Ahmadinejad unveils Cyrus Cylinder

First declaration of human rights loaned by British Museum

BBC: The British Museum has settled a dispute with Iran's national museum over the loan of ancient Persian treasure the Cyrus Cylinder. In February, the museum in Tehran said it would cut all ties with its British counterpart in protest at a decision to delay an agreed loan of the artefact. But officials in Tehran now say the 2,500-year-old cylinder has arrived "under special security". The piece, discovered in Iraq in 1879, will be displayed for four months. Persian king Cyrus ordered the cylinder to be made following the conquest of Babylon. Historians regard it as the world's first declaration of human rights and it is valued by people around the world as a symbol of tolerance and respect for different peoples and faiths >>>


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David ET

IR : at least leave cyrus alone

by David ET on

bichareh kourosh!


Khate Mikhi

by statira on

I think we need to teach khate mikhi in our colleges( in near future when the Islamic Regime goes to the history trash can). Iranians should replace arabic writing with their original writing( cuniform) or at least know how to read it.  


Whatbelongs to Iran belongs

by Kooshan on

Whatbelongs to Iran belongs to the people not the ruling authority and I support this transfer.

I wonder if Koorosh kabir rises from his resting bed; Who will he admire for defending Iranzamin: The Mojaheds who kissed Saddam's hand?, Those who took nations wealth 30 years ago and fled?or Basiji's who defended the country with their fist and tooth?

This is th equestion Iranian people are juggling in their mind and ending up lining up behind the current authority in majority.


I hear from regular residents in Iran that Ahmadinejad is a complicated man. He has took a shot at everyone from every walk of life: Bazaris, Liberals, Conservatives, har-liners, Bankers, Riches, Rea-estate tycoons!!!!!!!!!!


It is said that he represents and relies solely on recent generation of sepaah which is the outcome of Bush-Era diplomacy (of war). 


He will be remembered as an interesting character in history

Darius Kadivar

Shahzadeye Royayeh Man Shayad Toeyee ..

by Darius Kadivar on

Shahzadeye Gheseye Man





by Reality-Bites on

Of course it is a good thing having the Cyrus/Kourosh Cylinder in Iran for people to have the chance to view it. But sometimes you’ve got to see beyond the PR ad the stage-managed headlines. Ever since its inception the Islamic Republic has deliberately and systemically denigrated and undermined the Iranian culture, heritage and national identity and made it subservient to its own particular brand of Islamic political ideology.

However, as its popularity has waned and its hard-line Islamic rule has become distinctly unpopular, in the recent years the IRI  has started to bang the nationalist/patriotic drum in order to carry favour with the people. This is also reflected in the fact that, unlike its concerted efforts for most of its rule to disparage Iran’s non-Islamic history, the IRI has recently begun to sing its praises in certain specific instances and, for example, defend the name of the Persian Gulf (which the the regime wanted to rename "The Islamic Gulf", when it came to power, before backtracking).

Hence this photo opportunity for Mr. Ahmadinejd et al to crack smiles and talk their drivel in praise of the historic Cylinder for the cameras. But, make no mistake, their brand of Islam (or at the very least, their pretence of it) remains far more important to them than Iran’s history, heritage etc.

Still, I don’t disagree with you that it is good for ordinary Iranians to have the chance to view this truly historic piece. Let’s hope one day, Kourosh’s Cylinder is maintained in Iran on a permanent basis under a free and democratic regime that truly cares for Iranian culture and history.


This is what Khameni had to say about Persepolis a few years ago

by vildemose on

"The leader of Islamic Republic of Iran, on Wednesday morning and during a gathering with Fars province’s governor and authorities declared that Persepolis or Takht-e-Jamshid is the symbol of tyranny and that it belongs to Iran’s pre Islamic Revolution’s tyrannical rulers and it’s merely a symbol of despotism of the past and it’s a throne of hatred for all true Iranian Moslems who will have to gaze upon its site!


 If at any point there were any doubts about Islamic Republic’s disdain for Iranians, their culture and their heritage, this should now be adequate proof.Additionally, Khamenei said that the achievements, art and literature of Iran only came to matter after the advent of Islam and Iranians' conversion to the good religion!"

ISNA has removed the article since.

The hyprocrisy is breathtaking.


wow simorg ? realy ?

by nojanthegreat on

what the hell ? whats your problem ? they are showing this cylinder to iranian who dont have a chance to see it in london . the young and old can get to see and be pride of who they are , so they dont just shake their tales for any forneir powers . now is that a bad thing ? or we just like to hurt the gov of iran even if it means that we hurt ourselvs ?


Gross error of judgement by the British Museum

by Simorgh5555 on

Please protest the lending of the Cyrus Cylinder to the Islamic Republic.
This is an affront to the people of Iran and a political gain for its
terorist occupiers: 

Neil McGregor  


British Museum, Great Russell Street, WC1B

No deals with terrorists, Mr McGregor! 



by Ferfereh on

England and Islamic regime, what an combination, one creator of Islamic regime and Mullahs and the other The  freak child, the Islamic regime, two enemies of Iran and Cyrus The Great and what he stood for. These two don't want a free Iran, democratic Iran, a united Iran, that is why England's freak child, The Islamic regime, has to rule Iran with Islam, the religion that invade our country, killed, raped, enslaved our ancestors, the religion that its pedophile prophet has written a book that in it you find just how his Allah order him to sleep with this woman or the other or how to kill those who are not believing to this Allah. All this is a show to humiliate Cyrus The Great and our history and the director is not Islamic regime, it is England, The archenemy of Iran.


Typical of A Ja-hell (Ignorant)

by Demo on

“Now those people have passed away; unto them shall be accounted what they have earned, and unto you, what you have earned; and you will not be judged on the strength of what they did (Quran, Verse 134, Section 2).”

PS: Any worries about your own jagged (words/actions) cylinder, Mahmood??



by Benyamin on

Iran was named by Koorosh and was formed by Koorosh and his written wisdom and logic has just stopped by after a long time. I wish it could have stayed forever.