Swimming instructor beats kids

Shiroodi sports complex in Tehran

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by Parthianshot91 on

Basically most of the teachers in Iran nowdays are islamists. I remember our female teacher forcing this boy to remove his pants infront of the whole class, and we were only in the 2nd grade. The punishments there are very cruel, but they're worse in the other mid-eastern countries.

 Really though, when i say this government fails at everything, I mean it. This is what happens when you have uneducated villagers and degenerates running the government. The People need to step up fast.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"



Who is to blame when an Iranian instructor beats the kids?

by Gordzad on

US of A, of course. LOL!

I have been away for a while and it is refreshing to see Sargord Pirouz, the loser, still running his old show. It doesn't matter what the question is and what is discussed, he finds a way to charge it back at the US. He actually reminds me of AhmaGHinejad and his interviews. Tell me Sargord khan, are you him?

The klipp was disgusting and I stoped it after a few seconds. What a sick country the IRI has produced.

Babak K.

One more time we close our

by Babak K. on

One more time we close our eyes about the realities of the past and present Iran.  Iran is a nation of Bacheh Baz and we are not willing to confront this issue.  How many of our great peots were Bacheh-Baz?  Well, you know the answer for this question and is very heart breaking.  The man in this video is nothing but a Bacheh-Baz and nobody  in the pool is reacting about what is happening near by, because they all are Bacheh-Baz. 

Babak K. 


1 hamvatan

به یزدان که گر ما خرد داشتیم کجا این سرانجام بد داشتیم

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آخوندها مملکت ما را وحشی و دیوانه کردند. مرده شور همشونو با احمدی نژاد ببره



پاینده باد ایران


This is nothing new

by azadi5 on

I remember teachers beating students from primary school all the way up to high school in Iran. so physical punishments are nothing out of norm in Iran, in schools or wherever you have an adult teaching kids. not that it's right.

Aga jamal

Real Or Phony?

by Aga jamal on

Is this video real or made up, background is very qustionable, let think about that.

Immortal Guard

Real poverty...

by Immortal Guard on

Real poverty is this cultural poverty and not that much the material poverty which we talk about!



by asadabad on

don't try to associate this abusive behavior with the IRI.  clearly the teacher is a secular iranian.  what type of religious iranian shaves his beard and wears skimpy bathing suits? 



by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

Sheila K

Anyone know their Phone #?

by Sheila K on

As a mom, I am sickened to watch this. I want to call them up. 


Bad Islamic Republic teachers r not ignored they're encouraged!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


A US teacher can lose it too

by kazem0574 on


But at least its not ignored.


In 60s & 70s the student population was small, unlike today.

by Anonymouse on

Classrooms were about 20 - 30 kids but today school population is bursting at seams.  Kids go to trailers as classrooms and they add more trailers every year.  They're running out of parking lots, cafeteria, classrooms and space in general.

They don't build as many schools and don't hire as many teachers.  Just herd everyone together and expect them to have discipline and learn!

As far as these swimming lessons I actually hear the way these instructors are teaching kids makes them scared of learning to swim.  I have heard of a few swimming scare stories and now this video evidence. 

Everything is sacred


Only in Iran

by statira on

we see stuff like this in the daylight. We should not blame Ahmaghi and khameini for being dictator, every one of us( Iranians) is a little dictator.

Ageh ab bashe shenagarayeh khoobi hasteem. Most of us abusing our power.


beating should be avoided

by iamfine on

Beating kids and verbal abuse should be avoided specially in front of others. However, some kind of discipline is needed by parents or teachers to make the class environment manageable.

Sargoed is right about the 1960s, definitely those days there were more discipline in the class when compared to the present class environment.

mash Ghanbar

Standard and Poor

by mash Ghanbar on

Slow down there Cowboy. What in the hell are you talking about?

Again, Brother. This has nothing to do with GANG Violence. Can you understand that? I don't have an Strong opinion on the matter, You are imagining things. Your Facts Are so not related to this particular instance and that is all i said, Yet you insisting on goin back and changing the subject.

I never went to grade school in USA. but I tell you what, I all my 12 years of schooling in iran i witnessed many crazy violent incidents by TEACHERS , That is right, You read that right, Than you can imagine. I remember my natural science teacher in ALBORZ high school , The bastion of Culture and Science and technology, pulling guys UP by their ear lobes for a good 10 seconds if they didn't or could not pass the oral (come up to the board quizz). I remember seeing pieces of chalks being placed between tiny fingers of grade students and cracking their knucles.

You are not condoning nor Judging but you are severly and grossly overlooking.


Sargord confessing his condition is due 2 being beaten as a kid!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

پناه بر خدا...!این ویدئو را که دیروز در قسمت بلاگ..یک عضو شریف فرستاده است،چطور نه آقای جاوید اهمیت داده اند و نه همکاران ایشان !؟

Sargord Pirouz

Mash, I'm neither condoning

by Sargord Pirouz on

Mash, I'm neither condoning nor judging, merely stating the obvious. You have strong opinions on the matter, fine. But the facts of life then and now are indisputable. 

But go right ahead and tell us your personal experience in American schools during the 1960s and early 70s. Got any? Of course not.

Today, do you have any kids in urban schools in America? Any gang violence? If not, consider your kids fortunate.

mash Ghanbar


by mash Ghanbar on

Now we've got metal detectors and police patrolling the halls of a SPORTS COMPLEX?? Dude. This is not a HS. do you recognize that? Police barely even patrols the halls of a local school let alone taking on the "chore" of providing extra security for such complexes.

WHere does gang violence come to play here? This is coach beating this kid. Perhaps he is doing this to decipline the boy, But does not make it right.

Sargord Pirouz

That kind of thing wasn't

by Sargord Pirouz on

That kind of thing wasn't out of the ordinary here in the US when I was these kids' age.

Now it's not the case anymore. Now we've metal detectors to check for guns and police officers pulling hall monitor duty to deter gang violence in school. How times change...