Vancouver to Isfahan (1)

Ardeshir Ahmadi's trip to Iran

سفر من به ایران، تجربه شخصی‌ من از ایران و جامعه کنونی بود و قصد بر تغییر چیزی ندارم. تمام افراد داخل فیلم افراد حقیقی‌ جامعه هستند و بدانید‌ که همه ی مردم داخل کشور مثل شما فکر نمیکنند. در این مجموعه دیدگاه‌های مختلف بیان می‌‌شوند پس ما به فهم و شعور مخاطب احترام میگذاریم. احترام متقابل شما به تک تک افراد مصاحبه شده شرط اول گفتمان و آزادی اندیشه است.


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by yolanda on

My favorite part is Zurkhanes....super interesting......the music and beat of the video is great!


Excellent video! Thank you for the report! 5 Stars!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Taxi driver

by statira on

  The taxi driver comments shows that IRI brainwash machine is working pretty good.


Such a Waste of Time

by Demo on

Could not expect any better from a funny?? traveller otherwise his video camera had to be cofiscated & he would have had received a few "shoes hits" on his head as Jaleh Kazami (also a Cannadian /Iranian citizen) received them & then passed away as she had been filming the "the Iranian Lives Reality" documentary.

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

I enjoyed it very very much! Looking forward to future episodes. It is quite heart-warming!


Ebi jaan,

by Monda on

واقعا سپاس!

عجب سفرنامهٔ باحالی‌!


Jahanshah Javid

Ardeshir has done it again

by Jahanshah Javid on

Ardeshir has come a long way from funny cooking shows! You could tell even then that he's a natural. He knows how to tell a story in his cool, witty Isfahani kinda way.

This travel diary is nicely put together and heartwarming in the way it portrays ordinary people. The conversation with the taxi driver (minute 10:05) is so funny... and of course the toilet at the Qom highway rest area is somethin' else (05:10)!