Democracy is Dictatorship

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Fooladi, they pay them

by Onlyiran on

by the "kiloo". :-)


no fear

by fooladi on

sorry, i never read your comments, the picture puts me off:)

But one question on your pay rate from mullahs regime: Is it per word? I mean damn, you write so much man!


I have a dream

by Ensan on

I have a dream of a world that is free of mullahs, priests and rabbis. I have a dream that common sense and humanity triumphs over stupidity and ignorance. I have a dream that one day people are judged based on the content of their character rather than their religions, national affliliation or their race. What can I say, I am just a dreamer! Religion is a backwarded concept and needs to be replaced by the rule of law. Is this too hard to understand?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Iran being

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


a target requires excuses. The IRI by supporting Hamas and Hizbollah is providing it, Sure USA and Israel don't want to see a resurgent Iran but they need an *excuse*  to put it on target. IRI is providing a very handy one and they are taking it.

Regarding the USA sure it is corrupt I just said it. So what? It does not excuse IRI corruption and lack of freedom.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I only hope you say the same about the USA VPK

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

your very non-bs comment.... wow. so basically, the security (financial and otherwise) of usa is gone because of putting everything on the line (lives, banking, security) for the sake of a few corporations and banks.... for them to get tax payer contracts while they people fight over "islam is the enemy! saddam!! Bin Laden!!!! get them! socialism! government health care!" LOL. Palestinians. Don't worry. they'll be gone soon. The ethnic cleansing is working wonders. I get to pay for it! it's a great form of post-slavery slavery.

Get a nation to work work work and pay for the fun and exploits of a few companies... even if it includes phony wars. i hope you're higher up than I am. I'm just an annoying stupid exiled worker bee in the USA. You're probably much more important that this.

If you really think that Iran being a target has anything to do with Palestine.... well I just feel bad for you. You seem smarter. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


you are kidding I hope. US is very corrupt sure but it is not in the same league as IRI. Here they are not going to kill me if I don't believe in their god. They won't whip me if I have a beer. They won't stone a woman if she has sex. They won't beat my daughter if she does not wear a veil. 

Now you can keep saying the same bs over and over. But any person with a brain sees reality. And reality is that there is ZERO social freedom in Iran thanks to Islam and the dirt bag Mullahs. 

As for their foreign policy it is 100% treason. Putting Iran at risk for the sake of Palestinians is unforgivable. I can think of few actions so low as that. Why the heck should we risk our people for a non Iranian goal.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

They have mullahs and we have banks.Dictators come in many forms

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

. It's still democracy here in the USA. Don't panic. Our Congress is comprised of 50% membership who are personally invested in the companies they voted to bailout. Pure fascism..... But no.... this is the USA. They monitor our phone calls..... using the same technologies Iran uses. This world is a big damn joke if you look at the soap opera of politics.


What do you expect...

by Khar on

from the religiously Satanic, socially Paranoid & sexually deviant, Hashari Mullahs?


Any need to move 400 Km if the cruise missle is accurate? Think!

by MM on



SORRY - Mullah's democracy is like re-inventing the wheel

by MM on

All this talk about democracy and we see the real Mullahs in action on the streets of Tehran and elswhere in Iran.  

Mullah's actions in silencing the people speak volumes instead of the political retoric in this video and their supporters.  AN was even worse in silencing the opposition, and furthermore, it was VF's support for AN after the June 12th elections that solidified AN's position.  So, AN, VF and supporters are collaboraters in this coupe, and inseparable in the ideology of human rights violations in Iran.

No Fear

برای مثال

No Fear

● «آیت‌اله مصباح یزدی» درتازه‌ترین اظهارنظرش درخصوص ولایت‌فقیه گفته است:
[این وظیفه‌ای بر دوش علماست تا نسبت به «سیری ظالم و گرسنگی مظلوم» بی‌تفاوت نباشند... اگر شرایطی پیش آید که «مردم» حاضر باشند «حاکمیتِ فقیه» را بپذیرند و اگر او این حاکمیت را بر عهده نگیرد؛ حاکمیت به «غیرفقیه» می‌رسد... آنچه برای فقیه واجب است، آن است که برای تصدی پست حاکمیت اعلام آمادگی کند. اما اگر مردم او را قبول نکردند؛ او نمی‌تواند حاکمیت را بر عهده بگیرد.  چراکه از یک نفر، اجرای تمام قوانین ساخته نیست... «مقابله با ظالم» یک واجب متعین عمومی‌ست... کسی می‌تواند به‌جای معصوم حکومت کند که شبیه‌تر به معصوم باشد و «کسی که اموالِ بیت‌المال را خود و خانواده‌اش بلعیده‌اند» حق حاکمیت ندارد... نمی‌توان گفت یک نفر همزمان هم «افقه» باشد، هم «اعلم» باشد و هم در تشخیص مسائل جامعه «برتر» باشد... می‌توان گفت امام راحل، صرفا به دلیل افقه بودن رهبر شد... امام راحل، در اوایل نهضت خود مرجعیت کلی نداشت. در آن زمان در کنار امام خمینی، مراجع دیگری هم بودند و علما از آن مراجع تقلید می‌کردند... اگر شخصی در جامعه حضور دارد که هیچ خطایی از او سر نمی‌زند و در واقع معصوم است، نباید از حکومت کنار گذاشته شود].

No Fear

Divisions in Qom in regards to democracy and VF

by No Fear on

There are clear divisions among different school of thoughts in regards to democracy and the VF doctorine in IR.

Those who wish for a gradual change towards a more open society with basic steps towards democracy have to support the voices who are aligned with their ideas , even if these voices are coming from Qom.  Do not deny the importance of opposing views from the clergy class of Qom. They can be very effective and useful.

Most of these voices are aligned with Ahmadinejad in Iran. A shrewd observer will look pass the " halo of light around the head" , which was clearly an attempt to silence the opposition in Qom to his policies, and look to what his supporters in Qom are saying.

This is real politik.  Not half baked analysis which this site in full of.



Mullah talking on Democracy? Degree from Qumus Democratus U.?

by MM on




I have no idea what the heck

by Bavafa on

I have no idea what the heck he was talking about?  Can some one translate please (paraphrasing is OK, interpert not sure)




by IRI on

You are free as all Iranians in Iran to believe what you like. All we ask is to trust and work hard to build our nation. It's not time to complain, it's time to build. Get to work, you too.


Priceless. That is exactly

by vildemose on

Priceless. That is exactly what "No Fear" was trying to tell us a few days ago. Maybe it's the same guy...hahaha


It's opinion of one person

by IRI on

And you will see many others. That's democracy.


now i understannd

by mahmoudg on

when during the Shah's time (years before the revolution) my family member's used to make fun of the Mullah's and say "roo keh nneest, sange payeh ghazveeneh".  Mullahs who used to charge 5 rials for meaningless "rowzeh", now have to define democracy as a dictatorhip!!!  Any means to cling to power, is OK by these guys.  Now you readers tell me; there is any other way to remove these leaches from our society other than surgical attacks.  To the list of military, and leadership assets, from now on I will also add the destruction of every mosque in Iran.  that is the only way we can free ourselves from dark aged thoughts.  

Mardom Mazloom

Democracy is Dictatoriship, so...

by Mardom Mazloom on

by the same logic,

IR's thugocracy is God's rule on earth!

It's so easy to understand!!