Ali Khamenei

Addresses more than "1 million basijis"

PressTV: In an address to more than a million Basijis, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says Iran has become more powerful despite enemy plots over the past 30 years. Referring to the 2009 post-vote events, Ayatollah Khamenei said the riots were “premeditated” and came to the pleasure of the enemies of the Iranian nation who threw their weight behind the riots. The Leader also praised the role of Basij volunteer forces in various areas and said Basijis are front-runners in science, research and technology.


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Just ignore this Khamenei lover!

by PArviz on

The best you can do is just ignore this idiot's posts and not comment on them. That alone will the best "tu dahani" you can give him.


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


Invasion of the body snatchers

by Mehrban on



West Coast Basiji Sargord

by Khar on

You may want to empty some of the million Shiiats you carry around in your system all the time, you may feel better buddy ;-)


He's not a Sargord

by statira on

He is a pasdarchi or bache basiji thug.His avatar shows a dirty, angry, pashmaloo, shepeshoo pasdarchi. Sargord title is too honorable for him. We used to call the clean cut, handsome, brave, nationalist soldiers in the time of Shah as Sargord, sarvan, sepahbad and arteshbod.

Een kalaghe( phony sargord) domesho toyeh domeh bolbol kardeh.  Hala fekr mikoneh vaghean bolboleh.


Sargord, I told you many

by Arthimis on

Sargord, I told you many times before! "FOX NEWS" LOL :D

100,000 mercenaries/ignorants/uneducated/hungry people were brought in and paid $20.00 a day + food and Transportations.

Total cost of such typical ridiculous stage act of I.R/Satanic Republic for Iran and Iranian people is roughly around $20,000.000.00 a day!!! We have paid Trillions before in the past 31 years of their evil existence and STILL, They will GO DOWN!!! Mark my words, Sargord joon, I'll personally strip you from your fake title and Title you back to "Soldier Zero" where you really belong... ;-)


A "Well" of No "Delusions"

by Demo on

And according to GOD's account "the unjustified killing (taking life) of one person is equal to the killing of a nation (& its many of its generations to come.)" No matter of the crowd size (100,000 or 100,000,000), if even one person will be/is/has been/ was/ had been killed by the leader's order (like with the 2 years ago protest) or by anybody in the  crowd, the below commentator will defend him in the Almighty's court. GOOD LUCK WITH IGNORANCE.

Sargord Pirouz

Well. according to FARS the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well. according to FARS the crowd in Tehran was over 100,000 (not 1.5 million). Still an impressive number that belies all those delusions held by desperately anti-Iran exiles here on IC.


No Way to Escape

by Demo on

as no doubt for the "lonely state" of Judgement Day (JD) is immenent to follow:

"and behold! ye come to us bare and alone as we created you for the first time: ye have left behind you all (the favours) which we bestowed on you: we see not with you your intercessors whom ye thought to be partners in your affairs: so now all relations between you have been cut off , and your (pet) fancies have left you in the lurch! (Verse 94, Section 6 of Quran)"


Yadam Beh-Khair


by Yadam Beh-Khair on

Tavajoh kardid in shakhs dar bishtareh blogha bein yek ta had aksar 3 reply migzareh. Ishan barayeh har blog ke reply bokonad meghdari az arbaban khod migirad, much like piece work. Aghar tavajoh kardeh bashid posthai ishoon kotah va mokhtasar hastan va dar bishter mavagheh hich maani va payghami nemiresooneh ama ishan bayad had-aghal yek reply bogozarand va ishan dar site-hay digar ham be hamin menval fa-aal hastand. Ma aslan nabayad in fard-ro jedi begirim barayeh inkeh in shoghleh ishoon hast va barash pool daryaft mikoneh.


Thank you everyone for some

by Arthimis on

Thank you everyone for some great comments here...

Like Fereydoon Mooshiri's poem "The Wolf" (Thanks to Hoshang Targol's link), The Only Salvation is to revisit our own True Persian Guides and Instructions to become human first and liberate ourselves toward Freedom, Love, Peace and Happiness... (Sargord whatever..., Lost souls such as yourself will never become human because you can't understand such spiritual poems...)

This so called man called : Khamenei is a True Evil Wolf who is so scared and so weak that has sold his soul to the Devil ... That's why he is on such unstoppable offesive!!! Only an unholy soul dares to inflict so much pain on innocent people and rule by Iron Fist , calling everyone, but the so called 100,000 he brought in by paying them money, positions and ... the enemies!!! Only such scared and inferior being constantly admonishing Iranians and the rest of the world for not giving a flying f@$K about him and not caring for his psychotic mentality, backwarded evil opinions, actions and out right lies!!! 

That's why he has to repeat the same sentences to himself and everybody else, so many times to be able to survive!!!But until when? Not forever! I know he thinks he is the God's Rep. on Earth (LMAO), but he will lose this race to TIME! That is inevitable!

The end is near Mr. Khamenei (wink wink at you and your lovey supporters! LOL), That's Life... What goes up will come down Mr. Wolf!!! 95% of Iranians and 100% of the world will be happy and relieved to see you and your psychotic supporters gone..... wasn't it better in those days when you were doing 'Roozeh Khooni" in Haram Imam Reza??? Nice and low key, Yeh Chelo kababi, yeh Khoroshti ... later you would dress a nice vest (jeegool mikardi) sitting and smoking your pipe and playing a 3tar?? Bad bood haji??  Kharab kardi khodeto va yek mamlekatoo baa in "GORG DAROONET" haji!!!

Peace and Love,

Free Iran and Iranians.


Een martikeh joone sag dareh

by statira on

mesle khar cigar mikeshe vali hich bakish nemishe. Bayad ye nafar ye marge mooshi behesh bedeo be falak vaselsh koneh.

Raste migan ke bademjoone Bam afat nadareh.


Why Does He Repeat Himself?

by JavoonDeerooz on

He repeats every segment of every sentence 2 or 3 , sometimes 4 times. You can safely edit this speech and bring it down to one minute without missing a single concept. Once a rozehkhoon, always a rozehkhoon. 


Only "one million"? import another millions of your hizbullah

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 cowardly thugs from lebanon, and they all will be crushed under the mighty feet of the Iranian nation, and you'll be strung by your own turban in front of the chinese embassy before you get a chance to scape on your money laden plane to Toronto! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


شعر دیگری در مورد خام ننه رهبر


صد جان قابل گیرد
اما خودش نمیرد
تا کی به صبر مانم
که این رهبری بمیرد
بنداز توی توالت
این جان ناقابلت
شاید مفید گردد
کودی ‌زه خاک و گلت


sargord piaz

by afshinazad on

can you count or I should say you are counting like SAMAD AGA,






گور بابای خر رهبر بود


گور بابای خر رهبر بود

بهر ملت او چون درد سر بود

هر زمانی‌ شخص آقا زر زند

بر تمام مملکت او تر زند


Hoshang Targol

شعر گرگ از فريدون مشيری

Hoshang Targol

سراینده و خوانش از فریدون مشیری



What Mosheiri is reading here about wolves, is probably one of the most accurate discriptions of these thugs, enjoy



by statira on

In a country with 70 mil population, it's easy to find a million ahmaghe codan like you who do anything when they get paid. It's just less than 1.5% of the population.


i love the comments here

by shushtari on



ali geda-e raghaas faghat chert o pert migeh 


Here is the picture of one

by MM on

Here is the picture of one of the unapproved participants.  I think IRI did not approve of where the IRI emblem was pointing to!



Baaz in Haji Pirouz zer zad.

by Milan on

Baaz in Haji Pirouz zer zad.


Sargord joon, you are full of Shiiat dude...

by Khar on

Happy Thanksgiving our West Coast Basiji ;-)

Sargord Pirouz

Yeah, really looks like the

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, really looks like the IRI is on its last legs, right? I mean, when only more than a million can be mobilized for a speech...

Dream on exiles, dream on. 


If there are 1 million

by Simorgh5555 on

If there are 1 million Basijis then I hope each and every one of them perish.

Death to the Islamic Republic. 

G. Rahmanian

Expenses Paid!

by G. Rahmanian on

In a country of 76 million, is that all they can bus in?


In Ali Geda chera hey zert-o-zourt misheh Iranian of the day?

by Hajminator on

How should he say that he doesn't consider himself Iranian ta velesh konim? We can perhaps elect him as the "seyed b.. thug" of the century and put his photo next to the golden fish on this site for the next 100 years?


Meeting of 1 Million hit men with their boss

by عموجان on

 They are probably negotiating pays for next hits. These days they don’t have to hide their meeting any more they broadcast it so they keep the fear alive.

Stephen Colbert will love this one.    


It's expensive to keep such

by KingReza on

It's expensive to keep such a large entourage.  If Ahamdinejad’s rhetoric doesn’t bump up oil prices like they used to he might “Az cheshme aghaa beeofteh”


One Million thugs and Donkey

by statira on

Ye mosht chomagh bedaste bee zat!


One million my ars

by Parthianshot91 on

  couple of years ago they were saying 5 million, at one point even 11 million, lol, now they're 1 million. Yes, Mr. Khamenei, we saw your courageous shameless basijis crying and begging the people to not crack their skulls open after killing innocent teenagers.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"