Khadijeh Azadpour

Gold medalist will not receive promised reward because she's not married

Tebyan via Tehran Bureau: Khadijeh Azadpour is a household name in Iran and with good reason... On November 17, she defeated Sandhyarani Wangkhem from India for the gold medal in the 60kg sanda [or sanshou] division of the the Asian Games' wushu competition.... Now Azadpour is back in Tehran and following up on that promise. Talking to Tebyan, she shared her joy over winning the gold medal and her frustration. She reported that after inquiring about the promised apartment she was told, "The conditions have changed, you have to be married." The 22-year-old champion is single >>>


Nader Vanaki

هم خوشگل، هم خوش هیکل

Nader Vanaki

و حالا جا هم از خودش داشته باشه؟  َبه َبه شاید حالا می خوای بگی سیگار هم می خواد بکشه!

Bano Atefeh


by Bano Atefeh on

 And also,they say women should not marry for money because they can barrow it for cheaper!!

G. Rahmanian

Her Options:

by G. Rahmanian on

1. Throw away the medal. A gesture of protest used before. 2. Auction the medal at Christie's or Sotheby's. It'll sell for a big buck. 3. Emmigrate either to the land of the Grand Satan or Israel and enter their national squad.

G. Rahmanian

دوستان عزيز

G. Rahmanian

The marriage thing is only a lame excuse: 1. The officials never thought a woman would win a gold, so they hate the idea of fulfilling their promise. 2. As a woman living under the rule of IR she can only get half of a man's reward. A whole apartment is out of the question.

Louie Louie

It's the same stencil used on everybody's faces

by Louie Louie on

Just stick it and do the tattoo!

Dirty Angel

here we go again

by Dirty Angel on

same set of eyebrows. It's beginning to get Freddy Krugerish

" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Faramarz... tokhme jen!!!! :D


A woman without a husband is not a complete person

by kazem0574 on

That is the message I am receiving from IR.

Its almost similar to the age limit on the under aged.

1) People under 16 are not entitled to vote

2) Iranian unmarried women champions are not entitled to financial prizes.

No wonder in this pic she looks as if she is biting the gold medal in case its fake.



I'm sure

by statira on

there will be a long line of Khastegar for her since they know she's gonna have a house. Actually it's not  a bad thing for her!


Welcome to the anti Iran Islamic Republic

by Fair on

this is how they treat a history making truly champion Iranian woman,
instead of giving her the credit and praise she truly deserves.

This is one of the most backward, uncivilized, and primitive regimes on
this planet, and is the biggest anti Iran force in existence today. 
Such a regime has no power, and rules only thanks to street thugs paid
for by stolen oil money. Shame on this inhuman, anti Iran bunch of thugs, and their supporters and apologists (who for some reason find it preferable to reside in the great satan USA)


داماد بهتره دست از پا خطا نکنه


وگرنه یک کتک حسابی خورده!

They say a man who marries for money works 24 hours a day! In this case he works in fear 24 hours a day. I would demand a body guard on top of the house, the car and HDTV 


Here you go Sargord

by MRX1 on

Now is your chance to get married and help fellow muslim. she needs a place to live and you need a warm body. sounds like a perfect match.

Sargord Pirouz

There's always next time.

by Sargord Pirouz on

There's always next time.


Be a long time before she gets hitched!

by Milan on

Her poor unsuspecting husband: "De zarfa ro beshoor, Zaifeh!" One spinning back fist and a couple of hook-kicks later, he'll be lying upside down in the diswasher.

Maryam Hojjat

Shame on IRR/IRI & their promises

by Maryam Hojjat on

which are not materialized to especially women unless you are KHODI!