Aravane Rezai's interview

Iranian state TV, IRIB

IRIB interview with Aravane Rezai after winning her first major tennis title, the Madrid Masters:

IRIB interviews Aravane's father:


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hamsade ghadimi

to: i_s_k

by hamsade ghadimi on

you wrote:

"Keep doing what you're doing, the hole is getting deeper...i'm loving it..."

could you elaborate? :)


MissUSAShiite, Rima crushes &, anti-IRI smash embassy glass

by i_support_khamenie on

Rima Fakih smacks her competition at their own game...

while anti- IRI prunes smash embassy glasses in civilized.....

I'm sure the Iranian embassy officials did not have car insurance and Danish folks were happy to see that their auto insurance premiums will go up as a result of SAVAGERY and VANDALISM

Keep doing what you're doing, the hole is getting deeper...

i'm loving it...


not pro iri and not a wrinkled prune and proud of it!

by humanbeing on



A Rezai,& Rima Fakih,Miss USA one-two punch IRI haters HAHA

by i_support_khamenie on

A REzai and Rima Fakih, a first Miss USA from the Middle East, adn from Shiite Hezbollah stronghold have delivered a once two death punch to all:

anti IRI women divorced and wrinkled prunes

anti IRI antiquated men...

While their acts and shows maybe subject for some debate, the point is that if simply these ladies enter a competition in the Western hemisphere where anti-IRI consider their terriroty they can deliver and smack the competition....why?

simply because someone with values grows up with the strngth and fortitude to take on their adversaries.....

this is exactly why we see anti-IRI prunes act so weak and useless but act macho behind pseudonyms ---I'm loving it

boom shakalaka


by boom shakalaka on

Perfectly put! 

"It is her fault for allowing herself to become an IRI propaganda tool.  She deserves whatever she gets.  She should have simply declined the interview in protest to violations of women's rights in Iran.  How could she, as an athlete, support a regime which bans Iranian women from going to sports stadiums?!!!"

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 

boom shakalaka


by boom shakalaka on

Obama writes, "you're asking her to go in front of the world and say how much she hates IRI?"

Obama, seriously, do you have a reading comprehension problem??? No one has ever said that we want her to go in front of the whole world and say how much she hates the IRI!!! What we're saying is, why say anything at all? She's an athelete, for Chrissakes, stick to what you know best, TENNIS!

She's the one who opened her mouth about politics and support for Ahmadi IN THE FIRST PLACE -- no one here or anywhere has ever asked her to come clean about how much she hates the IRI. Where do you get this nonesense from, man? She supported Ahmadi on television, she started all this madness when she could have remained silent about politics and played her damn sport.

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 


Could She Play Tennis in Black Sack Attire?

by Ahura on

French society has nurtured this champion not the IRI mullah society that seeks credit and publicity for her success now. Yes, the mullahs indirectly helped with this turn of events by having the family emigrate from the IRI inferno.

Suppose that International Tennis Federation allowed it, can she play the game in Charghad-O-Chador?

Bahram Gohari

Proud Iranian

by Bahram Gohari on

I do not believe in prayer, but if it helps my compatriot to win the championship, be it so.


MM, yes, BUT she is a propaganda tool nonetheless

by Onlyiran on

she could have simply declined the interview with IRI's propaganda machine if that was her concern.  Or she could have simply not gone to Ahmadinejad's shing ding in Iran.  

And as far as her dress, please note that she is IRI's wet dream of propaganda come true.  The IRI LOVES people like her for a host of reasons.  She can act as a "western" educated liberal who supports the IRI, show that IRI doesn't mind women who dress like her (not true, but that's what she will show), she can portray a "softer", "kinder" image of the IRI, etc.    

It is her fault for allowing herself to become an IRI propaganda tool.  She deserves whatever she gets.  She should have simply declined the interview in protest to violations of women's rights in Iran.  How could she, as an athlete, support a regime which bans Iranian women from going to sports stadiums?!!! 


She doesn't have to be "against" just no Mucho! Mucho Ahmadi!

by Anonymouse on

She doesn't have to serenade Ahmadi with disco music from the Village People! 

How many athletes do we know who "support" Ahmadi in their interviews?  I just know her and Rezazadeh.  How many athletes does Iran have? 

Everything is sacred.

Immortal Guard

Come on guys...

by Immortal Guard on

How tall is she???


I do not blame her to be discrete.

by MM on

She has family in Iran and obviously needs to be careful, cf., Shirin Ebadi's sister was harassed by IRI because Shirin spoke against the regime.

Besides, she does not dress like a typical "Islamic sister" which is a big giveaway right there.


Be real! we don't even dare revealing our real names, but U R

by obama on

asking her to go in front of the world and say how much she hates IRI? If you had a family and relatives in Iran whose life and well being would be jeopardized by your action, would you still do it?

I don't blame her for anything. She is a child prodigy. The father is telling her what to do and what to say. Did you notice, he was saying in Paris the top price is $10,000,000? He is a businessman for God's sake. He knows that he cannot afford going against the regime and he has to lay low. It is his dream and he is not going to throw it away for politics! How many of you would say the same thing if you had the potential of making hundreds of millions?

So, before you jump on her for not having the guts, you show your guts by revealing your real identity! It is always easier to decide on behalf of others! That is why I don't like to mix her achievement with politics! You are not going to hear what she really thinks! She would be stupid if she does it!


Does that mean I would do the same thing? Of course, I am not, but I am not her or her dad! I look at her purely as an athlete who makes us look good! This is much better than the Miss Moslem/Arab appeaser propaganda USA!  Wish her much success! 


NO FEAR: What is

by vildemose on

NO FEAR: What is Ahamdinejad's and you ilk's vision for the future of Iran?? A Mahdaviat government? Islmic Shia Caliphate? What are you goals and objectives as a Enghelabi RaAst??



That's right "No Fear"--off your "heads"!!!

by Onlyiran on

Or is it off with your head[s]?!!  So, it is true that IRI supporters are a hunch of multi-headed dragons!


Why should she support Ahmadi? For bread crumbs of "rights".

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.

No Fear

Why wouldn't she support Ahmadinejad?

by No Fear on

Ahmadinejad administration has done a lot more than any administrations for womens sports in Iran.

Just off my heads are the following;

- allowing women ski team to participate in the olympics for the first time ( A taboo which was broken )

- allowing the formation of Iran's women national football team and their participation in international competitions with a more relaxed jersey and hejab.

- allowing the admission of women in Men's football matches ( This was later prohibited again, but the taboo was broken )

- Building numerous sport complexes for women throughout Iran and in large cities.

Although to a person who is brought up based on western values and standards, these should be a part of essential rights for women. However, in the islamic Republic of Iran, these are the right steps in the right direction.


Yolanda there is a difference between acknowleding vs supporting

by Anonymouse on

In the youtube clip Aravaneh says she "supports" Mucho Mucho Ahmadi! If she has said she loves Iran and her country that'd have been fine and she didn't have to go the extra mile.  She is sort of like Sargord just shooting from her hips and singing vagina poems!

There are many Iranian atheletes that play for Iran and stay out of politics.  In fact vast majority of them stay out of it.  But some of them say something and for that they'll have to answer.  Some of them know how to answer and some will learn, perhaps the hard way!

In 2012 she'll only play for France.  She has already made it clear in her previous announcements.  Iran doesn't have a women's tennis team anyway, only in "Muslim" games which she won't play due to lack of professional competition she is used to now. 

Everything is sacred.



by yolanda on

I am not quite sure if Aravane and her dad truly support AN/IRI or simply don't want to burn all the bridges.....the thing is that if Aravane wants to represent Iran's national team, she can't criticize IRI in public.....on the surface she has to act like she is for AN, otherwise she can get disqualified. Another thing is that London 2012 Olympic Games is coming in 2 years. Since she has dual citizenship, she may want to earn a berth to the Olympic Games either thru France or Iran. This is all my speculation! Just like Mouse said, maybe she can clarify for us! Maybe she really can't tell us how she really feels because of the circumstances!

I recall Farahani made a comment saying "We are good liars"


hamsade ghadimi


hamsade ghadimi

این تهگرد گه گداری در این بلاگ‌های فارسی نظر میده که بگه آره ما هم هستیم. نظرش هم همیشه اینه که چی‌ مبینه نه چه میشنوه یا می‌فهمه.



by yolanda on

I checked MEK on wiki...did not see similar logo.




by choghok on

the flag you described is actually the mek flag the flag of iran ffrom the qajar era also included the crown. Now MEK has started giving away these flags for free and I would guess most iranians dont think that this is MEK rendered flag.


SP, where did you see the MEK logo?

by پیام on

Explaination needed? I only see channel 3 logo, The only true Iranian flag (Lion and Sun) in shape of Iran and some pics of late Neda. Where is MEK in here?


Lance Armstrong?! Male v female. "5 straight major" titles vs 0!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Lance Armstrong of Iran

by Midwesty on

Way to go!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This ain't

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


going away is it? 


Im ok w/ her if she still supports Ahmadi Just want to hear her

by Anonymouse on

I just want to hear her reaffirm her support for Ahmadi.  Preferably in an international press conference. Ali P is right she is and will be a good role model for young Iranian women.  Everyone will just have a tongue in cheek attitude about her.

I think her father is probably the root of all these support and I have a feeling at some point, perhaps when her tennis career is complete, she just says you know what screw this Islamic Republic in its entirety! 

Everything is sacred.



by yolanda on

IRIB never showed Aravane's photos from Marid Masters....the picture IRIB showed is some old photo!

Ali P.

That's all they need...

by Ali P. on

Not good for anti-badhejaabi movement.

More Iranian girls are going to consider Arghavan Rezaie as role model, rather than Fatemeh zahra, and Fatemeh Rajabi.

Maryam Hojjat

Mike Aghassi was a Role Model for

by Maryam Hojjat on

Iranian fathers to make professional athelets from their children.