Do you feel happy?

Answers from ordinary Iranians

You will love this!

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by benross on

It takes us to their homes, as a stranger guest. Very strange -yet warm- feeling. I loved the last guy!



by Goodearth on

If you think this is lovely and these people are happy then check this one out for more lovely lovely lives:



This was a powerful

by Nosratallah on

This was a powerful expression of faithful and pure people of iRan. Personally, if I had a briefcase full of gold, I would trust it with any of these folks, at anytime for any duration. I have faith that they return it to me safe and sound without any problem. Now, the question is “would I leave my briefcase full of gold with the modern man who has iTouch, iPhone, iPod, iNternet, …?” The answer is simply, “No”. The modern man has all these iGadgets and is missing what these people have. These pure faithful people had only iRan, iSlam, and iKhlaas (purity) on their plates. I could feel their clear conscious, and see the purity-of-heart on their faces.                           P.S. Now I know why Mr. Apple (and his brother Big Apple) is so fascinated with iGadgets, it is competing with these faithful people to bring happiness to the life of the others. “Mr. Apple you got a long way to go!” Happiness is having clear conscious and pure heart.




چه انسانهای پاک


چه انسانهای پاک و ساده و شریفی به نظر می‌آیند ... آدم دلش میسوزه
برای هم میهنانش... این کشور با این همه ثروت... "هنوز هم اندر خمه یک کوچه
ایم"! افسوس و صد افسوس.. ‌ای کاش بزودی یک روزی این مردم با معرفت ایران
آزادی، دموکراسی، بهترین آموزش و پرورش، رفاه درمانی، اقتصادی، امنیتی،
اجتمایی‌ را به صورت رایگان در ایران آزاد تجربه کامل کند. ‌ای خدا،

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The only true way to happiness is to seek happiness for other people.



Happiness comes from within. Of course, on TV they say they're

by obama on

happy. Money alone does not bring happiness! But, money can be a useful tool. The reality is otherwise. Now, there should be one about those rich and crooks who steal from the poor, then you can see how happy they really are! Mellat e najib-e iran! did you see any fat people here? No! because they were not thieves!

SO IT IS GHORMEH SABZI, BECAUSE LIKES TO COOK IT, NOT TO EAT IT! well, SHE might enjoy eating it as well!

GHORMEH SABZI KHANOOM, I AM SURE YOUR GHORMEH SABZI IS AS GOOD AS YOUR VIDEOS! OR IS IT? don't get mad at JJ for reaviling your gender! i am sure you already wrote him. it was only a slip. could be worse!


SO... GS is a She ..hum!! :-)

by Solitude on

Thanks JJ for finally letting the "kitty" out of the bag!  :-)         NOW, I feel really Lucky!
از شوخی گذشته قورمه سبزی عزیز .. دستت درد نکنه.. ممنون برای زحمتهای همیشگی 

Sheila K

All Esfehanis are happy?

by Sheila K on

Raazie and happy and lucky in life are very different from each other. I'd be raazie if my kid and family are healthy but won't be a happy especially if I was forced to marry at the age 13. That would be stealing my childhood and there's nothing happy about it.



by tissa on

You're right, GS, I loved it.  Teaches us something about expectations.


Just loved it.

by Tahirih on

So wonderful to see people who do not have much material possession but are happy. Happiness comes from within the person .

I am glad that I visited the site today to be able to see this wonderful clip.

Thanks GS,


Ali P.

"Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy...badak neesteem...shokr!"

by Ali P. on

Independant of the country you live in, your social class, and every other factor, I think most people rate their level of happiness between 7 and 8 ( on a scale of 1-10). This is probably due to a defense mechanism.

(I vaguely remember reading a study on this)

You could be living in a shack with 12 other family members in India, or in a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

There are two passages in Avesta the describe the straight forward path to happiness. Here is a translation from old Persian. You may find other version. But the basic idea remains:

  • Happiness comes to them who bring happiness to others.
  • Abiding happiness and peace is theirs who choose goodness for its own sake.

As you see it has nothing to do with prayer of any of that.


I felt sad

by Goodearth on

If we pay attention to what they really say we see how hard and in some cases tragic their lives were specially women. Almost all were married in early teens (child brides).  One was widowed when she was not even 40. Probably married to a much older man when she was just 14. She stopped making carpets (the only way she was supporting her family) due to eyesight issues. Not having possibility to seek medical help and get glasses due to poverty. Her daughter had quit school as well........Even though they are a very sincere and sweet people they hide a painful life. The older man in the video seems to be looking forward to dying and he already bought his spot to be buried. That says a lot about how much hope they have in future. I felt very sad watching the video.



Happiness is ...

by jasonrobardas on

   Health , good finances, love and security .


Great clip and interesting, thanks GS you are the best

by Bavafa on

Words say they are very happy and satisfied but facial expressions says otherwise. Or is it that I have been away for too long and can not read expressions on Iranian faces?


hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

interesting subject and video.  i liked the open-ended question on happiness, the information the subjects volunteered (or didn't!)about their lives, and a glimpse inside their house.  there is a great potential to be realized from this type of social documentary.  eyval.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

You should thank Ghormeh Sabzi for finding all these great videos every day. She does all the hard work.


I am happy for them

by bahramthegreat on

There is not such a thing as 100% happiness. But by reducing our expectations in life and minimizing stresses, by knowing how to deal with them, then you are almost there.


You are the BEST

by Rahaii on



They should name you JAHANSHAD because every day you bring smile to our face. You are the BEST.

Jahanshah Javid

Simple, bautiful

by Jahanshah Javid on

So sweet and sincere. Khoda hefzeshoon koneh.