Russia: Friend or enemy?

Ahmadinejad lambasts Russia over nuclear stance

AFP: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched a stinging attack on Russia Wednesday over its stance on Tehran's atomic drive, accusing it of "siding with those who have been our enemy for 30 years." Ahmadinejad's comments in a televised speech, during which he also urged both Russia and the United States to back a controversial nuclear fuel deal, drew a swift rebuke from Moscow, which angrily denounced his "political demagoguery." "The Tehran declaration (on a fuel swap) is the best opportunity. We took an important step and said something very important. There are no excuses left," Ahmadinejad said in the speech addressed to US and Russian leaders >>>

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Arthimis-e Aziz, you are right on the Money

by mehdi2009 on

Arthimis-e Aziz,

Your observation is right on the money. A "Laat is a Laat" for ever.

If murdering FARSI Language was a misdemeanor, This Waste of a person would be on DEATH ROW.

Cowards and bullies like this clown, a.k.a. Khameneie's Malijak, always have very highly inflated opinions of themselves and desire of grand delusion.

This idiotic, Murderous and Criminal Regime has never understood that the Russians never gave a damn about Iran, and as many have already mentioned all they care about is to sell their JUNK to this incompetent bunch.

OOHH, they are so scared of your spewed Garbage!!!

Some semi-intelligent Person in that Criminal Cabal should make him realize that it is one thing to shoot, rape, maim, torture and murder innocent unarmed people, it is quite another matter to BS your Gigantic suppliers in the north, as that Criminal Gang up north do not take kindly to be threatened by this Little Turd. Just look up Russian Mafia with their track record all over the world.

Salutations to all the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.



Do not mistake Putin and Medvedev for Russians

by Rea on

For do we not mistake Khamenei and AN for Iranians.

As simple as that.

Mardom Mazloom

AO, that was a good one :)

by Mardom Mazloom on

التماس به خلق خدا خفت است که اگر بر آورده شود منت است و اگر نشود ذلت!

Anonymous Observer

Mardom Mazloom

by Anonymous Observer on

Is that a Sandis distribution center? :-))



by MRX1 on

IRI is a best friend of Russia but not the other way around: from giving away trillions of dollars of oil right to russians and/or former soviet republics that are under influence of russia (A treason as big as torkamanchai agreement) to buying billions of dollars of russian junk: An out dated soviet era nuclear reactor to air planes that fall from the sky on a weekly basis  (Interestingly russian airline itslef is buying airbus if not boeing planes!) to surface and air missle that no knows if they will ever work and list goes on and on. IRI is a bitch for russians to use and absue that is for sure. In the end Russia cares more about it's relationship to U.S and Europe and once the get tired of using IRI they will drop them faster than you can blink. 


پ.س. عنتری، این


پ.س. عنتری، این جور را که تو و امثال تو، کشور را به تاراج گذاشتین،
کم کم همین ۵۰۰ نفری هم که با ساندیس آوردین را هم از دست میدین...


عنتری ،اولا که


عنتری ،اولا که اون خر خودتی! تو که بهترین خریدار روسیه هستی‌! تمام
منابع نفت و گاز دریا خزر (تریلیون، تریلیون دلار...) را که به دادی به
آنها!!! ۳۰ سال که بیلیون‌ها دلار دادی برای انرژی اتمی‌ و راکتور که هنوز
راه نیفتاده!!! بیلییون دلار هم که جنس و اسلحه آشغال ازشون میخری  با ۳۰
برابر قیمت؟؟ بنزین مان هم که با ۲۰ برابر از اونا و دار و دستشون
میخریم؟؟؟ خاک بر سرت، آنها از خداشونه حمالی مثل تو بهشون مفت مفت کولی
بده!!! نترس، اونا دوست دارن، ما ایم که از قیافه نحست متنفریم عنتری... یا
خیلی‌ خری که نمیدونی و نمیفهمی یا که از اون ............ یی !!! فکر کنم
دومیشی چون خیلی‌ عشق لاتی کشتتت!؟


Late Bi Saropa!

by shahabshahab on

This guy talks like an illiterate laat who dos not even know how to put words together: Lavazem?!!

The Iranian people deserve him so they can learn from their mistake for their future.

Mardom Mazloom

And here Kermanis who went listen to Arajeef AN (wide zoom)

by Mardom Mazloom on


پس این ۶۳ در صدی که اینا میگن بهت رای دادن کو، ناکس؟



by pas-e-pardeh on

If he didn't have so much blood on his hands, I'd say he is a clown.