Ash-e Reshteh in Israel

Made by Persian Jews


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YW Sid - story of Ashe reshteh as soul-food and more...

by MM on

According to the website // , Ashe reshteh is considered a soul-food and has an ancient tradition that goes beyond Islam:

"The story behind this deceptively simple bean and noodle stew has a strong religious and deep ancient cultural connection.  Apparently, prior even to the rise of Islam, this soup was eaten on the first day of every month, a tradition that continues to this day.  It is also a soup cooked prior to the departure of a family member for the hajj, as the noodles signify the difficult path ahead."


This guy at // is certainly nostolgic about his aunt's ashe reshteh and describes it as: 

"Cuddling up next to the fireplace with a bowl of A’ash-e Reshteh and a nice glass of Merlot is a perfect way to spend a cold, breezy evening!"


MM Thanks for the link

by Sid Sarshar on

I have been looking for a recipe to make Ash Reshte for a while.  I have fond memories associated with this soup.  I wonder why every time Ashe Reshte is made,  it is in great quantities.  Good think if freezes well.


the complicated Ash-Reshteh from Farsinet

by MM on

Ash-Reshteh is a complicated Iranian soup to prepare, as you can see from the instructions provided by Sarah Henderson in Farsinet://

Just the Gheimeh part is a dish (Khoresht) by itself, and here in Ash-Reshteh, Gheimeh is prepared as a garnish!

IC program garbles the paragraphs, so please click the original site to see the recipie.


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