Warning to June 12 Protesters?

Security forces display crackdown tactics prior to election anniversary


maziar 58

Real Mc coy

by maziar 58 on

Mammad goraaz was an excuse to show for the arrest of 1000 more non  MG in coming june in Iran.

answer to your Q:

the best is to avoid living in cheap neighborhood and these type peoples are the product of POVERTY in all corner of the globe.   Maziar

maziar 58

shushtari jan

by maziar 58 on

After seeing that clips that look like a (yuresh Arabha).........

It just brought to my mind of a fellow shushtari at 13 or 14 yrs. of age who was not seen in our mahale for a while and after inquring from his nanneh the poor old lady said just that ,you know we were used to roam the mahaleh even in summer heat and apparently some ..... 

And his father sent him back to shushtar.            Maziar


Sign of weakness

by seannewyork on

no strong regime would do such thing.  it shows how scared and weak they are.

we greens will overtake them and show them democracy.

Real McCoy

After, all said

by Real McCoy on

Will any of us accept Mammad Goraaz in his/her neighbourhood?


Police bi kha**e

by Benyamin on

The only thing Iranian rulers have learned very well from Islam and Quran is how to humeliate iranian youths! I wonder how did we get to this point and why?

If we would seek the answer, should we search our own culture? or the mentality of Arabs? or Islam?




by onlyinamrica on

Mar emem husein mashki o makhas ya tongi o makhas na ya maghi o makhas. azie gera e shemre mal oona.


maziar jaan....

by shushtari on

is that 'shushtari' dialect???

sure sounds like it......you must be a fellow khuzestani :) 


Reveals Desparation

by KouroshS on

How desparate and how naive must they feel to resort to such shameful and embarrasing tactics...

Mokhele nazme omoomi MY A##.


Islam = scare tactics!

by mimi.shishi on

and  it has been working pretty well for a damn long time cause Islam has been around now 1400 yrs...the only way islamic scare tactics will stop working is when we as a NATION stop believing in islam in its whole entity...


This is routine police work

by shahabshahab on

So long as they catch the criminals (which by the way there are lots of them in Iran, regardless of the form of government), this is fine. iIt's a different story if they arrest inncovcent protesters. This clp deoa not seem to be about protesters.


we must make a distinction

by bahramthegreat on

We must make a distinction between trouble makers (gangs) and political activists. I don't see any issue with the first one. They should be arrested. With the latter one, that type of treatment is not acceptable.

maziar 58

cops version of naja

by maziar 58 on

BI CHAREH IRANI HA .............

that have to put with these craps on daily basis.

azzie gera arabone  hatta zakare nichune.           Maziar


Mahmoud Goraaz?

by onlyinamrica on

Was it the name of that razl va obaash Mahmoud Goraaz? No offend mahmoudg ;)


What is Islam? Pastor William Rennick....

by rudy_giuliani on


Re: yAghi

by faridj on

It is your uncivilized mentality which causes such ridiculous arrest. How hypocritical of you to ask people to watch the video before making a judgment when you have actually judged the guy and found him guilty without him standing trial, and giving him a chance do defend himself. 



i love the.....

by shushtari on

pathetic 'baseball caps' these idiots wear!!!! LOL

'sardar' my butt.....this moron looks more like the hendoone foroosh which he truly is!


these butchers will soon be hiding in south lebanon!!!


good luck shepeshoos 

Anonymous Observer

It kind of reminds me

by Anonymous Observer on

of old Twilight Zone episodes where the person is taken to prison by some sort of a secret police for reading a book, and he is paraded through the streets as a show of force to the rest of the population.  


IRI shows-off ONE real criminal

by masoudA on

with tatoos and everything - as is the case in this clip - to justify doing the same to hundreds others who have no crimes other than being anti government.    The question is: Do they do this for the population inside or do they make these clips to releive pressure from outside Iran. 


I never underestand

by MRX1 on

why these brave soldiers of isalm who always advocate martydom as the sweetest thing out there, always cover their faces? are they afraid that some body may kill them and they become marter?


Was the guy really ...?

by Arthimis on

Was the guy really a criminal disturbing the entire neighborhood or was this just another stage act by I.R.'s so called security forces to label the innocents?

I guess we'll never really know in this particular case, or maybe we will!

If he is NOT guilty of any wrong doing, may God help him against the I.R. forces, But if he did something wrong to public ,then  he probably deserves a little slap in front of them to say the least... 

Bottom line, after so many crimes against humanity committed by the I.R. , their reputations and records stink far more than anyone else in the past and present, period.Even if this single case is true!!!

Free Iran and Iranians.


The arrest

by yAghi on

The guy arrested is clearly criminal not a protester. What do you all expect? should he be rewarded? May be you should watch the video before making judgment. Becuse we do not like the goverment should we ask the to set the criminals free?


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


  • You did not understan what they were talking about.
  • You don't know much about Iran or its people.
  • You are not familiar with Quoran as Mahmoodg is.

Then why do you keep making uninformed remarks? Why don't you first go figure out what is going on before talking.




be gir, be band, be kosh....

by fooladi on

Goore khod kani be daste khod.


How long the regime can go on

by statira on

With scare tactics? Not long



by Raoul1955 on

I didn't understand what they talked about but based on the title and watching the video, I am assuming that they are just demonstrating their riot police's tactics as a means of warning to trouble makers to be well-behaved.
Well done!
I am not familiar with quran as 'mahmoudg' is, hence I can't tell if the tactics used in riot control are in accordance with the said book.
Cheers now


scare tactics

by mahmoudg on

straight out of the pages of Quran