Omid Montazeri

Six-year suspended prison sentence

Committee of Human Rights Reporters: Many human rights activists around the world have demanded the release of Omid Montazeri. He has been handed a six-year suspended prison sentence. He was arrested on December 28, 2009, upon his arrival at the tracking office of the Ministry of Intelligence to obtain information on the arrest of his mother (Mahin Fahimi) and her guests who were all arrested at his family’s residence. It has been two months now that Omid Montazeri has been in detention. Mahin Fahimi was released on bail on February 9, 2010. Montazeri was completing his last term in Allameh Tabatabai University to obtain a bachelors degree in law. He is also known as a poet and journalist. The articles he wrote about were culture-related or editorials. His work has been published in Iranian newspapers such as Farhang Ashti and Khabar. Omid Montazeri’s father, Hamid Montazeri, was a political prisoner who was executed by the regime in 1988.


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دامن کشان، ساقی می‌خواران از کنار یاران، مست و گیسو افشان می‌گریزد

بر جام می، از شرنگ دوری بر غم مهجوری، چون شرابی جوشان می‌بریزد

دارم قلبی، لرزان ز رهش دیده شد نگران

ساقی می‌خواران، از کنار یاران مست و گیسو افشان، می‌گریزد...


ساری گلین



پریسا ارصلانی


حسین علیزاده آلبوم به تماشای آبهای سفید




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He should deem himself Lucky ...

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Does anybody know about the source of the soundtrack?


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but did you hear the good news?  Israel is afraid of the IRI.  We will free Gaza and the West Bank..."Zionists" are running scared, blah, blah, blah...