Jafar Panahi

Jailed Iran director appears on-screen in Cannes

CANNES, France (AFP) – The jailed Iranian film-maker, Jafar Panahi, described being interrogated by police in a clip screened Thursday at the Cannes film festival. In the three-minute excerpt, Panahi, described an incident three years before his latest arrest when an Iranian security official interrogated him for three hours before releasing him with a threat of further questioning. "As I left, he said I would be summoned again," Panahi said on the film, screened by organisers of the Cannes film festival. "He asked me, 'Why do you stay in Iran? Why don't you make films abroad?" Panahi said of his interrogator. He added that when he was released, the guard added: "I loved The Circle," Panahi's 2000 movie about the oppression of women in the Islamic Republic >>>

Nader Takmil Homayoun's tribute to Panahi:


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No Fear thanks for enlighted input!

by choghok on

So you mean Ahmaghinejad is a Jafar Panahi fan and just wants to see that his wishes come true? 

Now I am sure that Panahi also wishes that Ahmaghinejad and all his A.hole supporters would go to hell, then would they do that as well? 


" J'ai adoré 'Le Cercle' "

by Rea on

Humanizing the inhuman is often the only means of surviving and dealing with pain. 


in lives of others

by humanbeing on

the interrogator is portrayed ambiguously. or let's say the audience is manipulated into seeing his human sides.

thanks dk, enjoyed seeing the trailer again.

(one of my faves. even have this film on fb profile.)

Darius Kadivar

Panahi's interrogator reminds me of "The Lives of Others"

by Darius Kadivar on

THE LIVES OF OTHERS  Best Oscar for Foreign Film in 2006:



At once a political thriller and human drama, THE LIVES OF OTHERS begins in East Berlin in 1984, five years before Glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall and ultimately takes us to 1991, in what is now the reunited Germany. THE LIVES OF OTHERS traces the gradual disillusionment of Captain Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Muhe, best known for his lead roles in Michael Haneke's FUNNY GAMES and as Dr. Mengele in Costa-Gavras' AMEN), a highly skilled officer who works for the Stasi, East Germany's all-powerful secret police. His mission is to spy on a celebrated writer and actress couple, Georg Dreyman (Sebastian Koch) and Christa-Maria Sieland (Martina Gedeck).


No clue once again

by Fair on

Even if Panahi said that, he should be free.  In a civilized country he would not be imprisoned for making movies and "pushing the status quo"  (which in Iran is dictatorship).

In a barbaric regime ruled by fascist apes like the one in your avatar, it is a different story.

You are right, you have no clue what he has done to be interrogated, and you also have no shame in blaming him for his imprisonment.

Free Panahi and all political prisoners immediately.

Marg bar Diktator.


Darius Kadivar

Bahman Ghobadi and Makhmalbaf in Solidarity with Panahi

by Darius Kadivar on


an elegant but assertive message

by humanbeing on

from the art world. thanks for the clip dk.

Darius Kadivar

Jury In Absentia

by Darius Kadivar on

FRom Opening Ceremony Video ( 3 min 06) Notice Marjane Satrapi in audience :




My Geatest Hope ...

by R2-D2 on

is that one day, all vestiges of this Arab-inspired regime, would be totally and completely removed from the Society of our Beloved Iran!

This darkness that descended upon our great country thirty (30) years ago, has been like a cancerous tumor eating away at the very vitality and creativity of our brothers and sisters in Iran!

What a foolish decision for us as a nation to accept this bunch as our leaders at the time of the so-called 1979 Revolution. There is no question in mind, that whether we were for monarchy or not, that the Shah's era will go down in history as far superior to that of this brutal bunch!

Let's Look Forward To The Day When The Greatness Of Iran, And Its Wonderful Persian Culture, Would Be Restored To Its Glorious Past .. Pure And Simple!



No Fear

Jafar Panahi has said

by No Fear on

Jafar Panahi has said before, That he rather be a political prisoner than a film maker.  I don't know what he has done to be interrogated but i am sure that he likes to push the status quo.

It is in the domain of the intellectual left to oppose everything and anything , anywhere.


Akhe bi omorzehaye harchi-talab

by Marjaneh on

He makes films! I don't even like his films.

He makes films.

What EXACTLY is his crime?

Most people would rather die than think: in fact, they do so. – Bertrand Russell