"Declassified: Ayatollah Khomeini"

History Channel documentary

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by Aryana-Vaeja on

Declassified, my backside! I would like to see the declassification of the evidence that shows how the Carter administration was strong-arming the Shah into inaction while aiding and abetting  Khomeini, his entourage and the devolution from the day they took office in January 1977 to February 1979. This fictiomentary (not documentary) is the same old, same old BS recited a thousand times before!


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Zoroastrian prayer

Bijan Douli

CIA Director:"....those rag tags...." see what US thinks of us!

by Bijan Douli on

No wonder they have been plundering our natural resources, since they think we are bunch of idiots, uneducated.....  May be they are right if they are referring to iri regime, but they think about all of us. Welcome to the imperialist world where we are being treated like color people! Now, go and kiss US' ass even more. Notice how many of those "experts" were zionists

So, US, Britain, Israel, Russia, China, get the hell out of Iran! We need to save our oil for the future of our children not for you to waste.


Khomeinieh Oghdei o asabani

by statira on

Elahi goor be goor beshe. Een mardak az changis mogholi o Omar ham batar bood.

Babak K.

It is amazing

by Babak K. on

It is amazing that Islamists including Ali Shariati found it painful to even mention the expression Enghelab-eh Mashrotiat-eh Iran.  And the whole show never mentions the Iranian people's desire and love and sacrifices for Democracy and freedom.  Not even once the so called documantary acknowledges or states How much Iranian people struggled for democracy.


Babak K. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Sorry, my mistake

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

I thought that the title said, "decalcified".


Years after the revolution

by mahmoudg on

My Dad told us, the Prime Minister asked him to hand deliver the infamous letter to the then minister of information Dr. Daryuosh Homayoun, and all he told him is that the "Arbab", the term Hoveyda used to refer to the Shah, has ordered it.  I used to tease my Dad, had you not delivered that letter, we would not be in the quagmire we are in, being ruled by the most notorious inhumane regime the world has ever known.  But alas, it was and here we re trying to thwart, among all things, Islamic Rapist supporters on this site...... 


Khomeini RIH

by Simorgh5555 on

Khomeini I spit on your memory. If there is a heaven and a hell I hope your spirit is roasting in hell for all of eternity. I curse you and the worthless dogs who you spawned you into the world.



by Benyamin on

I understand this "show" was designed for viewship of average Americans and not those that actually know the history and politics of Iran.

This "show" was less factual and it was more exciting kind of holloywoodish colors to it.

So, I dismiss it altogether. It presented nothing new to me or anyone actually knowing about Iran.

But some things either conviniently were missed or just simply dropped since it didn`t fit their "hollywoodish" frame work.

What was Khomeinie`s root? his real name (Roohollah moosavi e hendi).

Why was he transfered to Europe when he was in Najaf?

Why did Shah really leave? Based on this "show" he was not afraid to kill! unless some very close people to him like his advisers and his close friends were constantly whispering in his ear "its over". and Why would they do that?

Did the holy USA really lose on Iran`s revolution or gain? both politically and financially?



haji firooz: Khomeini will never be taken as seriously as Castro

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

by US. Because Khomeini was Installed by USA, whereas Castro....

but heck why am I wasting my time, you wouldn't get it anyway!

Sargord Pirouz

I'm wondering when PBS will

by Sargord Pirouz on

I'm wondering when PBS will feature an episode of the American Experience on the life of Khomeini (LOL!)

Heck, they did one on Castro... 


Wonder no more, Gipper

by comrade on

Ronald Reagan proposed the right question @00:41 on the first video.

Now, after three decades the answer is: Yes Mr. President, they are getting prepared; under the banner of pseudo-nationalism advocated by their Hojjati president. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



What was declassified?

by Javadagha on

Is History Channel desperate or what?  Why Americans are lying again?  NOTHING was declassified that we did not know. Reveal the names of Eye-ranians who cooperated with America and received money from CIA.



There was no mention of

by statira on

Khomeini's mass executions right after the Revolution and all of his empty promises.