The "evils" of social networking sites

IRI expert rips Facebook, Balatarin and the like


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Another Semi Arab Asghal in Charge

by fullback1 on

This Semi Arab Ashghal and his Goat herder Rahbar eat from the same bucket. Therefor the same crap comes out of their exit hole,as it is evident here. Continued Occupation of Iran by these filthy maggets, and stream of killings for the past 30 years must be stopped soon ."Shame on those who supported the Revelution 30 years ago"
There is nothing more EVIL than the Islamic Shituplic



by Doctor mohandes on

Baba Kase kooze Haj agharo baham nareez dige:)

Dare aroom zendegisho mikone bandeye khoda... LOL.

Nader Vanaki

یه سری هم به هارد دیسک حاج آقا بزنیم

Nader Vanaki

و اون موقع معلوم می شه که چند صد گیگابایت پورنو دانلود کرده.  از آسیب های اجتماعی نگو حاج آقا که دلم پره.


he mentioned "feminism" as one of the 11 evils.

by mahmoudg on

goes to show you the cult of Islam is deathly afraid of the outside world.  i think we can wisely declare this regime is officially dead.


I've listened to 5 minutes of this

by KingReza on

This guy is well informed and what he's saying is right up until the 5th minute.  As soon as he starts talking about Israel and US he goes of the crazy chart. I think he senses it too cause his tone and style of talking changed from something he's well versed to something he's regurgitating as if he’s reading a script.

Darius Kadivar

Another Good Reason to Keep On Blogging on FB ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on