James Woolsey: Nuclear Iran

Former head of the CIA, says "Iran could have nuclear weapon this year."

The former head of the C.I.A. tells Newsmax that everything points to Iran having a nuclear weapon in a year or less. And he says that he hopes Pres. Obama is prepared to stop Iran because if not, it could change the world picture and lead to a arms:


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by timothyfloyd on




by Bavafa on

By your account then it would be legal to invade Israel for violating so many UN resolution and act of war crimes.

Here is a list but I am sure you are well aware of their crimes and all the UN resolutions against her.





by Mammad on

Saddam was a war criminal, but invasion of Iraq was illegal. Being a war criminal does not justify invading that country. Otherwise, the US should be invaded too for having many war criminals.

The UN never gave the US and Britain the authority for invasion. If they had the authority, Bush and Blair would not have tried so hard to convince the UNSC to give them the authority in the first place, sending Colin Powell to lie in the meeting of the UNSC.

And the infamous Downing Street memo made it clear that Bush wanted to invade Iraq all along, and "the intelligence was being organized around the decision to invade" according to the memo. 

Whatever legal mumbo jumbo Bush, Cheney, and Blair  - all war criminals - presented were just that, mumbo jumbo. 

Saddam invaded Iran with direct encouragement of the US and the West (this is according to the US officials, not IRI), the same nations that later armed his army to the teeth. So, yes, those who supported him, gave him arms, supported him at the UN, preventing the UNSC for seven years to call for a ceasefire, and declaring Iraq the invader for 11 years - the US leaders and their allies -  and then turned against him are war criminals.

And anyone who believes that Woolsey is credible, or invasion of Iraq was legal is either fooling himself, or is extremely uninformed. 





by timothyfloyd on

Good interview.

Mahmad.Saddam Hussein was the War Criminal.Here's the reason why the invasion of Iraq was legal.
Saddam's buddies at the U.N were criminal too.






by Mammad on

James Woolsey is a war criminal. It is as simple as that. He had a major role in scaring the public into believing that Iraq had nuclear weapon program and chemical and biological weapons. He was an ardent advocate of invasion of Iraq that led to the death of up to 1 million innocent people and perhaps more. He has continously exaggerated, and in many occasions, lied about Iran. I suggest you read the following article.


Opposition to the IRI should not blind us to everything else. Opposing the IRI, revealing the crimes, and supporting the democratic/Green movement are not mutually exclusive with opposing war and economic sanctions that will hurt only common people. Revealing the lies, exaggerations, half truths, and half-baked half-truths are exactly efforts in the direction of opposing war and sanctions.

Of course, if you support war and sanctions - and sanctions are economic wars that can kill even more people than an actual military war - that is a separate issue.

Instead of wishing for a nuclear umbrella for the Middle East, why do we not wish for a nuclear-free Middle East? What is the problem? If you wish that, you are afraid that a certain nation - Israel - will lose its 400 nuclear warhead, and that is not acceptable?



It sounds plausible

by benross on

Even logical. The military mind reasoning was the main factor in Iraq blunder. There is a saying that the war is too important to hand it to generals! I am of that school of thought!

Denver Tinbender

He is a murderer and war criminal.

by Denver Tinbender on


Ex-CIA Head Woolsey Helped INC Pass Info to U.S.

The Knight Ridder news agency is reporting that former CIA director James Woolsey personally helped a now disgraced defector connected with the Iraqi National Congress to meet with governmental officials. The defector relayed to the US a fabricated story that Iraq had biological warfare laboratories disguised as yogurt and milk trucks. The INC’s representative in Washington, Francis Brooke, also said former Pentagon official Richard Perle contacted the Bush administration on the INC’s behalf. The role of Woolsey and Perle was not addressed in the recent report issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee.



Sure thing!

by farokh2000 on

You really have to listen to these people since they know what they are talking about!

They are still looking for the WMDs in Iraq. Oil really has nothing to do with anything!?.

The criminal Mullahs are all talk and nothing else. They have as much as Saddam did in his good days. He was CIA and so are the Mullahs.

Say AIPAC and Military Industrial complex?

Didn't the criminal George Bush say " War is good for the Economy", when he invaded Iraq?

Jolly Me

USA By another name Super Fart!

by Jolly Me on



USA By another name is Super Fart! 

America, you have to ask yourself are you  better off than you were 30 years ago?

Educate Yourselves:








I do hope IRI get its

by vildemose on

I do hope IRI get its antiquated weaponized nuke soon. The sooner the nuke issue is put to rest the sooner we can start the Nuclear Umbrella.

Enjoy the shade my beloved defenders of radical Islamist.

 You brought on yourself.


Cheap shots to individuals

by benross on

Cheap shots to individuals -if any- will be forgiven or forgotten. Calling for nuke arms will destroy my country. I won't let you do that. I'm not sure you understand the meaning of 'common sense' but if I ever manage to persuade you (and to do that, I first need to know what the hell you are thinking) rest assured that it will be one single persuaded person. You are in no position to authorize 'others' to be persuaded. Don't be concerned about my credibility. I am not. I'm not self proclaimed representative of 'others'.



by Bavafa on

You are entitle to your beliefs but if you are hoping to persuade others with your opinion then you need to use logic, facts and common sense instead of wild accusation and cheap shots. That just takes away from any credibility you might have had.



A Good Label To Describe Americans

by AlexInFlorida on

Radical Multinational Driven, "Neo-Colonial-Democratists".


They have stolen more freedom and peace than all other fanatical regimes combined, by spawning other radicals directly, including Islamists.

 As orwell said you have to be able to describe fanaticism to defeat it.


USA is Against, Peace And Freedom, but for Democracy.

by AlexInFlorida on

In 1979 87% of Iranians called themselves practicing muslims. 53% wanted an Islamic Government.

Propaganda as Hitler discovered can only win for a short time.  It can not be relied upon indefinetly. So what happened based on results.

In 2009 less than 15% say they are practicing muslims, mosque attendance is below 11%. Less than 10% want Islamic Government.

The real accomplishments of IRI are listed below.  Khomeini was Gods Angel. See why.

Accomplishment #1

Back in 1979 Islam was a respected idea in Iran.  After 31 years of Islam plus democracy, today both ISLAM and DOG SHIT are thought of in the exact same way by the majority of Iranians.

Accomplishment #2

Back in 1979, the old, out dated, unproven, highly ridiculed idea of democracy was highly respected in Iran among intellectuals. Today Iranians ask questions like, why is the word democracy not even mentioned one time in the constitution of the united states? Why are 95% of the democratic republics the most miserable inhumane places on earth to live? From the democratic republic of haiti to india.  Therefore Most people don't want to buy democratic ideal for their future government.  IRI was enough for them.

Accomplishment #3

Back in 1979, Iranians had Freedom. Today they live in a democratic style tyranny... not unlike 95% of all other western imposed democratic republics.  Iranians want Freedom back, the way the Shah had delivered it.  This would not be possible without experiencing Democracy first hand.

Accomplishment #4

Respect for Homosexuality.. okay Islamic republic didn't exactly get most Iranians to respect homosexuality as a good choice.  But it is true that homosexuality was disapproved of in the attitudes of Iranians before the revolution.  On a factual level most Iranians realize that at least homosexuality has done less harm to Iran and humanity than either Islam or democratic republics, so Today many Iranians can say homosexuality as a choice is deserving of a more respect than Islam or Democratic Republics... although they may not choose it for themselves.

Accomplishment #5

No one but Muslims praise Khomeini and therefore they are becoming fewer by the day. Khomeini was a National Gift. In 1979 most people were Liars and very dishonest in Iran, which resulted in not defending their way of life or the shah who was a hero based on how he helped all people.  Khomeini was like hitting bottom. Without him people would not have stopped to think... okay now we absolutely have to be truthful at least with ourselves and even honest with respect to others.  Otherwise we will stay with this asshole forever.

Accomplishment #6

Appreciating the Shah, any ungrateful asswipe would worship the shahs generosity and highly principalled approach in serving Iranians... ironically except the ungrateful asswipe Iranians themselves.  Today we truly appreciate him upon pausing and reflecting.

Accomplishment #7

Realizing we are good enough as we are as people and don't have to be any better than we already are.  We just need to use our gifts and not let them languish unused, like courage, passion, love, comapassion.  We are fine.  All we need to do is be ourselves and not follow lies like democracy, islam, judaism, christianity, evolution, socialism, or anythng that makes unkeepable promises to us,  Live In Peace and Free, its all that matters. 

IRI may stay for 100 more years.  But that is because of Global politics.

Every single US President since Carter has sided with the US Oil Cartels, The British and the Pro-Israeli Lobby of Jews, who purchase 100% of their oil from Iran (even though it is against the Islamic Constitution) and pay Iran in Gold, US Dollars, Technology to suppress Iranians, high tec weaponry and anything they need to stay in power.

Please Keep in mind all of these kind, warm hearted, civilized groups denied plastic bullets, tear gas, water cannons and riot protection gear to the Shahs Government, so the Shah had no choice but to leave.  That wasn't very Friendly.  Nor was comparing the leadership of the Shah to Jesus in Heaven in an idealistic world and concluding he was bad, but then for 30 years praising the IRI and comparing them with Stalin in Hell and after concluding how good they are, bringing no attention to their crimes.  

USA a Force for Peace and Freedom?  No American has never Stood For Freedom or Peace enough to cover the Shame of murding more than 100 million innocent people since the End Of World War 2 with US manufactured weaponry. And if you consider Iraqi's (1.5M), Afghanis(7 Million, Iranians (0.5-1.0M) all as persians then close to 9 million of those are Persians.


Woolsey is a pro-military industrial complex neocon


that is all.

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

"There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Howard Zinn: "There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people."


I suggest you read Shifteh

by benross on

I suggest you read Shifteh response to your madness about IRI nuke. Nevermind U.S policy and democracy, I can't believe you are truly a supporter of democracy for your own country. Heck, nevermind democracy. I don't believe you want your country to stay in one piece. But the nuke toy thing will cover your inferiority complex. And that's all you need I suppose.


No argument or

by Bavafa on

No argument or disagreement about US wining the cold war, but the assertion that US goes to war for peace or the insinuation that it fights for democracy is absurd. There are many dictatorship around the world mainly because of US backing of those regimes. One can name at least half a dozen of those regimes just in ME. And of course Iranians have seen and been affected as a result for nearly 60 years now. Of course this does not mean that white wash we (Iranians) responsibility in that episode.



Without overstating, his

by benross on

Without overstating, his description of U.S general impact as superpower is historically accurate. That includes of-course winning the cold war that losers don't like it. His take on torture and captured prisoners of-course is one of a military mind that defies civil rights American military should stand for it. Here, he contradicts himself. I've seen worse. I think Obama has a good handle of the whole situation, whether it is to James Woolsey liking or not.


James Weasel lost any

by Bavafa on

James Weasel lost any sense of credibility/logic when he said "US is major force for peace in the world"

But lets hope he is right and Iran will have to Nuke soon.