Uploading Emam Zaman

When the hidden emam comes out of hiding

Clip starts with Ershad deputy minister Mohsen Armin praising "Emam" Khamenei's visit to Qom:



I just sent him an email.

by عموجان on

I hope he can handle the smell. 


Perverted Servants

by Demo on

"so Pharoah incited his people to levity and they obeyed him: surely they were a depraved nation (Verse 54, Chapter 43 of Quran)"


and you guys do not support

by mahmoudg on

by the aid of surgical attacks, removing these, what shall even call them..........  Would we dare to call them part of the human species.  Perhaps they are all Arabs, yes that is it.  Arabs have invaded us and hence why we act, talk and breed like animals in this Islamic Rapist Republic of ours.



by Simorgh5555 on

Iran mesle ghaliye zibaye hast ke bayad betakuni ta ashghalesh berize. Sam bezani behesh va betakuni.


The most mentally disturbed

by Arthimis on

The most mentally disturbed nation in the whole wide world! I am ashamed to be called Iranian with people like them occupying my Motherland and destroying my culture with psychotic mentalities and behaviours... Dear God, Free Iran from these very ill people now!!!!!