palestinians who are attacked and killed in their houses on a daily bases. And if it is time to help them out of this situation, as I am confident that most Iranians will help to make sure that such a mistake will not happen again. We Iranians remember well when Iranian Embassy was attacked by some radicals in the 80s and how professional the Brits acted to resolve the issue. I recall watching on TV the very special care Brits took to make sure that the Picture of Ayatolah Khomaini was not damaged or mistreated , when they finally had to overcome the hostage takers with force. When the Brits have so much respect and give so much care to make sure that our leaders are respected with dignity,  it is very unwise and unfair not to do the same and treat the Queen’s picture with respect. Brits have always loved and respected their Queen and so should those who expect the Brits to respect their leaders. I am told that the police later took the Queen’s picture to a safe place and that it has been returned to the Embassy . I hope this is correct.



Enough of this theatre

by Joubin on

We note that today the IMF ruled Greece rejected EU energy sanctions, "frustrating" the UK, et al.  

 To quote ambassador Chilcott, "that sort of activity is only done with the acquiescence and the support of the" International Cabal.  The bankrupt Greeks are not even allowed to pick their own prime minister, much less to oppose the 'declared' foreign policy goals of EU powers.  Enough of this.  


The Brits Approved The Attack on their Embassy

by ayatoilet1 on

The Brits squeeled on CIA operatives (who got arrested and some even killed this past week) then got embarrased by Americans and engineered the embassy attack and all this drama to make out they are not in bed with the mullahs.

Everyone knows the IRI is in bed with the Brits. Mr. Vhilcott, Mr. Hague who are you fooling f***ing liars and hypocrites? Not us Iranians.

Please get out of Iran and stay out of Iran. Oh please get out of The region - especially out of the Caspian Sea.

Go home sleep with your wives for once.