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Dear Demo

by Kooshan on

I beg to differ on how you define Ma'refat and it's wide acceptance in the west. Please let me know it's equal in English language and how it is regarded and respected. careless translation is more like knowing something or someone by HEART. In other words, it is rooted in affairs of love and spirituality.


You need to realize that Eftekhari and Mohammad Esfahani are two great singers who have started their works in IRIB. Aside politics, this is a well known phenomena even in the west.


If one wants to trash the artist because they support government,  will then have to extend it to also our Great poet Ferdowsi.


I think we need to respect those artists whose woksbring us positive energy. I think he is a good human being as an individual otherwise he could not touch on people's heart!These are treasures of our contemporary culcure and trashing them is unethical, uniranian and inhumane.


Ma, refat per Kooshan

by Demo on

"Unfortunately, Ma'refat is a virtue that is not valued in the west and forgotten by Iranians abroad. Iranians are known to value Ma'refat."

The root of word Ma'refat is "Orf" that means "enjoin what is right." Therefore, "Ba Ma'refat" simply means "Righteous." Such is very well known in the West & has never been forgotten by Iranians abroad. The way Mr. Eftekhari has been awarded in the video has nothing to do with such word. An Iranian Ba'Mare'fat never bends down for anybody & does not kiss anybody's hand. And more importantly never ever sing songs like below to praise somebody:




dear MRX1

by Kooshan on


There is a subtle difference between Chaploosi and Ma'refat. The first comes from man's weakness and no self-respect but the 2nd one comes from strength and respect for all.


Unfortunately, Ma'refat is a virtue that is not valued in the west and forgotten by Iranians abroad. Iranians are known to value Ma'refat.


Awards Bi-Shileh Bi-Pileh!

by Kooshan on

Mr. Eftekhari is truly one of the great singers of our time. He puts his heart into his works and creates heavenly masterpieces.


Yet again

by MRX1 on

this video shows  wthat e Iranian people are numero uno when it comes to chaploosi va khayelami.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Collaborative Artists: French cultural life under Nazi Rule

by Darius Kadivar on

Collaborative Artists The French cultural establishment's inglorious response to Nazi rule


The history of France under German rule during World War II is a depressing tale of collaboration, corruption and subsequent denial that taxes the will of even the most determined Francophile. Perhaps not surprisingly it was not a French scholar but an American one, Robert Paxton, who produced the first serious examination of the period (1940-44), followed by the Swiss historian Philippe Burrin and a group of young French historians working out of the Institut d'Études Politiques in Paris. Now comes Frederic Spotts, a British writer known for his studies of German history. With "The Shameful Peace" he lifts the lid on one of the least known -- and most shameful episodes -- of the period: namely, the role of artists and intellectuals in occupied France.





Darius Kadivar

Is he the fellow who was crying about his daughter being bullied

by Darius Kadivar on


بود این کار تو‌ای افتخاری - نشان ذلت و پستی و خواری



نمیدانم بود حداد عادل

و یا این که وکیل دزد و قاتل

شده عادل رئیس مجلس ما

چرا چون رای مردم گشت باطل


Nader Vanaki

علی رضا افتخاری بدون زانوبند قشنگه

Nader Vanaki

اینقدر که جلوی همه دولاّ خَم شد فکر کنم دیسک کمر گرفته باشه. سی ساله اینا دارن به خودشون جایزه و لوح تقدیر میدن و یک ریال هم برای کشور کار نکردن و جیباشون تا بیخش پر شده.


نمایش و ستایشهای دروغین!!!


و خدا را از آنچه ستمكاران مى‏كنند غافل مپندار جز اين نيست كه [كيفر] آنان را براى روزى به تاخير مى‏اندازد كه چشمها در آن خيره مى‏شود (آیه ٤٢ از سوره ١٤ در قرآن)
خلق را گول زدن علیرضا «افتخاری» را مفتخر نکرده و حداد «عادل» را به «اعتدال» نمی رساند.

PS: The ignorant attackers of Quran should at least read the book once before doing that. Shame. Shame. Real Shame



ass kissing galore

by mahmoudg on

the announcer can't even hide how he is racing to shower this sorry of a human being, Hadad Adel.  Ass kissing to the max of these worhless Islamic Cultists.  What a pathetic and sorry bunch of hoodlums.  Our country deserved better in the past 30 years than these Quran reading leeches.