Hila Sedighi

Teacher's Day tribute and "Baba" for political prisoners in memory of Foroogh Farrokhzad


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New Link....

by UnitedIran on

The old link is no longer there. Here is a new one;



I should sin anyways

by Darveesh on

good catch though.

God she is beautiful and this old Darveesh ......................


They say God is zalem to be creating such beauty to torture men.


Re: Darveesh, don't worry! misspellling (sined) is not a sin!

by obama on

or is it beacuse a lot of others have sinned beacuse of her talent, beauty, class, voice, etc. as well? I didn't know Darvishes belive in lord! Now you can breath easier! Your sins are fogiven! There is nothing wrong with following your del!

She is brilliant! God bless her!


O my lord forgive me for I have sined

by Darveesh on

I can definitely fall in love with this young woman.


She is awesome in every aspect



by spatima on

thanks for sharing



In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran

Maryam Hojjat

Hila is our young Poet in

by Maryam Hojjat on

current tumultuous IRAN.  She has been expressing herself powerfully with her sad & beautiful poems.  May Ahoura Mazda protects her from IRR/ IRI thugs.


She is absolutely amazing and her poems are absolutely amazing

by Bavafa on

I hope no harms ever come to her for reciting such beautiful and powerful poem. I hope one day she can recite of happier and less despair times for us.



Thanks Hila jan

by statira on

For remembering one of our greatest contemporary poets.



by Ferfereh on

I'm sure Forogh would have been so proud of you.


wish i understood

by humanbeing on

the content. the performance is enchanting.

Darius Kadivar

Mémoire d'outre tombe-Farrokhzad's Brother

by Darius Kadivar on

Fereidoune Farrokhzad on Political Activism and the Intellectual Responsability and duty of the Artist:


"Remember the Flight The Bird is Mortal" -Forough Farrokhzad