Naked Man

Walking on Shariati Ave, Tehran


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Please delete

by Mehrban on


Sorry, I was over compensating for the disturbing thread of Ms. Jahed. 


DM: Va hamchenin baraye shoma va khanevadeh gerami

by Bavafa on

Now I need to go and get me some tameshk.




I may do the same soon

by Rea on

If those from IRS don't give me a break.



by Doctor mohandes on

Akh. You are Killing me Aziz

Civil rights movement cost so many arrests and a lot of sacrifice were made, But non was toi topple the system. The demand to have civil rights restored back in the day in US, is not and could not evenbe deemed remotely as the same goals and ideals thatour people need to be following right now!

2- Kheyr Gorban. I say Tameshk  jenabali mifarmayd :Go Lions!!!

Be har taghdeer: Ayyame  Holidays bar shoma va Khanevadeye Geram Mobarak va Khojaste bad:)))



DM: Of course you noticed I was day dreaming right?

by Bavafa on

Having said that,

1- I do believe we [Iranian people] did plenty of sacrifice during the 79 episode, but the failing was that they did not hold on to it tightly and it was hijacked by thugs and thieves.  The credit for that failing belongs to the people only.

Same thing can be said for today and why not stand up to the thugs and criminals? Yes, they will get killed, thrown in jail and raped but if enough of us do stand up to them, eventually we will win. Isn't that what happened during civil rights movement in US? 

Enough of Blacks stood against the tyranny and injustice that eventually gave way… well it is a work in progress really...

2- you say potaetos, I say potaato!!!! Right?

Ma chamanetim :) che = chaker, Me = mokhles, Ne = nokaretim


Anonymous Observer

What an ass!!!

by Anonymous Observer on




by Doctor mohandes on

Ey baba. Ekhtyarat dareed Jenab. In ma boodeem ke az Zyarate shoma Ghafel mandeem.

1- Are you really comparing what happened in Iran in '79 to what happened In usa or france, 200 years ago? I think our nation did pay a great price back them,, whether the outcome was satisfactory or not, don't you think? It could be said perhaps that Things did take a wrong turn and went awry, sure, But Not making sacrifices??!!

Why are we blaming our people when we know rreally well that they are not in a situation to be able to hold anyone's feet to the fire?

2- I think that you should make the distiction between Hand-outs and Subsidies here. They are not the same. Particularly in the case of a Country with agoverning system such as iran where a Touch of socialism has always been part of the system! Youu can not take issue with people here and take them to task, It is the Gov, you are going to have to take on.



بالایی به دو تا پایینی


دیدین گفتم جاهای خوشگل تر از مستراح هم هس.

اما از شوخی گذشته ما شنیدیم که توی قزوین اعتراضات شده و گفته اند که هر چی خوشیه مال تهرانیهاست.


On a freezing snowy cold winter morning , ..

by jasonrobardas on

    While driving , I saw a completely naked woman walking on the streets of Kansas City . She looked like she was a hooker and forced out of a car . She was walking totaly naked,  with barefeet in the snow .

     A couple of good samaritans stopped their cars and covered her with a blanket . It was a melodramatic sceene .

Hoshang Targol

آی گوتم ،       

Hoshang Targol

آی گوتم ،        آی گوتم دوران دبیرستان بود  که اطراف میدون راه آهن ، یک هموطن آذری که کتش را گم
کرده بود ، مضطرب دنبال کتش میگشت و با لهجه غلیظش ناله میکرد:  "ای گوتم ،
ای گوتم"!حالا حکایت این طرف بر عکسه  . کتش گم نشده ، اما گوتش......


Lost my shirt?

by عموجان on

look like this one lost his pants in a bad deal at least he kept his socks and shoes to walk away.

Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Don't think I haven't seen mentally ill people walking the streets of SF naked. I just saw one yesterday, partially disrobed and struggling to keep his clothes on. Meanwhile, me a policeman friend just continued to shoot the breeze, as the miserable wretch struggled to walk by. It's just one of those things in any major urban environment. At least that's my experience.


Stupid to compare SF gay carnivals with IRI streets

by kazem0574 on

I wonder if you saw how this mentally ill individual was treated by a policeman towards the end of the clip.

At least people did not intervene and let him go about his business until he was fairly brutally apprehended by the police.

IRI mental health institutions are letting a lot of these people venture onto the streets, what hope is there for this man and people like him when so much more is wrong in every aspect of running the country by this regim.


Sargord Pirouz

This is actually not that

by Sargord Pirouz on

This is actually not that uncommon on the streets of San Francisco, and is a regular feature at several San Francisco street fairs.



by Abarmard on

These people, most probably, are mentally ill and some years ago a woman totally naked was roaming around Tehran. I believe that there is no punishment for these people as they are ill.

Forced hejab or dress code is wrong but a visit to Iran will show you Hejab is not exactly what you think.



by yolanda on

What a shameless bottomless streaker! He needs to check into rehab! Didn't he feel cold like that? If a girl does not wear hejab.....the punishment is 76 lashes.....what is the punishment for indecent exposure by a guy over there?   I am not saying the girls should get lashes for no hejeb or this guy should get physical punishment......I am just curious about the rules and laws over there.

Here is the comment for this video on you-tube:

It's Ahmadi nejad going to work !



Apparently the man is very

by Arthimis on

Apparently the man is very disturbed mentally to act like this... I feel very sorry for him... God knows what has happened to him to have gone to this sad level! Hopefully he will be treated humanly and properly for his major psychological problems!



by Majid on



بابا دودولش رو آورده هواخوری! اون بدبخت داشت خفه میشد! حالا یک کم چشم دولش واز میشه و برمیگرده سر کار و زندگیش، این رو هم حتماً باید سیاسی ش بکنین؟


Anahid Hojjati

funny when one guy says "eva"

by Anahid Hojjati on

Maybe the guy is telling them (IRI) how much he does not care for them.


Jenabe DM jaan, hamchenin ba arze salam o ahval porsi

by Bavafa on

Az vojoode jenabe aali mahzoor bodim chand roozi. Omidvaram ke chomagheton chagh, deleton shad bashe

How is that stretching it?

For the sake of arguments, lets start a little of day-dreaming.. shall we?

If Iranians or heck any other nation for that matter take responsibility which often comes with great sacrifice, would we have a regime that is unwanted by its people? Isn't that what is happening in every democratic society? That is people keep their officials accountable if they have to, they will fight them till prevail. Isn't what happened in US (some 200 years ago) or in France or England or…..

If those people in those society did not take responsibility and did not hold their governments responsible … do we think they will remain democratic and true to their people?

"But That is not to say that people in Iran have grown accustomed to it"

You think not? Why do you think there is such uproar about reducing the subsidies? What do you think it will happen if city officials say, "well you got to pay if you want your garbage to be picked up?"

After having lived here in the West for some time now… I realize how much of a handout Iranians expect from their government.


P.S. but let us not confuse this that I am saying it is easy.  In cases such as Iran with long history of dictatorial regime is not going to be easy and sacrifice will be high.



by Doctor mohandes on

Ba salam be malete aziz va Debate-parvare arzam be hozoore anvare jenab ke: 

That is not an apt comparison at all.

To state that a country's ruling system is really a reflection of the way their citizens exercise their "self-responsibility" is really stretching it. I mean Come on!

Expecting hand-outs may not be an attractive idea , But That is not to say that people in iran have grown accustomed to it. The system has been set up that way, and Unfortunately a rather large segment of our population are employed by it. Quiet opposite to what you said. Here in the west the Gov. is a heckuva a lot more accomodating and receptive to embrace us with its generous help and assistance.


Must be the effect of all that pollution in Tehran

by azadi5 on

I heard that it has been pretty bad lately, it must have some sort of effect on brain and the way people act. Stress can also drive people crazy too, god knows those living in Tehran are under a lot of stress.


Parthianshot91: Sure thing if that makes us feel any better

by Bavafa on

Just as Doctor mohndes rightly said.

But it may not be a bad idea to exercises some self responsibility and accountability.  In fact I argue that the shameless leach islamist regime is a direct reflection on us (the Iranian people) and our lack of exercising that self responsibility.  For as long as I can remember, we have blamed our problem on englisiha and now of course are the sheytan bozorg (America) but never ourselves.  Just as we have learned to hold our hand to our goverment to provide us (subsides) things that you would never think or expect about here in the West.


P.S. BTW, this should not in any way be taken as a defense of IRI as the shameless leach Islamism regime is indefensible no matter how you go about it.


He makes a good basiji!

by statira on

A walking flashing terrorist!



by Parthianshot91 on

Everything, social, cultural, economy, all the problems we have now a days in Iran can be traced back to the doings of this shameless leach islamist regime.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


It was probably Fred or Mahmoudg

by asadabad on

After he was sucessfully turned into a Eunuch.

Or maybe the sanctions on pants and underwear are beginning to have a serious effect!


LOL, why is pakistan always mentioned whenever Iranians see something disgusting?  Is pakistan the new yardstick with which we use to measure stupid/disgusting behavior?  Guy walking down the street naked is 1 pakistan unit?  Looking into a toilet is 5 pakistan units?  



Benyamin: True we all know the nature of IRI

by Bavafa on

and how criminal, shameless and dictatorial they are but what does this has to do with them?

 Most of us have seen insane people such as this in the West and will never relates it to the goverment right?

only my .02c here. 



Souri jan

by Doctor mohandes on


So you see me after all this time, and you don't even say hi?:(( i am soooo deesapointed

This has nothing to do with the IRI. Don't put all and everything on the back of IRI. I know it feels good, but let's be rational.

Deh. Hamineh deh aziz jan Ke mardom Pull out words for you( harf dar miaran deh) alan saro kalashoon peyda mishe... Sab kon...

Don't give them any more excuses than they need.



by Doctor mohandes on

The moment of Vindication!

Now who is gonna dare and say "there are no freedoms" in iran? Es da Loco!

Hale Loobia. I see the god damn light...


I've seen the same scene in NYC

by Souri on

Some years ago in Manhattan, we were parking the car on the border of the Lexington Ave, when suddenly a man jumbed on the side walk! All naked, but he was wearing his sun glasses and his tie and also he was carring a suitcase, like samsonite!

Nobody seemed to care, of course a few people were looking at him strangely.

This has nothing to do with the IRI. Don't put all and everything on the back of IRI. I know it feels good, but let's be rational.