Clerics Condemn Executions

Recent death penalties did not meet Islamic criteria, they say

"ما مدرسین و طلاب قم و نجف (متقن) شخص رهبری را مسئول این آدم کشی ننگین و تمامی اعدام ها می دانیم."

ﺷﻐﺎل بیشۀ ﻣﺎزﻧﺪران را ﻧﺪرد ﺟﺰ ﺳﮓ ﻣﺎزﻧﺪراﻧﯽ


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by onlyinamrica on

In addition to what you just said, I might add that your statement pretty much applies to everyone. Powers corrupt, period.


i like this guy!

by fooladi on

He also is the living proof of the falasy of the statement that "all mullahs are the same". the fact is that there is no such thing as a "mullah class". Lots of these talabeh's are coming from poor and working class families. they have lot more in common with ordinary people than with charlatams like rafsanjani or khatemi. He and likes of him are significant as they point to the divisions within the rank and file of the islamic republic's supporters, along the social classes lines. The task in hand is to take advantage of this division, and use it as a means to smash this evil dictatorship from within.


Seperation of State from Masjid-o-Mostarah!

by Khar on

Damesh garm, he is at least echoing people's voice!


this guy has some balls

by azadi5 on

to talk like that about kamenie to VOA. I wouldn't be surprised if he disappeared soon.


What Islam? Religions are used as a best tool for dictatorship!

by obama on

They used Islam or any other religions just to silence the opposition! Republican would love to have this tool! Anyone who speaks against your ruling, just call them anti-religion and kill them or put in jail! Isn' that wonderful?

Separation of religion and state!


Gol Gofti

by statira on

Een ranbareh ke Mohrebe.

Recent serial executions of these activists reminds me of unjust executions of innocent freedom lovers during 1980s.


Too late

by Ferfereh on

It is too late to save "Islam" and "The good Akhonds" besides there is no such thing as good Akhond and good Islam. Everybody has seen what your kind and your Islam has done in our country and around the world. We have seen you do everything to get the power and money, killing, torturing, raping, stealing exactly like your pedophile leader did 1400 years ago. Pack your Islam and go back to where ever you came from while you still can.


Another side of the same coin!

by choghok on

What would happen if these guys would get the power? I will tell you, exact same thing since religion is a personal thing and can and is interpreted in million of different ways but these people seem to think that their way is the right way. So no matter which one of them get the power the effect would be the same.


sa'at khab

by MRX1 on

After thirty years of night mare all of a sudden they have realized executions are bad specaily if it's ordered and/or approved by rahbar. you know pass a blame to some one else......

It's the whole philosophy that these guys are subscribed too that is messed up. It's a whole obsession and worship of seventh century law's which has o basis in modern era that is the root of the problem.

some one should just tell them "boro jamesh koon" Too bad guys like the great Reza shah and Ataturk are not around to deal with these bunch.


The root of evil

by Cost-of-Progress on

my firend is ignorance which allows a bunch of anti nationalist zealot fucks like those in power now to rule over 70 million people.

A lot of that ignorance can be seen Right Here on IC oozing from the so called intellectuals blogging about their beloved Islamic regime and how it has made Iran "independent" and sssssstrong!




Worcester Mo

There is no such thing as Islamic Justice

by Worcester Mo on

I listened to this guy voicing his opposition to the recent execution.  He keeps talking about "Islamic justice".  Buddy, there is no such thing.  Islam is a backward religion which makes 9 year old girl marry a 50+ year old man.  Give up Islam, then dig out a big deep moat around Qom and Mashad, throw all these idiots into these cities and let them do Islamic justice to each other.  Although I admire this man's guts in voicing his opinion in Iran but the root of all evils in Iran are a) Islam, b) oil.  We need to get rid out of both.