The Ideal Government

Ali Javadi vs. Mehrdad Mashayekhi

The Ideal Government
by Masoud K

A debate on an ideal form of government between Mehrdad Mashayekhi and Ali Javadi. Mashayekhi is visiting assistant professor of sociology at Georgetown University, and Javadi is a communist thinker and commentator:

مناظره دکتر مهرداد مشایخی با دکتر علی جوادی در کانون from Iran e Ma TV on Vimeo.


Azadeh Azad

Javadi:0 - Mashayekhi:20

by Azadeh Azad on

While Mashayekhi speaks in a very realistic and mature way (plus he talks instead of shouting),  Javadi talks (actually shouts) like a naïve teenager. He says very strange things such as: Under capitalism the elected government does what it wants without listening to people (partly true), but under socialism people can bring down the government if it doesn’t listen to them!!! Or socialism gives all the freedoms to people, but capitalism gives them a little bit of freedom!!! The rebuttal by Mashayekhi is very good.

As far as I know Javadi’s assertions don’t apply to the planet earth!