Afshin Ghaffarian

Modern dance, "Le Cri Persan" / Un Spectacle Conçu et Interprété Par: La Compagnie Des Réformances


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Too Modern for Me!

by HHH on

I prefer Bandari :)


It was kind of...

by iamfine on

I liked it, but didn't understand what he was trying to relay to the audience. Was it freedomin political sense.?



by yolanda on

I got scared by the holler and by the guy's ribs. I hope other people enjoyed it!


@ Immortal Guard: Ay Daad

by Arthimis on

@ Immortal Guard:

Ay Daad "az in Tarzan bee orzeh keh vareseh Jangal shodeh Cheetah" !!!!

PS. Almost 70 million Tarzaneh bee Orzeh!!!



I do that dance ten times better than him

by Onlyiran on

I'll post my video later. 

Azarin Sadegh

Le cri persan ne pouvait être plus perçant!

by Azarin Sadegh on

It gave me chills...breathtaking! Le cri persan ne pouvait être plus perçant ... Bravo, Afshin Ghafarian! I'm now a fan of yours!


Immortal Guard

That's what you get...

by Immortal Guard on

That's what you get when Tarzan becomes intellectual... He loses his Cheetah!


Khoda shafa enayat befarmayad

by Milan on

Khoda shafa enayat befarmayad