IRI consulate attacked

Protesters break windows

Attack on Iranian consulate in Kensington, London:

Protest in front of embassy:



dc event today

by seannewyork on

i was reading on twitter about all the protests, it said Washington dc is having an event at 5pm in front of iran embassy on wisconsin.

 5pm wisconsin ave on monday may 10

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

any body knows of any similar action here in Washington in front of Iranian looneye mar ?   thanks     Maziar


Thank you so much !

by armita on

I watched this 100 times yesterday,it made me feel so much better.  I felt like I got some of my anger out.  We cannot allow IRI to treat Iranians in such a way.  It's about time they fear us! 

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Omid Djalili In Support ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

OMID's HOUR: Omid Djalili ... "I'm The King of England Bitch"




Good job Iranian bros

by Iraniandudee3 on

Sadly The only language these islamist leaches understand is violence, a kick to the face or perhaps their skulls cracked open to be more specific. Make them get on their knees and beg.

Anahid Hojjati

I have to agree with JJ. It will get a lot more violent.

by Anahid Hojjati on


I agree with JJ where he wrote:"It will get a lot more violent. All other avenues have been shut." All throughout last year, we have read from some people on this site who claim to be sabz but are really nothing but bunch of IRI appeasers ;at best, that violence is bad. I believe if IRI criminals were afraid of violence against them, they might think twice about some of their actions.

maziar 58

Question Q

by maziar 58 on

So what you suggesting for those LOSERS ?! would be better to march in front of IRR ( laneye mar)  and chant like velayete rahbari  lobnanno key mikhari ?

TIC TAC........I hope there are plenty of time for safsate &... in lebanon under a cypress tree for y'all drinking chai' and talking about  shangool, mangool. 

in Iran if the marchers have the support of niroye entezami they could creat miracles.                Maziar


Communist kooks

by Q on

No respect for the losers in the first video, and no justification for cheerleading mob violence and intimidation. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Those short sighted idiots cheerleading this behavior are directly hurting Iranian democracy activists inside Iran and making their life harder. (Of course this is nothing new for the superficial narcissists of the exile commnity) This after the courageous protestors in Iran tried so hard not to project an image of lawlessness and violence.

The "hekmatists" (nekbatists) are nobodies. They are themselves an offshoot of an obsecure group called "Worker Communist Party" with absolutely no support in Iran.

Yes, they are frustrated for the same reasons Rajavists and other fringe extremists are. Not only does the IRI reject them but even the opposition rejects them. There is no future for them in Iran and they know it.

vildemose: expat doesn't have a hyphon. Deal with it.


Amir19, Perhaps it is more respectful to honor them without

by oktaby on

Quoting a crook and one of the ideological founders of the very islamic tyranny that ended up taking their lives. I realize you mean well, but has Iran not been tormented by and suffered enough from this hossein and yazid horse manure? 



آنهایی که رفتند کاری حسینی کردند


یکی از گفته های دکتر علی شریعتی که برای من همیشه جذاب بوده است این است که گفت:

 آنهایی که رفتند کاری حسینی کردند. آنهایی که مانده  اند باید کاری زینبی کنند وگرنه یزیدی اند. هم اکنون بسیاری از جوانان غیور ایران  همانند حسین به دست یزید زمان (خامنه ای) شهید میشوند و من و تو باید با افشاگری و اطلاع رسانی و تدارک دیدن اعتراضات در سراسر دنیا و هر اقدام دیگری که از دستمان بر می آید اجازه ندهیم خون این بچه های عزیز میهن بدون نتیجه ریخته باشد. سالروز کودتای 22 خرداد نزدیک است و ما ایرانیان با غیرت بایستی در کنار هم و فارغ از هرنوع اختلاف نظرهای سیاسی در یک جبهه مشترک بنام جنبش سبز مردم ایران که متعلق به همه است یکپارچه دست به اعتراض و راهپیمایی بزنیم تا این پیر استعمار و سمبل جهالت و ارتجاع (خامنه ای) و سگهای هارش (بسیجیان و پاسداران  ذوب شده در ولایت وقیح) درک کنند که تا ظلم هست مبارزه خواهد بود

یک پیشنهاد- زدن بادکنکهای حاوی رنگ سبز و قرمز به دیوارهای سفارتخانه های جمهوری اسهالی در تمام کشورهای دنیا به منظور حمایت از مردم داخل ایران


Thank you

by minadadvar on

I posted at least 6 comments.  The first 4 were gone, within seconds. The reason:  ????

Thanks for not throwing my last 2 comments out of the window. 



Dear iranvatanemanm

by minadadvar on

You are such an inspiration.  So Brave.  So heroic.  Please let us know who you really are.  Your first name, your last name, your residence.  Please let us know.  A whole nation is behind you.  We want to support you.  But, as long as, you are hiding (due to your humility)  we are uanable to support you. Please, let us help.


JJ/ irananvatananem

by minadadvar on

JJ.  Thanks for your-email.

irivat:  Since you are so brave, I would like you to let us know, who you really are.  First/last name as well as your place of residence. I am not interested in your username/anything else you have to say.

Moron?!!  I might be many things, but, moron, is not one of them.  Projection is a bitch, not mine of course.

There is no reason to delete this comment.


فراخوان خانواده اعدام شدگان


مرسی، جهانشاه عزیز. منکه عزادارم... دیگر نمیدانم چه مینویسم و چه میگویم...

فراخوانی برای تجمع در مقابل دانشگاه تهران پخش شده است. خانواده پنج زندانی اعدام شده 20 اردیبهشت ساعت 11 صبح در اعتراض به اعدام عزیزانشان در مقابل دانشگاه تهران خواهند بود.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Real cheap shots iranvataneman

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


you are really into cheap shots! It is not up to you to say who is Iranian. Many Iranians and other nationals lived in exile until the right time. Vildemose already pointed out that your God I mean Khomeni was an ex pat. So zip it. People have a right to their opinion. The IRI is murdering people and you are worried about this? 

We expat l Iranians care about each other. We also care about the ones back home. Unlike Khomeini worshipers who sold their souls to the vampire.



A free lesson: Vatan is Arabic; it is "Meehan" in Persian.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


objection (eeteraz) is always fresh with no expiration date on it.

p.s  to all IRR supporters I think the clock start ticking like TIC,TAC  Maziar

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Laleh, the video you posted is from July 2008, when Farzad was arrested. It is not in response to the executions.


ایران عزادار است


تجمع مردم سنندج در اعتراض به بازداشت شادروان فرزاد کمانگر


نه می بخشم، نه فراموش میکنم

Mort Gilani

Protest Today, Vengeance Tomorrow

by Mort Gilani on

If you are a decent human being, you ought to feel rage for the execution of these souls and sadness for the suffering of their families. Those who are protesting a murderous regime are showing what it is like to be a decent human being.
Nobody should give a fuck about smashed windows when young Iranians are murdered, the time is now.


Khomeini was an ex-pat. Deal

by vildemose on

Khomeini was an ex-pat. Deal with it.


Hey Iranvataneman

by afyoun on

or Sargord or whatever you call yourself. What is it dear? Can't stand your own medicine?

I'm amazed by how your mind works. It reminds me of laundry, I don't know why.

You alikes should be very cautious and concerned, as the uprising has completed its first two phases, "the unity and organization" and is in the progress of entering "the radical" phase.

Up to now it was only dialog on our side and violence on your side. From now on it'll be dialog on our side and violence on either sides.

What do you think has given birth to all those radical movements around the world? "Ideologies similar to the one you dearly admire"


They won't bother showing up lol

by iranvataneman on

Alex, this is why they are called "EXPATS" because they have lost their "vatan" and all respect if any left, for it. The thing is though Alex, they are stuck.

They are now neither Iranian, because Iranians back home don't accept them for ideological and lifestyle differences, but Europeans and the people in the West, don't accept them as Europeans either, they see them as immigrants who are taking up their space.


Either way they look bad.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

These expats are ridiculous

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Sorry, but I don't buy it. Not impressed. Now that England's economy is screwed, these expats are suddenly vatan vatan vatan. What a joke. 

pastor bill rennick

Brother Shahansahesmail! Ashora is supposed to be

by pastor bill rennick on

the most violent day in the Shi'ite history? Imam Hossain and his 72 partners rammed into the Yazeed Army. Now, Iranians are ramming into the Yazeed Army (e.g., your ilk)! Are you scared?




You have a sense to be in

by benross on

You have a sense to be in the right place in the right time JJ.



by Shepesh on


Jahanshah Javid

Aint seen nothing yet

by Jahanshah Javid on

It will get a lot more violent. All other avenues have been shut.



by minadadvar on

They broke windows.  The rapist IRI thugs, are killing people.  The cowards are the ones who are shooting, defenseless/unarmed , but courageous Iranians on the street.

Shame on you. You don't even dare to post your comments, under your real name.


When they can't get their point across verbally

by iranvataneman on

Whe they can't get their point across verbally, they retort to violence like cowards, no surprises there, and definitely not peaceful, they are more barbaric with their actions than with their words, truly pathetic.


ahh yes peaceful protestors

by shahanshahesmail on

ahh yes peaceful protestors at their best , reminds me of ashura