Ahmadinejad: UN Speech

On UN stage, Iran leader rejects nuclear charges

AP: Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Monday rejected allegations his country is developing nuclear weapons, saying Washington has offered not "a single credible proof." In the first day of a monthlong conference reviewing the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, Ahmadinejad dismissed charges that Tehran's uranium enrichment program is designed to produce bombs, long-standing suspicions that are leading the U.S. and others to seek another round of U.N. economic sanctions against Iran. Addressing delegations of 189 treaty nations, the Iranian leader denounced the Obama administration's refusal to rule out the use of U.S. nuclear weapons >>>


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Ur Confused Iran has the right, not this regime

by seannewyork on

lets not muddy the waters, Iran has the right to enrich.  But this regime absolutely does not have the right.

Once Iran is free this will not be an issue.

 Its the regime not the country.

Good luck to you IRI supporters your days are limited.



by cyclicforward on

Does anybody knows whether there was any picketing outside the UN against Antar?

No Fear

The messege was loud and clear.

by No Fear on

Iran will NOT back off its rights to enrich uranium for peaceful nuclear purposes.

Its not about building a bomb. US knows very well Iran is not building a bomb. Its about preventing a "non aligned" major energy hub in the middle east to have the access to produce the future fuel at industrial scales. Thats just too much for US to swallow.

Every part of Iran which seemed suspecious, has been investigated throughly over and over again and again and again. They found NOTHING. But they say, Iran must stop enriching.

Despite enormous pressures internally and externally, Ahmadinejad has not backed off and has defended Iran's right . Defending Iran's rights is his business and he has made me and all other true Iranians proud. His name will go down in history next to the likes of Mossaddegh.

Dorood Bar Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.



the US and Russia are going

by zebel20 on

the US and Russia are going to destroy those very old nuclear bombs that can not be used or too expensive to maintain operational to seduce and diverts people minds, and as we speak both nations are building third generation of nuclear weapons which are so much more powerful and distructive.


Bavafa: The speaker has no

by vildemose on

Bavafa: The speaker has no integrity therefore nothing he says can be taken as his genuine sentimetns or true feelings. It all goes to the character of the speaker...I don't believe for a minute these are his true opinions about Nuclear weapons. Given the recent nuclear disarmement talks between Russia and US, he is just daste peesho gerefteh ke pas nayofteh.

Also,  He is also using this forum to  deceive his Arab mercenaries who gobble this up like candy.

Darius Kadivar

Mai 68 Slogan ...applicable to IRI ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Mort Aux Cons ...


Complete List of Mai 68 Slogans Here


We may not like the

by Bavafa on

We may not like the messenger (AN in this case) but the message, at least the portion I listened to, was right on the mark and just. The double standard and hypocritical part of the West and US in particular is undeniable and helps strengthen AN camp. A true nuclear free ME and the world for that matter must be the policy and be implemented. The West & East have had no intention of implementing what they are obligated and signed to do so.



Achmadinejad muttered,

by vildemose on

Achmadinejad muttered, “The possession of nuclear bombs is not a source of pride.”

Really? And what is source of pride for AN? 

Sending thousands of school-aged boys into battle as human waves against Iraqi armor?

Running over innocents people on the street in broad daylight with sharpshooters on rooftops??

Executing chidren and dissident for criticizing Khameni?

Gunning down men women in the streets?

Get out of US and take your inept spies from Kuwait home with you.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/SATIRE: The Olagh has Landed ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


How did he get the visa?

by statira on

This man is the father of all the terrorists and has Iranian people blood on his hands. I wonder why U.S gives a terrorist the US visa but are so picky towards Iranian nationals.  


Which is it

by MRX1 on

First he and his IRI colleagues says again and again that they are not pursuing nuclear bomb, it's all for peacefull purposes blah, blah,blah. Then they said they are, but it is for defensive purposes and they won't drop it on fellow islamic countries (with an excpetion of jews of course). Now he says that they are not developing nuclear bomb, so which is it, they do or they don't pursue the bomb? I wonder if resident sargord could shed some linght on this issue!

Darius Kadivar

FYI/ IRI Embassy Paris: Journalists Without Borders (RSF) demo

by Darius Kadivar on



by Arthimis on

is still talking?!!Baba, vel koon antar! Inaa keh sahle, mardom Iran ham aadamet hesaab nemeekonand... Haalaa, hey zer bezan...