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Fool Me twice...

what ever you say

by Fool Me twice... on


1)what was the condition that EBI had for interview? is it the fact that he has been ordered by the Arabic countries neigboring Iran NOT to sing the KHALEEJ-e-Faars Song, and he has complied, so they would allowe him to hold concerts there?

2) what exactly was the reason behind the interview of Khamenei's old cell-mate?

someone such as khamenei, whom has been involved in the very top of this regime for the past 31-32 years (no need to list all his contributions) what difference dose it make if he was praying in prison or not, unless you were trying to create a spiritual mirage around him.

I for one have stoped watching Parazit, they have shown their true colours.

thats all folks, Untill Later.



by karoon1 on

Nassrolla said one thing correct, Iran is rulled by Arabs and Arabzadeh today. All of the braves and brains are either killed or forced out of the country. People like him are the reason IRR is in power, don't forget the Nassrolla's army in streets of Tehran last year. He has to defend his brothers.


jj he is in the same sit as you right?

by choghok on

I mean as you described you did the same stuff as he did, but you were iri supporter unlike him so u did not get tortured right? So why would you accept his apology?

Mardom Mazloom

Stay honest, dynamic and perceptive as you are ...

by Mardom Mazloom on

You're a part of people's resistance against tyrany, thanks for all you're doing!


So said Hassan Nasrollh

by ahosseini on

So said Hassan Nasrollh, The leader of Hezbollah
Is of Arab origin, the grand Ayatollah
So is the other leader, Ayatollah's successor
Ayatollah khamenahei, the current leading mullah


A 5-star mark...

by comrade on

For your choice of "the Good Person of the Week". I enjoyed the interview/book promotion as well. The now-you-know finger pointing at Marx was priceless. I even understand  your decision to leave the Shah and khomeini out of Heaven-Hell subject. Your program shows that people can do a good job despite the limitations which are usually attached to a foreign payroll.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Great show!

by Milan on

Love you guys!


Great show as usual...

by Arthimis on

Great show as usual... Loved the "Ahlan va Sahlan.................." part (LOL :D) and the interview as well!

Free Iran and Iranians!!

Nader Vanaki

دو سوّم وقت رو هدر می دن

Nader Vanaki

به اجای اختصاص وقت بیشتر برای مصاحبه، با این نمایشنامه های لوس و خنک، وقت همه رو تلف می کنن و اصولآً درک نمی کنن که کانال صدای آمریکا با شبکه های تلویزیونی خصوصی فرق داره.  به هر حال حالا که بودجه صدای آمریکا داره ته می کشه، شاید در آینده ای نزدیک به دنبال کار بگردن.  اتفاقاً اگه این شبکه های ماهواره ای یه خورده از این دوتا یاد می گرفتن بهتر بود.  البته که امیر قاسمی دل و جیگر این برنامه ها رو نداره و فردا دکّه دکون کنسرتاش توی دوبی تعطیل میشه.


That was a great episode


loved the interview too! 

Jahanshah Javid

That's better!

by Jahanshah Javid on

We can all learn from Kambiz Hosseini's honesty. Apology accepted! :)

Fantastic show. Fantastic interview. Admirable sense of responsibility to the viewer -- as much as it is humanly possible at Voice of America. You have a lot of freedom. Use it fairly and honestly. If not, what would be the difference between "us" and "them"? You have hit a nerve among Iranians because they are hungry for truth and exposing lies. And they can laugh at the sick bastards in power. Dametoon garm.