Eating Pineapple in Airport

Iranian passenger in Bangkok


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In a second thought.

by comments on

Thank you Ghorme Sabzi.  You are one step ahead of me! 


 "Sometimes" I give credits to people who don't force themselves to act like others all the time.  Those who are not embrassed to navigate from normal "norm".

Poosteh Pesteh

not from esfahan no

by Poosteh Pesteh on

he is from kashan


Ghormeh Sabzi, You are

by Khebedin on

Ghormeh Sabzi, You are noting but an idiot.



by statira on

is a hard shell fruit. I wonder why he didnt pick apple instead of pineaple. Some people just like to make life harder.


تا کور شود هران که نتواند دید


هدف چیزی جز کوبیدن و تحقیر این ملت خوش قلب و مظلوم نیست. شرم بر دشمنان قوم آریا و ایرانی‌ باد



by yolanda on

It makes a pretty good episode for "Survivor" on CBS!

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

It makes a pretty good episode for NOVA on PBS. Rare glance at an improvising endangered specie known as Persicus ananas comosus


The pineapple doesn't fall far from the tree....!

by Abgousht on

The pineapple being this guy and the tree being Iranian culture.

Have you forgotten how you used to buy watermelon & kharboozeh (be zarb'e chaghoo) form the street corner and eat it right there. And sometimes you would throw the shell (poost kharboozeh) to the goosfands and khars who were hanging around the watermelon stand?

I wouldn't be surprised if this guy didn't use the pineapple shell as a crapper!

PS- At the end of the clip, it seems the airport security comes to warn him...!

Nader Vanaki

خوب حالا که چی؟

Nader Vanaki

می خوای چی رو با این ویدیوی بی سرو ته ثابت کنی؟  حالا در فرودگاه یه نفر نشسته آناناس میخوره.  این هم شد سوژه که حالا همه فوفول مفنگی ها کامنت بزارن که طرف مبادی آداب نیست یا دهاتیه؟  قرمه سبزی ات یه خورده آبکی و بیمزه از آب دراومد. برو سراغ یه سوژه بهتر مثل دوربین مدار بسته خلای ایستگاه راه آهن تهران.


مرغِ همسایهٔ غاز هست


I bet he would have all be cool and dandy had he wearing one of those pants that is hanging off their butt with most of their underpants showing.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Minding our own business!

by fereydoon on

As long as he is not breaking any law there is nothing wrong or shameful about his action. However the person who recordered this clip, if he has not taken the person's permission, is invading the person's privacy, breaching the law and acting shameful.

Oon Yaroo

And the poor old Shah wanted to buy Concordes

by Oon Yaroo on

for the fleet of Iran Air to transport these backward primitives from where to where...!?


Perfect candidate

by MRX1 on

for IRI presidency or foreign ministery or ambassadorship.


How do you know

by Raoul1955 on

That he is an Iranian? Did the videographer check this man's passport?
Secondly, one can observe folks engaging in 'unusual' acts in large cities, airports, etc...Nothing to get excited about!

Title should say : Esfehooni Eats Pineapple in Bangkok Airport.

by on

Clearly an Esfehooni.



by asadabad on

God, he looks exactly like one of my relatives, I can't say who though..


Great One Soosan Khanoom!

by Faramarz on

The perfect music to go with the clip!

Soosan Khanoom

دیگَه نَمِرُم ولایت

Soosan Khanoom

Poor guy ..... he has every right to do whatever he wishes ..... I agree with comment that the person with camera had no rights to tape him .......  

But Faramraz  U R sooooo funny .... LOL 

check this out  






Mean people.

by comments on

I cannot believe you mean people including
Ghorme Sabzi.  What’s really wrong with
that?  He had good times in Bangkok, and
he hadn’t had time to treat himself.  He
was so tired; that’s all. 

Are we blaming him since he was not aware of
available nicely cut pineapple containers? 
Or, you expected him to go to “thekitchen” (below link) before travelling
to Bangkok.


p.s. Am I right that he added pinches of
salt to his pineapple?  He knows how to
use the knife.  I will invite him for a
knife dance in a coming wedding.



تو توبره ش دیگه چی بود!


یک نون بربری لازم بود با پنیر لیقوان و انگور عسگری و روش هم یک کانادا درای! پشت سرش هم یک چرت با حال و بعدش هم تنبونش و میکشید پایین و اون گوشه دیوار بعله!

Jahanshah Javid

I've done much worse :)

by Jahanshah Javid on

I've been so sloppy and crude during my travels, not giving a hoot about who's watching me... I wish someone had filmed me and had a good laugh :)))


do as the romans do

by iamfine on

He could sit on a chair and eat with ease. But folks over there are the same way. Sitting on the floor, the way he was doing it, is common there.

BTW – I saw in many occasions average people spit on the floor, or through cigarette on the street, talking while eating, ... 


Ke Chee?

by ali_aaa on

He is hungry and he is eating. I bet if he was a hippy or a guy in suite and tie, you would not have had taped him.


If I were him and knew you were fimling me without my permission, I would have landed that knife on top of your head and would have started taping you. 


Get a life buddy. 


Lest we flatter ourselves for being any better...

by پندارنیک on



حدود هفتاد میلیون دیگه، مثل ایشون منتظرن که هواپیمای شما توی
فرودگاه تهرون بشینه که به سلامتی از همون فرداش ایرون بشه سکولار و حقوق
بشری و بقیه چیزای خوشمزه...



by yolanda on

He was hungry, he got to eat! Let him eat! That is ok! Maybe there were not enough chairs that day, so he had to improvise!

I have to say that there is nothing inspiring about this clip!