One Year After Elections

Questions and answers

Shadi Sadr, Massoud Behnoud, Hassan Shariatmadari, Mahan Abedin, Mohammad Sadeghi answer participant questions in BBC round table.


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by Rastgoo on

You are right.  Moussavi was the PM when tens of thousands of the MKO and other opposition were executed.   I am also bothered by that but I give it a few justifications:

1.  Moussavi was pwerless when it came to national security as Khomeini was the leader then and much more powerful than Khameni is today.

2.   The entire country was under Khomeini's cult of personality.  Anyone who resisted wouidl be either executed of at best would become another Montazeri.  It is not surprising that after Khomeini's death all the "reformers" emerged.  There was breathing room.

3.  People can change.  


Very interesting

by ghalam-doon on

I don't know how many people watched the whole debate but it was very interesting that towards the end the guy whose name skips my mind was claiming that it was okay that they executed 5,000 people during the 1st decade of the revolution. It's also interesting that Mousavi has condemned the latest round of executions.

Helllooo! Who was the PM when the regime executed scores of people without due process? If it was okay then why it's not okay now?


IRI, right and boobs make earthquake!

by choghok on

Ahmaghinejad and his goons always talk truth. It is just that all (sane) people cannot see the truth, we need to be taught, just like the journalists and politicians that made confessions during show trials, we need to be convinced of the absolut truth of Ahmaghi and Ali Geda.


A good song for those who forgot what Iran can do

by IRI on

Darius Kadivar

An Adequate Song for those who still have Dust in their eyes ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Darius Kadivar

Massoud Behnoud A Smart Man pursuing the Wrong Goals...

by Darius Kadivar on

He doesn't want to let go of the IRI Constitution ...

The IRI Reformist Think Tank has a Strong Ally in this Intellectual who definitively was, is, and will be against Regime Change ...

Behind the Intellectual Mumbo Jumbo, suave voice, poetic sensitivity and so called openminded humor and coat-Shalvar and Neck Tie he is dismissing the illegitimacy of the IRI on grounds that the regime has been in power for 30 years and that people wish to live under the current system of government as if people of his generation had Alzheimers or that their children ignore the difference of life between today and prior to the Revolution ...

Sadegh Ziba Kallam on Reza Shah's Contributions:


What about all those Iranians including artists who have been fleeing the country ?

Nargess Kalhor who is Mehdi Kalhor's ( Ahmadinejad's Cultural advisor) Own Daughter and was interviewed on the BBC was saying clearly the Revolution in her opinion was an Error:


Or even Golshifteh Farahani ( Saying we all have to be "Good Liers" under the IRI in order to survive) on French TV ( English Subtitles):


both born after the Revolution.

Or the Generation depicted in Bahman Ghobadi's film:

LES INROCK's: Les Chats Persans entre en Resistance

Shadi Sadre and ShariatMadari were the Only to truly contradict him and his fellow Likeminds ...

Good Show and Debate Overall except that I did not see too many genuinely Secularists amongst the debators apart from Shadi Sadre a genuine product of Iran's thriving Civil Society. Shariatmadari is as everyone knows the son of the late Ayatollah.

My Humble Opinion,


Recommended Watching:

DOCUMENTARY: Training of the Future IRI Political Elite ( ARTE TV)