Amy Goodman interviews Sarah Shourd

Freed American reflects on Iranian prison and calls for release of two friends

Democracy Now: Sarah Shourd joins us today to discuss her time in solitary confinement, her political activism, how they were detained, her engagement to Bauer, and why she opposes a US attack on Iran. "I would really like to thank people and ask them to not slow down, to not wait—put my freedom on pause and wait with me, so that we can all enjoy it together once Shane and Josh are with us," Shourd said >>>



The Great Demo-Gracy

by Demo on

of Gunjeshk has been occupying Iraq & Afghanistan for the past 10 yeas & gracefully has killed a great many birdies (& no humans! Thanks God!) there. Its pilot-free drones & pilot-bound helicopters have been slaughtering Pakistanis’ birdiess from skies by tens & hundreds daily. How in the world then a Gunjeshk could still support such Demo-Gracy with such anti-birdies acts??


The Concurring Sweet Dreams

by Tavana on

“They have been to Mexico and other locations in solidarity with the struggle of those people. WOW!!!” & “Sarah was/is ill, it wasn't breast cancer, but another type.” There are no words of such anywhere in the video. Perhaps the Sweetie had been instructed how to respond to both of Oprah’s & Amy Goodman’s questions while she been confined for a year to her studio room in a five star hotel somewhere in IRAN. Showtor dar khowb beenad panbeh downeh -- Gahe lope lope khorad gah downeh downeh.

Hoshang Targol

Concur with Gungish'kake ashi mashi,

by Hoshang Targol on

Tavana and Demo could keep in mind,all these three kids, to various degrees are progressive activists. They have been to Mexico and other locations in solidarity with the struggle of those people. As naive as it might sound to most readers of this page, getting arrested, being charged, and actually imprisoned for months was probably the last thing on their mind. If anything they see themselves as some kind of progressive Americans in solidarity with the struggle sof Iranian people. They've also written on their travels, and experiences outside US.

Sarah was/is ill,it wasn't breast cancer, but another type. 

Free all political prisoners in Iran, with American passport, or without American passport!

Gunjisg'kak ashi mashi

lab bom ma mashin

baron miad khis mishi

barf miad goleh mishi



excuse me? don't get the bitterness here.

by gunjeshk on

hmmm? excuse me? i don't get the bitterness here.

do the two previous commentators regret that Sarah is no longer confined to a solitary cell where she her jailers cna't speak her language? obviously her release is a lesson in the beauty and efficacy of owning an American passport.

nothing like being born in a powerful democracy, being supported by a powerful democracy, even being ransomed by powerful democracy.  how sweet it is.

BTW - isn't this what we want for all Iranians; a powerful democracy that VALUES it citizens?


The Spies Swap

by Demo on

The trade of “Sharam Amiri”, a traitor to IRI, with this "barbie doll" lady plus a $500K cash blackmail.

Who is going to believe the craps on this “a star is borne” video?

Any news about Amiri’s whereabouts?


A Love Story!

by Tavana on

The video is a 45 minutes story of “love & travel” rather that “espionage & false imprisonment.” She seems to be waiting desperately for a Hollywood offer!!! She looks as healthy as a new born healthy baby & does not show any sign of distress & any of the alleged “hard time” she had been through with in jail. What happened to the “breast cancer story???” She states that the judge had told her “You are being released on humanitarian basis because you have been in solitary confinement & that is a harsher sentence!!!” That is so dumb/absurd & is in contradiction with the original story of her release based on “poor health” reasons. She says it all about the “whole comedy” when shay says “because I was American!!” at that end. What about Iranian political prisoners, sis? Do they ever get the same chance of bribing the regime with $500,000.00 & then leaving the country without ever going to trial???? Such a justice system we got folks!!!