The Little House of Kebobs

One of Toronto's most popular Iranian restaurants



Viva Chelokabab!

by Mehman on


Iran's national food is undoubtedly chelokabab, and boy, it is delecious, more than that it is saralicious...

چلو کباب رو عشقه!

!Chelokabab lovers of the world Unite




!PS: ...and invite Mehman for a pors or two




by yolanda on

Thank you, Sasha Akbari,

    My folks live on D'arcy street....the restaurant owner works very hard.....I hope this video generates more customers for him!

Thank you for making this video!

Sasha Akbari


by Sasha Akbari on

Yeah it is pretty close to there. It is at stated located near Yonge and Gerrard st. They would have to just walk north on Yonge St until they see it.

Also I have no idea about whether they have more customers now or not.



by yolanda on

Does this restaurant have more customers after the posting of this video? My dad's brother and sister live in Toronto; their homes are very close to Eaton Department store, Hockey Museum, and Royal Ontario this restaurant nearby?


"Commrade, please list the names"

by comrade on

My initial remark was never directed to the restaurant featured in this blog. I have no reason, and no intention to taint the good reputation of our hard working fellow citizens such as the owners of this establishment. This explanation should clarify the misunderstanding caused by my general observation, which addresses the association of some business owners in Toronto, and IRI.


hamsade ghadimi

thanks for the video

by hamsade ghadimi on

thanks for the video sasha.

had a good laugh at the comments by tahgord, comrade and chick. here's a video for tahgord pretender: //

Genghis Khan

"you eat with plastic plates and utensils"

by Genghis Khan on

It's nonetheless good to know that some hezbollahis are breaking away from the holy tradition, and have learnt how to use cutlery.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

Ghormeh Chick

kabab ba barbari?

by Ghormeh Chick on

hatman ghazay badi hamberger e kalleh pacheh.


Sich kebob!!

by comrade on

You are stationed in Germany, Sargord. Are you not?


Sargord Pirouz

I ate at Mobby Dick in MD

by Sargord Pirouz on

I ate at Mobby Dick in MD about a month ago. Nothing spectacular. And you eat with plastic plates and utensils. (My sister liked it, though.)

In my opinion, there are much better places in northern and southern California. But, of course, northern Tehran is best, with Barbari bread and all.

maziar 58

kabob is kabab but

by maziar 58 on

mobby dick ,you mean the one in bethesda,md. ? NOT REALLY.              Maziar

Sasha Akbari

More informercial

by Sasha Akbari on

I made this originally as a documentary but I slowly shifted it into a food review none the less :)



by Iraniandudee3 on

IS better :D



by yolanda on

It sounds like a commercial or informercial....if I go to Toronto to visit my relatives, I will try the food for sure!


I thought Shomal was the best

by cyclicforward on

Can anyone comment on Shomal Kabob house. I heard it is really good.


good kabob!!

by nikoo195 on

isnt a classy place but their kabob was incredible. There are tonnes of persian restaurants in North York(northern toronto) or as I like to call it Tehranto, but there are only 4 restaurants in downtown Toronto(that I know of)


eaten there

by MRX1 on

nothing that great.


Banu Iranian Kabob and

by vildemose on

Banu Iranian Kabob and Vodka Bar in Tornoto is one of the best:

777 Queen W, Toronto, Ontario (416) 777-2268

official website:


Review from Guardian UK:

Alex Kapranos
Friday April 21, 2006
The Guardian UK



by Fatollah on

Any valuable comment on this one?