Tehran Choir

Antonio Vivaldi - Gloria (RV 589) - 3. Laudamus Te

Tehran's Rudaki Hall on March 11, 2011 ; Soprano I: Shiva Soroush; Soprano II: Mehrnaz Shah-Mohammadi; Conductor: Mehdi Ghasemi: www.tehranchoir.com


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Khomeini is Rolling over in his grave, keep him Rolling!!!!!!!!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Women allowed to Sing!

Next They will be allowed to dance.

Hopefuly the Forceful use of Hejabs will come off too.

This is great news, looks lke the mullahs vision for a purely Islamic way of life is unenforceable.  Good.


To be fair

by bahmani on

Sorry for the previous base comment, clearly I am a man in a Islamic man's world. But I was also raised by a Lutheran mom, so here's my penance for the previous post. (I doubt it will even out the absolution though.)

In fact this Te Deum portion of the Gloria, is a traditional Catholic praise that is sung after a particular blessing, or event such as the election of a Pope and so on.

So it is befitting of a religious dominated society like Iran, to choose this piece to perform.

But it is hardcore Catholic. Most of Vivaldi is.

Surprising to see something so obviously Catholic being sung in Iran, but not surprising really, the main opening refrain in Latin means, "Thee, O God, we praise".


Sorry, the Hejabs aren't working

by bahmani on

I'm sorry but as much of gentleman as I can stand to be, as a technical moslem, I have to say that all the women look utterly hot! Smoking actually! Especially the one in the center that the horny camerman keeps zooming in on.

And according to Islam, technically, legally, and constitutionally, that's not our fault. These ladies put the Ah! in Allah!

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

They're singing part of a Church mass glorifying Jesus Christ as the son of God! 


excellent performance. shame

by alx1711 on

excellent performance. shame they have to wear head covers, Degrades the who performance and meaning of being classic.


Classical Music


It is wonderful to see Iranian concert orchestra playing classical music.  If Islamic Republic loosen up its grip just a little bit, all screws begin to come loose.


خوب بود خوب بود خوب بود


برم یو توب ببینم بقیه اش کجاست