Bad hejabs on TV

Women who don't appear worried about strict hejab rules


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We sacrifice anything and

by Kooshan on

We sacrifice anything and everything to make a political point. It does not matter if it is IRI or the opposition. Extremism kills values in general. I like to be moderate and basically NOT stand out. But some people like to stand out and therefore they pay the price.

As religion is a matter of choice, so should be the same time, society has certain red lines that has to be watched...this is true for any society. Unfortunately, breaking the law is practiced by government in Iran and people can not be blamed for breaing the laws.


چشمها را باید شست، جور دیگر باید دید



من مسلمانم

قبله‌ام یک گل سرخ

جانمازم چشمه، مهرم نور.

دشت سجّادهٔ من.


من نمازم را وقتی‌ میخوانم

که اذانش را باد، گفته باشد سر گلدستهٔ سرو.


و بیاریم سبد

ببریم این همه سرخ، این همه سبز.


"سهراب سپهری"


no comment

by Fatollah on

! :)


Agree with the girl

by Iraniandudee3 on

Who said not too open and not too covered, just normal, as it should be.


Being "Heez" my be a part of men's creation

by Milan on

But so is being compassionate, protective of other human beings, especially the vulnerable ones. Strict enforcement of archaic religious laws only encourages men to buy into the notion that these "un-Islamic" women are just asking for it. We all saw the clip from Khavaran last week. 


What happen to individual choice

by sam jade on


 This women with "chador" never heard of ,freedom of choice ,freedom of expression..

It is None of their freking business, what other women want to wear , seems lik all of those chadori women think they are so special and above others , so they have to make others think like them too.

in Farsi , who are they to make "KASBE TAKLIF " for others........

stay under chador , enjoy it , but do not write same prescribtion for society.. shut your trap look much better..


Sam I Am



Re: Ali jaan, of course chador doesn't make'em look good!

by obama on

That is why they want to flunt other things including hair, make up, body shape etc. They want to attract those HEEZ guys! They wouldn't go through all this, if there were no guys! (I know I'll be attacked for this one!) Also, many chadoris are not the pretty ones since they have not much to show!

Chador alone is not the sign of najibi! However, I know we left a much more najib nation by 79 than what is today! Very sad what forcing religion dow people's throats can do! Good luck to those guys who want to marry najib!

Heez guys? Are you really suprised? You are talking about the human animal who were created like this. religion and other cultural stuff including laws came to exist to tame that animal HEEZI!! Otherwise the world population would have died long long time ago! It is the nature of the beast!

Live and let live!


It's funny

by azadi5 on

that girl wearing the big glasses and chador covering half of her face, and she is talking about fashion. Oh Iran is like two worlds in one place.

Ali P.

Why is that?

by Ali P. on

Maybe it is just me, but come to think of it, I have NEVER seen an attractive woman in chador.

Plenty in maanto, mind you, but none in chador. Iranian or otherwise.

Maybe it is the chador packaging that makes us to look away.

Well, had it not been for all you heez guys keep looking at them with lust , they wouldn't have to cover themselves up!


ما هم قبول


ما هم قبول داریم. هر چه بیشتر خانوما رو آزاد بذاریم، هوای زندگی شادتر می شود. دقت هم کنید می بینید هی چه زشت و بد ریخته تا قرقره رفته زیر چادر. بعد می گه که به "شخصیت" بایستی نگاه کرد نه مد، ما هم می گیم زرشک. تو که نه مد حالیته نه بنظر با اخلاقی.


Why are all these Hejabies so ugly???

by Amir19 on

I hate to say this but can't they find at least one good looking woman to interview with? Why are all the women who are so fanatic about covering themselves are so ugly? Maybe that is the main reson they like to cover up! Covering up from head to toe has nothing to do with Isalm. Obviousely the God that created such a vast universe with so many wonders, did not want the women, one of his most beautiful creations to be put inside a black bag. Moderat clothing is what Islam recommend. that's all


Interesting ideas!!!!!!

by Bavafa on

She wants to change the 'chador' in ways so it appeals to the masses? How many ways can one change a 'chador' to look more attractive? I think this may prove to be even harder to accomplish then splitting the atom.