Dr. GholamReza Abedi

Generous and caring in treating shelter dogs

Health and medical issues of residents of Vafa Animal Shelter, in every aspect, has been intertwined with name of Dr. GholamReza Abedi. Starting with spay and neutering, to orthopedic surgery of dogs hurt in car accidents, get done by him. Plus all this, on days that he goes to the shelter to do the spay and neutering there is a long line of dogs with various problems awaiting his attention.

Dr. Abedi has been an active supporter of this organization, no less than other founders, since the first days of our existence. This may be the reason that he always answers every question and phone call of our staff with patience and kindness and offers sincere guidance.

Even financially, we benefit from his utmost generosity as he bills us the smallest amounts or none at all when we are low in cash.

There are not enough words to express our gratefulness and appreciation for all that this amazing doctor does for us.

We wish him longevity in health. May many more beings be blessed by his life.

Faranak Ravon & Vafa Animal Shelter Team



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Immortal Guard

Have you heard the saying...

by Immortal Guard on

Have you heard the saying in Persian:

"Maah Miderakhshad o Sag Oooo Ooooo mikonad"!?

Farah Rusta

Top marks to Dr Abedi

by Farah Rusta on

Such great humans in the midst pf all the inhumanity going on in their land are beyond praise.




Thanks for the top posts regarding Vafa

by didani on

Wanted to visit the shelter during my last visit in Iran (early Jan this year) but a 10 day stay was not enough for getting out of Tehran. I have just contacted sheydaardalan@aol.com (from their web site) on how we can make donations from US. I wish I could take back my campaign donations towards "disapointment Obama" and send it to this shelter. Sounds like Yes Vafa Can! And of course thanks to the doctor, without the help they couldn't.

Sargord Pirouz

Gotta love those jube dogs. 

by Sargord Pirouz on

Gotta love those jube dogs.