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Caller uses profanity -- twice



to the guys that used volgar words

by Benyamin on

The people that spoke volgar demostrated how they also communicate to their own sisters and mothers. This is what happens when an Islamic idealogy "sells" "savaab" by kilos. I mean if you can measure the amount of sins and goodness that one can do in one day, then doing and saying anything no matter how sinful and horribleand women down t, would become doable. That is Islamic phylosophy.

That is why throwing young brave men from the rooftop of  university buildings is possible because those people that comitted such dispecable crime "believed" and were told that they are harvesting "savaab" every time they killed a beautiful brave young Iranian flower. Based on this idealogy a young man got hit by the police truck and drove right over him which ended up kiling the young soal.

The islamic idealogy believs that one can rape and lie and do horrible things to his  or her fellow human as long as he/she is praying and submitting to the rule of "Islam". The difference between that and true belief  is thyat Islam could be interpreted in any way anyone wants to interpret which makes it possible for the Akhunds to stay in power. The Akhunds are supposidly the only experts in Islamic science and they are the only ones that know how to interpret and understand Islam therefore, no one can challenge their authority in islamic knowledge. 

Those people that used volgarity in such place and manner did it because they have no family values and all they have is "Islamic" ones.

Having islamic values almost means having no values since it could be interpreted in a different way and exclusively by some other people which means those people that used such volgarity are either slaves or whores. That is islamic value.


The magic's of anonymity

by Bavafa on

One's true self shows itself and it is not limited to political ideology but fahm-o-shoar va tarbiate khanevadegi or lack of.


P.S. Unfortunately I.C is not immune from such people




by asadabad on


Nader Vanaki

مدعوین محترم کنفراس فلسفه یونسکو

Nader Vanaki

اینا که تلفن میزنن و فحش میدن همون دعوت شدگان به کنفرانس فلسفه یونسکو در تهران هستن که از اینکه فرصت سخنرانی رو از دست دادن ناراحتن. اینروزها وقتی دکتر حداد عادل کنفرانس فلسفه برگذار می کنه، همین تیپ ها رو فقط می تونه دعوت کنه.



by Simorgh5555 on

Typical agents of this regime. Either nasty Far Left or Islamist. Or both.