Ahmadinejad "must obey"

Tehran Friday Prayer leader tells president to obey Khamenei

AP: A hard-line cleric warned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Friday to end an escalating power struggle with Iran's supreme leader, calling it a religious obligation to do so and accusing the country's enemies of trying to sow rifts among its leadership. "Obedience to the supreme leader is a religious obligation as well as a legal obligation, without any doubt," said Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami. He did not mention Ahmadinejad by name, but it was clear he was referring to the president >>>


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Nazanin karvar


by Nazanin karvar on

گوش دادن به ایشون و بقیه واقعا یک اعصاب پولادین  می‌خواهد. 

Bahram G

az maast

by Bahram G on

az maast ke bar maast. Sad to say. Reality is that these creatures, A-Jad, and the akhoond on top are only there because masses of people support them for their own reasons. So, no amount of complaining is going to change the facts. Creatures like the islamists couldn't do a thing without loads and loads of religious morons and mercenary killers support them. And all these thugs are not imported from Lebanon and what-not. Let's stop blaming others--a bad national practice. Oh, it's the West; it's Israel; it's this, it's that. No, it's us. At least a good number of us who go out and do all kinds of atrocious things to our own people who aim to claim their rights.

Bahram G


منبر رفتن و اراجیف و حرفهای گنده گنده


 یک روز از روی آن پالان میفتین پائین

فقط آن  روز خودت و به مظلومیت نزن  آخوند   



Freemasons Exposed

This Traitor Reminds me of

by Freemasons Exposed on

the pethetic wanker who used to hide behind the school bully and bark out instructions and taunts.






Iran is taking a sharp turn to the right.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It was already further right than the right of right, now they are spining the country clockwise with absolutely no concern for anyone, even their own.

What is sad is that they control all the weapons and the people, like they found out in libya/syria/bahrain/china people are no match for brutal suppression of a dictator.

If Ahmaghi nejad is stubborn he will go under the next ambulance. And some turban wearing mulah will take his place.  As for supreme leader, since he has hundreds of thousands of ideologically brainwashed pasdaran under his control he is sitting high and safe.

Which brings us to why doesn't the west support any iranian prodemocracy leaders.  The people would flock to them and fight if given a chance. Why support MEK K and represent them as Irans largest opposition group, why back mousavi and khatami's green movement.  Why is the free world of liberal democracies so in love with Islam for Iran.

They betray Irans democrats at their peril.  I see Irans democrats working with other groups once they discover the west only wants to use them for manipulation purposes and not for Irans progress.


This guy....

by Benyamin on

is a first rate "paachekhar"!!!

Worcester Mo

Mark my words..

by Worcester Mo on

They will throw Ahmadinejad under the bus, then there will be no more "secular"/non-akhoond president and these fat mullah's will take total and absolute control.  Unlike Arab contries, in Iran the more ruthless you are the more accepting people are (e.g. see the history of Iran and what Mongols did with not a lot of push back and look at paisley as our national symbol).  Somehow, and given the historical perspective in no way I am drawing parallels here, the Shah thought the other way.  These people are like Borgs- total domination and assimilation at all cause.  I just hope to see this man in front of a tribunal before I die.


شما فکر نکنید زنهای شما الکی حامله می شوند.


اگر مقام معظم رهبری نخواهد، هرگز نمی شوند. شما هر کار بکنید تا امضای مقام معظم رهبری (ع) زیرش نباشد هیچ خبری نمی شود.


Article 110

by Fred on

He is just enunciating the Islamist Rapist Republic’s constitution, specifically article 110.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Funny how the most basic rule of the Islamic Republic (or any dictatorship) gets ignored, even by its hand-picked president. Of course Ahmadinejad is himself a little dictator too -- he just thought he had more power. He does have a lot of power under the constitution. The problem is that the only part of the constitution that matters to this regime is Velayate MOTLAGH Faghih. The Executive, Judiciary, Legislature, Military, Intelligence, Propaganda (radio/tv/internet)... are all under Khamenei's tight supervision AND control. What he demands goes above all laws. And the current Vali e Faghih, like his predecessor, has shown a great appetite in exercising absolute authority. Doubt their power to your peril :)