Parazit: Shanbehzadeh

Interview with musician and more

Those in San Francisco Bay Area can see the Shanbehzadeh Ensemble's first concert in the US West Coast this Saturday night October 23 at the Herbst Theater. Those in Los Angeles DO NOT miss him Sunday night (Oct 24).

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by norooz on

I understand his criticism and he is probably right about most of them, but i watched some of his concerts and for the most parts, it is torture not music.  I can listen to Shajarian, Eftekhari all day long or many other Kurdish, Turkish singers and musicians from Iran for hours and still enjoy them.  

Mr. Shanbehzadeh doesn't have a good voice for sure. He plays his instrument well, but the way he plays is brain drilling. Maybe the Europeans like him, because it reminds them of African dancers or Bob Marley of some sort or maybe, because they are psychopaths. But i tell you, if i was in prison and they wanted me to confess, his music would do the job. 

I guess it is a matter of taste.

mash Ghanbar


by mash Ghanbar on


You are the one who came out of the gate swinging not me. I just disagreed. 

1- You could argue all you want with me over this but i disagree. First of all he did not and was not even talking about the artists in general.  His whole point was the development and progression and promotion of Southern music and how the performers of such music always get the shorter end of the stick. Also. there was no reference to Criticizing western influence at all That is something You wish to extract and pull outta it.

2- No. that was not The main point of the show. That is your specific and particular, propagandizing way of looking at this issue. You are denying the huge popularity of this show among the vast majority both in iran and in the western community. So what that this is an immitation of some dumb show as MtV? Do you think there is less of an immitation of so called Evil western shows in Iran? By extension, They are worshipers of western values. Take a look at their marketting campaings and style on tv.

3- Wishful thinking on my part?? LOL. Ok!! He said that just the same way any typical iranian who believes in conspiracy theories would say. What does that have to do with calling VOA idiots??? Are you confused or something?

4-Well, get your expectations met somewhere else. This is not meant to be a serious news program. How a supposedly self-declaring roshan fekr has not GOTTEN this so far, is really amazing. This has nothing to do with what America claims to stand for. It is like expecting getting fair and balanced views on Jon stewart show. do you recognize the difference between Sarcasm and seriousness?

They are making fun the rediculous and lacking-sound-foundation statements and declarations that are made in iran NOt whatever iran does!! That is their mission, Nothing more and nothing less.

It is political satire show and nota  "Today in Politics!" show.


Mash Ghanbar, you shouldn't be so defensive

by Q on

Please.... you're spinning like ferfereh

that it is only the famous and well-establlished singers and song writers and artists

His main point was not that "famous and well-established singers" are covered. It's that 1) Iranian artists and media do not understand Southern Iranian music. But more important 2) all media disproportionately value Western influence over that of native work.

That's the main point. VOA, and especially this program which is a cheap US Government made immitation of "MTV" type news shows, is a perfect example. It feeds off the stupid desires of a tiny well-off minority of Iranians who always worship anything western.

Shanbezade did not "correct himself". That's a lie or wishful thinking on your part. He did not back off from calling VOA idiots, he even went further and said "shoma naghshe darid" and that's to his credit.

What do you expect to see on this show?

I expect fair and straight news, not bullshit unfunny entertainment, in line with what America claims to stand for. Instead we have a propaganda tool disguised as an entertainment clown-show where the main object is to make fun and ridicule whatever Iran does, and say nothing about US or Israeli policies. This will surely backfire sooner or later, just like the LA TV stations.

mash Ghanbar


by mash Ghanbar on

NO he did not say those exact words and upon being confronted by Kambiz he actually corrected himself, in a way and said allow me to explain or I will clarify that in a minute. What was the whole issue there? It was the fact that saeed was objecting to the way some of the least known Performers in his field and other field are not getting the coverage that they deserve, The fact that ( he said that so clearly) that it is only the famous and well-establlished singers and song writers and artists who always get written about, And NOT A word is said on any of these websites including Major OUtlets such as BBC , VOA , etc., about all those others .

So The real beef he had was this inadequate coverage and attention given and in that respect all the media behave the same way and use the same techniques.

This show has generated more popularity among iranians than any other show preceding it. One thing that is so unique about this show is that it give all the personalities that it can gain access to a fair and equal opportunity to just talk and criticize openly which happens to be the theme of the show as well. It is the most amenable and acceptable form of Criticism that one can go for nowadays. Not too spicy and not too mellow.

What do you expect to see on this show? More teachings on religion and What it prescribes as to how we should perceive Self-worth? Don't we get enough of those on IRIB channels? What do you really expect here to be portrayed ? this is a show that is based in a western country for the love of god, and even then other than some western-style decor and music, virtually all that is presented IS about Our culture the Iranian culture, and So many valid criticism of The current system.



"Idiots" is right!

by Q on

he said of the Iranian media, inside and outside of Iran "you all have the same method, and are all idiots", aboslutely right!

Did anyone notice the arrogant way Hosseini retorted "so, We who brought you here are idiots too?" Yes, you really are Kambiz jan, if you think you did such an extraordinary selfless sacrifice by bringing a prominate truth teller to your obviously overrated clown show. The only reason you did was because you thought he was going to be a "token" Iranian "feel good" artist and support your totally westernized form of foreign-paid infotainment.

The deeper truth goes way beyond music. The foolish desire to equate self-worth as being equivilant to being "westernized", has caused a strata of upper-class Tehranis to adop the racism and chovunism of the same British imperialists they claim to oppose. It's not just music, it's everything: literature, "economy", spirituality, government, TV, technology. If it doesn't 100% immitate the west, there is something wrong with it and our idiotic "roshn fekran" will attack it.

AO, we already knew there are racist Iranians. If you wanted to make sure, we count at least one more person among them, you have succeeded.


Dame Har Chee Jonoubeih Garm...

by Khar on

Said Jaan you're essence & spirit of Iran Wolek! Thank you, I wish I was able to see you in concert.

Anonymous Observer

What's that black guy doing speaking Farsi?!!

by Anonymous Observer on


PS-For those who will get their panties in a bunch over this comment, the comment is designed to poke fun at our inner racism.   



by benross on

The best interview I saw so far.

13th Legion

An intelligent & talented man

by 13th Legion on

I find Shanbehzadeh to be a very intelligent and talented man; I find great value in the way he thinks,

Tehrani’s have inherited this false notion that somehow people living outside the capital; are less intelligent than those who do, yet my own personal experiences abroad have shown me that the so called shahrestani’s are among the brightest, kindest, talented, ethical and most successful Iranians I have encountered in my life time! I have found them to be among some of my closes and “ba marefat” friends. “Choghok” makes a great point, I think this way of thinking has only contributed to the fact that Iranians are so divided and could be looked at as another one of our many cultural handicaps that has held us back throughout our history.

@JJ, I think the intense interactions between Kambiz and Saman may be acted out in an intentional way in order to portray how we are culturally divided and lack unity and team work! I may be that by acting this way they may be trying to give us a hint that is sugar coated by comedy!

“Be dar megan, ke devar beshnaveh” ?


I like his notion about Shahrestan!

by choghok on

Have you any comparable word in any other language? No. Why? It seems as if outside Tehran everything is completely the same. The food, language, looks, nature, culture, financial situation. In truth that is not the case. You cannot stereotype Iranians as if they are the same. That is exactly what we are proud of not to be. We are proud of being a country built of different ethnicities like the turks, kurds, persians, baluchis and other groups. How can you put all these differences under same label if you do not want to discriminate everything outside Tehran.

Talking to younger people from Tehran and even the educated you see some kind of false self confidence that they are some how better or smarter than the rest.

One of the things we have to do is to remove this phony word from vocublary in Iran.

mash Ghanbar


by mash Ghanbar on

Sahnbe zade is a cross between Blair underwood and Denzel!!!

I guess he really meant to criticize the Methology all these outlets employ and the word Ahmagh kinda slipped out. LOL.

Care to do a show with George Lopez?:))

Jahanshah Javid

Positive energy

by Jahanshah Javid on

Excellent interview with Shanbehzadeh. He speaks from the heart. He does not hide his emotions. He says it like it is. And he doesn't take non-sense from any body, especially Iranians who look down upon anything that has a bit of color and diversity. His passion and honesty and humanity come through. Thank you for giving him this opportunity to shine on behalf of marginalized Iranians.


Side note: The interactions between Kambiz and Saman are getting more and more intense and involved. Is it adding value to the show? I'm not sure.