Woman Executed in Virginia

Teresa Lewis dies by lethal injection for family murders

BBC: A 41-year-old woman who conspired to murder her husband and stepson has been executed in the US state of Virginia. Teresa Lewis was the first woman to be put to death in the US for five years and in Virginia since 1912. Lewis, who had learning difficulties, used sex and cash to persuade hitmen to kill her family in 2002. The US Supreme Court and Virginia's governor refused to stop her execution, which took place at 2100 (0100 GMT) at Greensville Correctional Center. Lewis, who has an IQ of 72, claimed that she did not possess the intelligence to have planned the killings, and that new defence evidence allegedly proved one of the gunmen manipulated her >>>



mohsen p and other islamo-nazi apologists

by Agha_Irani on

"Now you are expert on international law?"

The usual devious islamist tactic - answer a question by asking a question, not by providing an honest answer. Nevertheless I will give you an answer:

 I'm as expert as you. 

"Is that the same law that has protected the genocide in Iraq and Palestine?"

 A diversion - irrelevant to this blog - stay on topic - can you manage that?

"I am sure if you are to be executed and you were offered stoning VS poison or hanging or any other options, you will chose stoning since there is chance to get out of it alive."

 And finally the lame self contradicting islamist answer. SIMPLY ABSURD.  If the aim of stoning is to deliver justice to the murderer and provide justice for the families of the victims then how does the possibility of escape help?????  (BTW stoning is practiced by the islamists for adultery not murder.) Using this logic we should leave the prison doors open for a few hours a day so the prisoners have a "chance to get out of it".  This does not serve justice and is one of the most ridiculous justifications I have heard in defense of stoning.

More and more lies by the islamists just like their master Ahmaghi-nejad.   

Real McCoy

"No executions"

by Real McCoy on

Don't forget Israeli war criminals.


No executions

by Simorgh5555 on

EXCEPT for the supreme leader, Ahmadinejad, his cabinet, the ambassadors, the UN representaives of the terrorist regime, all previous presidents, high ranking present and former  members of Sepah and Basij; any terrorist member of Iranian ethnic separatists, i.e. Kurdish, Azari, Baluch, Arab. 



by Shepesh on



outrage for Sakineh is due to barbaric stoning sentence

by MM on



thk u IRI for showing us how to have nastier, more brutal lives

by gunjeshk on

mohsenp . . .

if you grew up in a cave, yes definitely stoning would be appealing  as you yourself are proof.  

maybe you ought to get some seed money and start a stoning franchise! anyday now the great satan is going to give up its evil ways and decide that human progress is just too time-consuming, too expensive and not as much fun as the good old abusive pre-enlightenment days . . .

i mean we could fix mortgage problems by going back to live in the caves!  we could lower court costs and fix economic problems by simply stoning people to death!  how cheap is that? 

it would slow traffic down on the interstate, for sure!

besides, you're right every international lawyer I know thinks  stoning is the coming trend . . .neighbors stoning neighbors and at the end of our pitiful year  . . .stoning ceremonies to get rid of all the extra mouths that we won't be able to feed!

fun!   : )

it could be a brave new world of in which "big brother" has a turban, a round tummy and a skanky beard. thank you IRI for showing us how to have nastier, more brutal lives . . .  through stoning!


mohsen, relax.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Then tell us about the alleged "genocide in Iraq and afghanistan" and what it has to do with this case?

Remember, what is being discussed here is the morality of execution as capital punishment. Most people seem to be against it. Where do you stand on this issue?


Now you are expert on

by mohsenp on

Now you are expert on international law? Is that the same law that has protected the genocide in Iraq and Palestine?  I am sure if you are to be executed and you were offered stoning VS poison or hanging or any other options, you will chose stoning since there is chance to get out of it alive. 


Execution should be banned.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

In USA and Iran and world over in my opinion. 

Also I'd say she went through a legal process which is non existant in Islamic Iran. I am sure she was not tortured or raped or made to confess by US authorities before she was executed.


enjoyable clip for stoning supporters

by Zereshk on


barbaric islamo-nazi apologists

by Agha_Irani on

Ahmaghi's mention of this execution is just another diversion tactic of the islamist regime.

It is absurd to compare the judicial system in the US with the barbaric one imposed on the Iranian people by the backward 7th century islamists.  

As Ali P correctly points out the US system meets international standards of due process.  The islamist system in Iran (where the word of a woman is half that of a man!!!!) is based on the corrupt practices of poorly educated mullahs - in Sakineh's case the mullah apparently had some secret "knowledge" - NOT evidence when he sentenced her.  This does not meet the same international standards and that is why the islamist regime is criticized for its appalling track record of human rights abuses.  Also in the US, as in the rest of the civilized world, they don't whip people either.

Since Sakineh's case gained international attention the islamists have of course been backtracking, denying all the facts, making up a bunch of lies and of course answering questions by asking questions (how do you know? Are you an expert? etc etc) to cover the foul and barbaric practices of this criminal regime.    


Who found her husband's

by mohsenp on

Who found her husband's body in the bathtub? Did she? If so, did she reported to the police? Did she know the man was going to kill her husband? Did she tell her husband or police?

There are many questions that we don't know the answers to them and some of you are pissing (not passing) judgments.  As for stoning. It is the law of the land. Iran also opposes the death penalty by poison injection and electric chair and etc that is practiced in west and some other countries. 

As zeresh wrote, in stoning at least you have a chance of getting yourself out of the hole and will be free. What are the chances out of western methods?




IRI apologists

by Zereshk on

They dont understand the difference between capital punishment, and being stoned to death: they throw stones and rocks at your head until you either drown in your own blood gushing out of your ears of oral cavity, or climb out of the pit, and free yourself.



Shifteh Ansari

Ali P.

by Shifteh Ansari on

I am against the death penalty, so I oppose all executions for I see them as state-sponsored murder.

Despite all the lies that the Islamic Republic is concucting about Sakineh's case everyday, her stoning sentence is not for the murder of her husband, but for having had sex with two men.

In the US, nobody is stoned and nobody is executed for sex.

As pertains the charge of murder, she has already been tried and she was not previously sentenced to execution.  Even if she is, according to IRI's own Qisas (retribution) laws, the next of kin, or "blood owners," (oliya-e dam) for her deceased husband are her own children who not only do not wish to seek Qisas on her, but are also championing a worldwide campaign to save her life.  The prosecutor has no case for demanding her execution outside of Qisas.

The only reason for her current prosecution and stoning/execution sentence is her sexual conduct, no more and no less.


hamsade ghadimi

ali p., no. none of the

by hamsade ghadimi on

ali p., no. none of the assertions you made are true.  it would be idiotic to compare the execution of this woman to the verdict that is held against ms. ashtiani, for the lack of very same due process that you described.

Ali P.

I must have missed this...

by Ali P. on

Was Sakineh sentenced to stoning, after a jury of her peers, unanimously found her guilty, and recommanded her to be stoned, after hearing her case in an open court??

Hoshang Targol

Execution is a crime.

by Hoshang Targol on

Execution is a crime.


Justifying one atrocity with another won't cut it.

by vildemose on

How does ridiculing America or all this tit-for-tat nonsense going to help Iranians who are languishing in prison or have to live in abject poverty.

America the "worst" country on earth. Ok,  We get that...How is this going to stop the mullahs from raping and pillaging the national wealth and resources and lining their own pockets? How is this going to stop the IRI goons sharpshooters on the roof from mudering innocent people in broad day light???

Enough is enough.



by gunjeshk on

poor soul. 

i don't like state-sanctioned killings of any kind regardless where it happens, but at least this woman wasn't STONED.


why do so many Iroonis NOT GET IT?  Okay, execute if you must, but BE HUMANE!!!! meanwhile the rest of us will work to get the death penalty permanently revoked.

STONING IS FOR MIDDLE EASTERN BEETLE-BROWED TROGLEDYTES!!If women had any power in Muslim societies, stoning would be forever terminated, as would punitive amputation.

at least this american woman had a chance to appeal and experience "due process." I doubt that she had to worry about bastinado, all night interregations or blindfolds (let alone chador).

sakineh probably already wishes she was dead or in brasil. if anything, the regime will look harder for a way to prove to the world that she deserves the mistreatment she has been given.

Poosteh Pesteh

Amarican Humanright

by Poosteh Pesteh on

Yes This Is American Humanright So Better Corect Themself First And Then Talking Others



by mahmoudg on

would not have known who this woman is, had his staff, or better the goons in the Interest section were not following it and breifing him on it.  He could care less about women, or for that matter children being executed (we know they have executed millions of men, so we wont go there).  His religiion, Islam, permits these acts.  So what he says is inconsequential.  What is consequential is that his statements will remain forever in the pscyhe of the people, that they come from the teachings of Islam.  As some one who is a follower of the western philisophy and law, i believe the death sentence to be wrong, period. lock them up for life, as we shall do with the leaders of the Islamic Rapist Republic. 


Sakineh would've been unknown if she wasn't sentence 2 stoning

by Anonymouse on

I guess JJJ posted this video to start a fight because it is clear that the issue is not a woman being executed, it is the use of this woman to bring comparison to Sakineh which Ahmadi tried but failed in Amanpour's interview.

Sakineh's stoning verdict was put on hold.  This woman has been sentenced to death for a crime she committed in 2002.  When was Sakineh's crime committed?  I'm not even mentioning the crime of adultry which was what she was charged with first.

I know I'm wasting my time by writing this comment because drawing comparison between Sakineh and this woman is like comparing a massacre and deaths in an earthquake. 

Everything is sacred


In America this is okay, LOL.

by Javadagha on

It is okay if this happens in America, but go forbid if it happens in another country :-(

Republican جمهوریخواه

How come she is no hero?

by Republican جمهوریخواه on

This short clip fails to let us to the crux of her lost legal battle, what it however shows is the winning side of democracy and civility where her lawyer is free to speak against the court's decision. He doesn't have to seek refuge in Canada, or Mexico!